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Exploring The Limits Of Free Expression

Alternative Biannual Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-2005
- For movie fans there are some interesting articles on Clive Barker, Stephen King and more.
- Fascinating reading.
- Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Barry Hoffman.
- Published twice a year in November and May. 180 black and white A5 pages.
- Website: www.gauntletpress.com

Last updated:
8 December 2017
(see recent updates)
Special thanks for this page goes to:
Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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CONTENTS: 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 GALLERIES: 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 All

Issue 24
The Art and Artists of Animation and Film
Exclusive Interview with Joel Adams -- Paul Power
The Lost Art of Drawing: Illustrator Michael Bayouth -- Jan Reynolds
The Man Behind the Man: Bernard Custodio -- Won Minh
Nic Cuti: Comics and Why I No Longer Read Them --- Mike Watt
Donn Greer -- Don Greer
Cannibal Corpse: Tracing a Decade of Death Metal, Censorship and the Billboard 200 -- Justin Norton
The Paradox of the Last Untouched Island on Earth: Another Look at Niihau -- Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.
Columns The Real Threat to a Free Internet -- Cynthya BrianKate
Internet Censorship -- Kane S. Latranz September 11, A Great Day for Censors: An Update -- Adam Groves
Shadows on the Shelf: Book Reviews -- Garrett Peck
Literary Lesions: Book Reviews -- William P. Simmons and Tomas Campbell
In the Groove: R&B Music Reviews -- Dexter Carter

Issue 23
Animal Rights
Terrorists or Activists: The Debate About Animal Rights - Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.
Animals, Activism and Extremism: A West Coast Education - Justin M. Norton
Animal Rights Front (ALF): Extremists or Patriots - Joe Miele
Rights for Whom? - Nina Hartley
Earth Crisis: The Sound of Righteous Violence - Chad Hensley
Scales of Injustice - Rick Reilly
Fear and Loathing in New England - The Tom Sutton Story -- Nicola Cuti
Literary Lesions - William P. Simmons
Censors, Sedonists, And Smut Peddlers: Edward J. Cleary - Sacha A. Howells
September 11: A Great Day for Censors - Adam Groves
In The Groove - Dexter Carter
Shadows on the Shelf - Garrett Peck

Issue 22
Independent Films: Part 2
Exclusive John Landis Interview - Mick Garris
'Enlightened' Cinema -Adam Groves
A Tale of Indie Success: Debbie Rochon - Mike Watt
Let He Without Money Shoot the First Frame
A Look at Micro-Budget Filmmaking - Mike Watt
Interview with Indie Filmmaker Don Coscarelli - Mick Garris
Foreign Filmmakers, Bomb Throwers,
Senators and Schmucks - Adam Groves
Blaming Bill Stout - Richard Cusick
NetSpeech 2001, Part 1 - Russ Kick
Why Fundamentalists Hate Sex - Nina Hartley
Censors, Sedonists, And Smut Peddlers: Upton Sinclair - Sacha A. Howells
Shadows on the Shelf - Garrett Peck
In The Groove - Dexter Carter

Issue 21
Independent Films: Part 1
Chains Without Balls - Lloyd Kaufman with Adam Jahnke
'Yeah, I Killed My Momma!' The Moral Ambiguity of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer -William P. Simmons
American Independent Productions from The New Poverty Row - Fred Olen Ray
Inventing Terror Interview with Jon Keeyes - Mike Watt
Censors, Sedonist, And Smut Peddlers: William H. Hays - Sacha A. Howells
Indie Films Take The Driver's Seat - Zack Venable
How Independent are Independent Films? - Nina Hartley
Under Penalty of Arrest: Your Art Or Your Freedom - Garrett Peck
NetSpeech 2000, Part 2 - Russ Kick
Literary Lesions - William P. Simmons
A Life in the Cinema - Mick Garris
Reviews/Commentary Shadows on the Shelf - Garrett Peck
Goliath Prevails Over David and Born Bad excerpt - Barry Hoffman
In The Groove - Dexter Carter

Issue 20
Outlaw Cartoonists
Suddenly . . . out of nowhere, Spain Interview with Spain Rodriguez - Justice Howard
The Poison Clarity of S. Clay Wilson - Richard Cusick
Welcome to Pin-Up Heaven Interview with Rikky Carralero - Justice Howard
TAT2 Andy and Skin Art Censorship - Clay Cob
Outlaw Illustrator Coop Interview with 'Coop' - Justice Howard
Are Sex-Positives the New Silent Majority? - Nina Hartley
Fighting City Hall - Garrett Peck
The Federal Reserve Bank, The IRS and Social Security: The Unholy Trinity - Robert D. Madison
NetSpeech 2000, Part 1 - Russ Kick
Critics of Israel's Peace Camp Face Threats to their Civil Liberties - Shawn D. Philips
Fetus - Rain Graves
Shadows on the Shelf - Garrett Peck
Hollywood After Columbine - Adam Groves
In The Groove - Dexter Carter

Issue 19
Comics in Crisis
Singing The Praises of Comics -Nina Hartley
Robert Williams: A Little Sanguine and A Lot of Fight-Del Howison
Diamond Distribution Headaches, Part 1-Tim Stroup and Mark Thompson
Diamond Distribution Headaches, Part 2-Tim Stroup and Mark Thompson
No Heaven For Superheroes -Tony Isabella
Julie Strain: Comic Book Goddess-Justice Howard
A Quick & Highly Opinionated Sketch of the Rall v. Hellman Lawsuit - Danny Hellman
The Never Ending Battle of the CBLDF - Peter David
Interview With Neil Gaiman, Part 2-Roel Torres
Stephen Bissette: The Ethics of Censorship-Del Howison
The Diamond Internet Controversy - Jamie Coville
Planet Comics: 4 Years Later-M. Terry Jackson
The Coming of the Comic Book Cutie - Justice Howard
Columbine High v. Violence in the Media-Adam Groves
Bombs and Bongs! Books Are Burning-Russ Kick
NetSpeech99, Part 2-Russ Kick
In The Groove-Dexter Carter
Shadows on the Shelf-Garrett Peck

Issue 18
Cover Stories
Is Candidate a Murderer?-Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma
Natural Born Censors -Stephen Rohde
The Feminine Mystique
Outrageous Roots & A Bright Future: Sex and Feminists-LaSara W. Firefox
Cast out of Suburbia-Jessica Heskin
Not All Feminists Look/(Think) Alike in the Dark-Molly Merryman, Ph. D.
The Many Faces of Feminism -Nina Hartley
Fiery Feminists -Justice Howard
Points of You-Rain Graves
The Future of Feminist Porn-Athena Douris
I'm A Cyber Feminist!-Mimi Miyagi
Interview With Julie Strain -Justice Howard
How I Collected My Power -Shar Rednour
Stripping The Shadow-Susan Bremmer
Night Carousel-Ray Bradbury
NetSpeech99 Part 1 -Russ Kick
In The Groove-Dexter Carter
Those Crazy Foreigners!-Adam Groves
Shadows on the Shelf-Garrett Peck
Speaking Plain -Russ Kick

Issue 17
Persecution of Exotic Dance Clubs
Where Have All The Dirty Dancers Gone? - Ariel Hart
Dancing In the Millennuim -Not Pts. 1&2 - Jo Weldon
Rhetorical Rumba - Susan Bremer
Strawberries - Katherine Frank
Debunking Social Stigmas - Margot Rutman
Adult Businesses in Florida Fight Back - Donald Vaughan
Institutionalizes Racism & Exotic Dance Clubs - Charlie LaTour
There Once Was A Union Maid - David Steinberg
Some Room Of Their Own - David Steinberg
The Ballad of The Latexed Nipple - Tim Walker
Nina Knows - Ariel Hart
Support Your Local Strippers - Nina Hartley
The Case Against Strip Clubs - Ariel Covington
Erotic Art
Painted Ladies - Justice Howard
Anything Goes
NetSpeech '98, Part Two - Russ Kick
Elvis & Heroes In The Wilson Mythos - Del Howison
The Wringer - F. Paul Wilson
An Interview with Neil Gaiman - Roel Torres
In The Groove - Dexter Carter
Blockbuster Video, Ted Turner & Other Tales of Terror - Adam Groves
Shadows On The Shelf - Garrett Peck

Issue 16
Bad Boys(And Girl) of Erotic Photography
Born Naked: The Furor Over Nude Youths In Art - Russ Kick
The CPPA & The Criminalization Of Art - Lawrence A. Stanley
What Is Child Pornography? - Lawrence A. Stanley
Informed Consent - Nan DeVincent Hayes
The Internet
NetSpeech 98, Part 1 - Russ Kick
Bigoted Speech: The Speech We Hate To Defend - Charles Levendosky
Upon Hearing Of The Electronic Bogeyman - George Smith
Cybersex Access: Power To The People - David Steinberg
Anything Goes
The First Amendment Takes A Hit - Stephen F. Rohde
Art Or Merchandise? - Garrett Peck
Interview With Nat Hentoff - Anthony C. Bloom
R. C. Matheson Interview - Del Howison
Abused - Richard Christian Matheson
Poppy Z. Brite: Interviewed by Truman Capote
Homesick - Richard T. Chizmar
Between The Covers - L.B. Carr
Speaking Plain - Russ Kick
In The Groove: R&B Reviews - Dexter Carter
Under Wraps - William K. Schafer
Hollywood Vs. Lolita: The Last Word - Adam Groves
Novel Excerpt
Eyes Of Prey - Barry Hoffman

Issue 15
The Many Faces of S/M
I Love New York: Sensual Smorgasboard For The Masses -- Pearl Chavez
The S/M Underground -- Charlie LaTour
Interview With Mistress Ilsa Strix -- S.B. Forrest
Charles Gatewood: Photographer of the Forbidden -- David Aaron Clark
Much Thicker Than Water -- David Steinberg
Excerpts From the Personal Diary of Mistress Ilsa Strix: Bizarre Days--Ariel Hart
Keeping You Save in The Land of Danger -- Charlie LaTour
Anything Goes
Religous Series -- Justice Howard
Clive Barker: On Art, Censorship and Sexuality -- Del Howison
The Censor as Unwitting Ally -- Garrett Peck
Pin Money -- Fiction by Poppy Z. Brite
Dark Genius: Interview With George Carlin -- Richard Cusick
Politically Correct Language -- George Carlin
Porn...2 1/2
Nice Women Writing Erotica -- Emily Alward
Does It Really Have To Be Porn Vs. Erotica? -- Bobby Lilly
Picking Over Boogie Nights -- William Margold
Why The Christian Coalition Hates X-Rated Videos -- TL Wahl
Savannah: Piercing The Veil (Part II)
Columns/Updates/Reviews & Letters
Netspeech '97: Free Speech on the Internet -- Russ Kick
The Hitman Book Suit Comes Under Appeal -- Peter Huston
In The Groove -- Dexter Carter
Required Reading For Revolutionaries -- Russ Kick
Under Wraps: Fiction Reviews -- William K. Shafer
Banned in Oklahoma: No Drums, No Bugles, No Sense -- Adam Groves
Letters To The Editor

Issue 14
My Dinner with Fishbein - Aol Goldstein
Phallic Fallacies & Ball Blunders - Melissa Monet
From Real to Real: A Conversation with Annie Sprinkle - Don Vaughan
Pornography at the Millennium - Nina Hartley
The Legends of Erotica - William Margold
Star Bright: An Interview with Susie Bright - Don Vaughan
Why I Prefer Amateur Porn - Wes Trails
Words That Abuse: An Interview with Cathy Tavel - Don Vaughan
pornARTraphy - Justice Howard
The Cult of Conservative Feminism - Carol Queen
Harm to Whom? - Kat Sunlove & Lane Winklebleck
The Cyber-Sex Explosion: Cumming to A Computer Terminal Near You - Flance Manning
The Criminalization of American Sexual Culture - Charlie LaTour
In the Name of Protecting Children - Jeffrey Douglas
Freedom of Cyberspeech - Stephen J. Rohde
We Have Seen a Land of Censorship and It Is Canada - Stephen J. Rohde
Is it Time to Overturn the Miller Standard? - Lloyd K. Stires
Coming Out as a Pervert - Darklady
Don't Be Scared, It's Only a Comic Book - Jay Allen Sanford
Savannah: Piercing the Veil (Part I)
In the Groove - Dexter Carter
Required Reading for Sexual Revolutionaries - Russ Kirk
Under Wraps: Fiction Reviews - William K. Shafer
Murder Manual Produced Lawsuit - Peter Huston
Sexual Harassment and Beetle Bailey - Lewis Kamb
The Beetle, The Buxley and Beetle Bailey - Richard Cusick
Poetry or Pornography? Photography of Nina Glaser - Susan Harrow
Can Television Tell the Difference Between a Coup and a Revolution?
A Conversation with Andrei Cordrescu - Zachary Margulis
Outspoken Professor Wins Victory in Academic Freedom Case - Stephen Rohde
Seattle Police Bust Alternative Writer - Peter Huston
My Date with Bob Black - Peter Huston
Reluctant Warrior - Ariel Dampier
In The Groove - Dexter Carter
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
Between the Covers - David Reed
From the Stacks - Jeff Rust
Under Wraps - William K. Schafer

Issue 13
Murder Manual Produced Lawsuit - Peter Huston
Sexual Harassment and Beetle Bailey - Lewis Kamb
The Beetle, The Buxley and Beetle Bailey - Richard Cusick
Poetry or Pornography? Photography of Nina Glaser - Susan Harrow
Can Television Tell the Difference Between a Coup and a Revolution? A Conversation with Andrei Cordrescu - Zachary Margulis
Outspoken Professor Wins Victory in Academic Freedom Case - Stephen Rohde
Seattle Police Bust Alternative Writer - Peter Huston
My Date with Bob Black - Peter Huston
Reluctant Warrior - Ariel Dampier
In The Groove - Dexter Carter
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
Between the Covers - David Reed
From the Stacks - Jeff Rust
Under Wraps - William K. Schafer
Hungry Eyes - Barry Hoffman

Issue 12
How False Memories Are Created - Lloyd K. Stires
Just Who is the Victim Here? - Zachary Margulis
Thanks For The Memories - John Henry Biederman
A System of Control - Becky Oliphant
Wenatchee Washington: A Small Town Gone Crazy - Sharma Oliver
Wenatchee: The Price of Free Speech - Kathryn Lyon
The History Lesson - Richard Cusick
Worrying For Woody - Richard Cusick
The Godfather of Hemp: A Candid Conversation With Jack Herer
Why We Don't Use Chinese Hemp - Steve DeAngelo
ACLU V. Reno: Looking Back, Looking Forward - Lloyd K. Sitres
Media Domination Revisited - M. Orak Dekay
Why I Love the Only Magazine Worth Hating - Richard Smith
A Victory For The 'Zine Answer Me! - William Abnerathy
From the Mouth of Jim Goad: Editor of Answer Me!
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace - John Perry Barlow
Rock and Roll Tunnel-Vision - Paul Wardle
Give It Up For The Mighty Dells - Richard G. Carter
A Thin Line Between Love And Hate: A Soundtrack Debate
In The Groove - Dexter Carter
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
From the Stacks - Jeff Rust
Street Smarts - Anthony Alcaraz
X-On Congress: Indecent Comment on an Indecent Subject - Steve Russell

Issue 11
Trade Secrets: Part I - Richard Cusick
Deposition of Jeffery Wigand
Media Domination in Toronto - M. Oral DeKay
Modifying the Verb
Donatien - Anna Burmeister
The Art World's Dirty Little Secret - Melinda Montgomery
Endgame: I Want to Stay Forever - Richard Cusick
Cherry in 'Shlock Radio' - Mike Mangan
Burned by the FCC - Richard Cusick
The Year of the Child - Richard McCabe
Marketing Marty Rimm on the Information Superhighway - Zachary Margulis
Kiddie Porn Calendar? - Lyn McConchie
Unethical Congressman - and the Girls Who Love Them - John Biederman
The Shaman's Stroke - Richard Cusick
X-On Congress: Indecent Comment on an Indecent Subject - Steve Russell
ANYTHING GOES (continued)
Citizen Sovereign: The Re-education of Paul Guthrie - Michael Farris
Once Burned, Twice Wary and Waiting - Liam Jenson
Weed and Winstons: Together Again - Ernest Walker
The Need For Black Alternative Radio - Verdine White and Rick Scott
Hypocrisy and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Richard G. Carter
In the Groove - Dexter Carter
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
From the Stacks - Jeff Rust
Street Smarts - Anthony Alcaraz

Issue 10
One Foot in the Future, One Foot in the Cave - Richard Cusick
Efforts to Combat Sexual Harassment on College Campuses Threaten Academic Freedom - Stephen F. Rohde
The Power of Sexual Harassment - Kevin Fullin, M.D.
Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do - Jill McIntosh
Say What? A Safe, Practical Guide to Sexual Harassment - Comic by Joe Lee
Shattering Some Myths About Sexual Harassment - Geov Parrish
The Eye of the Beholder - Lyn McConchie
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Comic by Paul Wardle
Abuse is Not a Right - Kim Ormand
The One-Sided Debate - Avedon Carol
Tenured Professor Found Guilty of 'Sexual Harassment' for Asking Students to Define Pornography - Stephen F. Rohde
The Unofficial Punishment of Albert Thompson - John Biederman
Madame President: Interview with Nadine Strossen
Unholy Days - Dave Stifle
I Gezheh - Clifford Lawrence
Afterword - Robert Bloch
The Great Online Child Sex Scare - Zachary Margulis
War Stories: Part 2 (Scientology Update) - Richard Cusick
Alcoholics Anonymous Revisited - Name Withheld
Wedding Bell Blues - Richard G. Carter
Cable-Access: The Last Great Hope - Jeff Rust
The Book on the Edge of Reality - Richard Cusick
Strange Suppression - Delaynie Rudner
In the Groove - Dexter Carter
From the Stacks - Jeff Rust
Street Smarts - Anthony Alcaraz

Issue 9
Breast Cancer: The Censored Scar - Delaynie Rudner
Censored Scar Photo Portfolio
Confronting Breast Cancer - Susan Markisz
Desiree' - Delaynie Rudne
60 Minute Redoux: War Stories - Richard Cusick
Inside the Fellowship: The Truth About Alcoholics Anonymous and Other 12-Step Programs - Part 2 - John Henry Biedermann
Rebuttal to AA Article - Joseph
Cults: Charles Manson: The Myth and the Reality - Denise Noe
The Justice System or Visceral Visuals Goddess of the Lens - Wally Wharton interview of Justice Howard Justice Howard Portfolio
U.S. v. Knox: Beware - The Feds Come A 'Knocking - Lawrence A. Stanley, Esq.
Man and the Sex Industry - Mary Barbot Allen
Abortion Fight's Lethal Side - Fawn Vrazo
Cops Defy Order in Quality of Life Bust - Lee Stringer
The Crime of Hate - Cliff Almas Hesby
(Investigative Report on Harlan Ellison's Battle
With The Comic Journal's Gary Groth) - Richard Cusick
To Serve and Protect - Paul Wardle
Robert Bloch: An Appreciation - Barry Hoffman
Afterword to 35th Anniversary Edition of Pyscho - Ray Bradbury
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
From the Stacks - Jeff Rust
Street Smarts - Anthony Alcaraz
War Stories: The War Continues...

Issue 8
IN THE NAME OF GOD: Part 1 - Scientology vs. 60 Minutes - Richard Cusick
The Religious Symposium on Cults - Comic Strip by Joe Lee
Mind-Manipulating Groups
The Ant Hill Kids - Paul Kaihla and Ross Laver
In the Name of God: Part 2 - Scientology vs. Geraldo - Richard Cusick
Into the Mainstream: The New World of Cults - Marcia Rudin
The Brother Julius Cult - Judith A. Gaines
The Need for Deprogramming - Rick Ross
Unlimited Commotion at Unlimited Devotion - Joseph A. Gervasi
Unlimited Devotion - Stacy Cancelarich
Season of the Witch - Michael Newton
Rotten to the C.O.R.: Cult Activities Within the Catholic Church - Paul Wardle
The Hitler Cult in America - Moshe Phillips
Inside the Fellowship: The Truth About Alcoholics Anonymous - John Henry Biedermann
Don't Call Us Moonies - Peter D. Ross
'Nek-Kid' Photography Causes Brouhaha in Cobbs County, Georgia - Martin M. Stone
Body Painting: An Artform Not For Everybody - Mitchell J. Poulouin
Sugar and Spice: Pin-Up Art by Women - Lisa Petrucci
Drawn to Obscenity - Scott Cunningham
Getting 'Ahead' in Florida - comic strip by Mike Diana
Bobby London and the Air Pirates Follies - S.C. Ringgenberg
In The Line of Fire Update - Richard G. Carter
Erotic Eleven Update: Justice Denied - Bobby Lilly
Car 54 Where are Youuuuu??? - Wally Ann Wharton
Toronto BBS Busts - Scott Nesbitt
Liberation: Fight Back!
Classic Play Provokes Indian Ire - Claude Lewis
Politically Panned in Never, Never Land - Richard R. Becker
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
Street Smarts - Anthony Alcaraz

Issue 7
Anthony Griffin: In The Line of Fire - Richard G. Carter
SIDEBAR: The Price of Ones Convictions - Richard G. Carter
Introduction - Carol Leigh
Prostitution in the United States - The Statistics
Prostitution Control Costly - Bruce Tyler
You're Under Arrest, Spread Your Legs - Jeremy Hay
Taking the Sin out of Sin City - Richard R. Becker & Ellen Levine
Working the Nevada Brothels - Laura Anderson
Sara Simple and Lucy Lunchmeat - Scarlot Harlot
Agency Helps Prostitutes As They Make A New Start - Cynthia Mayer
Sex Worker and Incest Survivor: A Healthy Choice - Veronica Monet
A Day In The Life of a Prostitute - Veronica Money with photos by Kim Stringfellow
From Angelina to Foxy...A Prostitute By Choice - Paula Allen
Don't Swear. Don't Slouch. When In Doubt Smile - Queens of the Tenderloin
SIDEBAR: Working Conditions in San Francisco Strip Clubs
I Dance For A Living - Dawn Passar
SIDEBAR: Dancer's Alliance Agenda
A Stripper's Life: A Photo Essay - Dawn Passar
Thugs in Miniskirts - Scott Lossoccur
Thoroughly Modern Madam: Interview with Rebecca Rand
Cop to Call Girl: A Review From The Inside - Samantha Miller
An Interview With Cop to Call Girl, Norma Jean Almadovar
A New Principle of Accountability
Women Unite! Hooking Is Real Employment - Dolores French
Bad Luck at Lucky's or Caught Between the Rapists and the Police
Black Women and Prostitution - Compiled by Carol Leigh
International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights
Prostitutes and AIDS Scapegoating - Gloria Lockett
HIV+ Prostitutes Have The Right To Work
Community Groups vs. Prostitutes - Ron Weitzer
Paradoxes of Commercial Worship - Kat Sunlove
Toys In The Attic - Deidre Evans
Whoring In Utopia - Pat Califia
Don't Call Me Transgender - Victoria Schneider
From The Continuing Saga of Scarlot Harlot - Carol Leigh
A Child Molester In Our Midst - Mark Di Ionno
Slashed and Burned - Stan Levantho
Nike And Pals Must Get With the Program - Phil Mushnick
Disney's Choice: Bucks Before Bill of Rights - Richard R. Becker
No News is Good News - Bobby Lilly
Virtual Insanity: Freaks by Choice - Cliff Hesby Almas
The Rockford Wench Trial - John Biedermann
Too Little of a Good Thing - Richard R. Becker
The Honeymoon Killers - Fiona Vople
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick

Issue 6
Selective Outrage - Joseph Perkins
The Rodney King Trial: A Postlogue - Steven Barnes
The Many Shades of Blackness - Richard G. Carter
The Myths of 'Black Racism' and the Shockleytizing of America - George F. Sanders
Hang Ten - Andrew Wahl and Scott Stine
The Necessary Racist - Craig Thompson
Reverse Racism of Self Defense - Seaton B. Hancock
Black Racism: What Goes Around Comes Around - Richard G. Carter
Voters Ferreting Out the Right Stuff - Connie Langland
Challenging Stealth Candidates - Skipp Porteous
Christian Coalition Gears Up In Pennsylvania - Steve Goldstein
Cherry in A Night To Remember - Larry Welz and Larry Todd
The Sting of Pornography - Cecil E. Greek
Nude, Fucked and Freezing - Wally Anne Wharton
The Erotic Eleven - Bobby Lilly
Ideas and Thoughts/Censored - Eban Lehrer
Breaking the Chains of Self-Censorship - John Rousso
The 'Velopes - Davo
Through the Back Door - James Healy
On Our Backs Gets Kicked in the Ass
Drawing Upon the Imagination: The Art of Clive Barker - Lisa Petrucci
Those Happy Days - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The Missing Demand in the Gay Agenda - Michael Medved
True Perversion (Another View) - Stan Leventhal
The Potshot Heard 'Round the World - Wayne Jebian
SIDEBAR: Skirmishes of the Pot War
Our Eroding Privacy - Tony Lesce
The Most Personal Public Secret of All - Jill McIntosh
Down For The Count - Mark Shaw
No Sympathy For Mike Tyson (Another View) - Richard G. Carter
Sticks and Stones Do Break My Bones...Words Do Not Offend Me - Barbara Beebe
Tax This, Pal! - John Longhi
'Boiled' Diana - Scott Cunningham
Nightmare on 34th St. - Paul Wardle
Magnificat - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Non-Fiction - Russ Kick
Blood, Sex and Comics - Linda Marotta
Street Smarts: Fiction Reviews - Anthony Alcaraz

Issue 5
Assorted Short Takes
Spike Lee: Bourgeois Boor - Mark Di Ionno
Madonna Exposed - David Aaron Clark
PORN in the USA
What's Smut - Roberta Gregory
What's Porn to You is... - Bill Paige
'S' is for 'Stoopid' - John Skipp and Craig Spector
SIDEBAR: Art, Porn & NC-17N.O.E.U. 2008 - Michael Taylor
Above the Law - ACLU Arts Censorship Project
The Arguments Against Pornography - Jim Bramlett
Reflections of a Feminist Porn Star - Nina Hartley
Let Me Tell Ya 'bout Suffering - Rhonda Nettles
Tip of the Iceberg ('Omaha the Cat Dancer') - Kate Worley & Reed Waller
Pornography's Victims - Phyllis Schlafly
Porn: The Patient Prostitute - Bob Fahey, Jr.
I Fought the Law...and the Law Lost - TL Wahl
The Wit and Wisdom of Al Goldstein - Don Vaughan
Pornography: A Poisonous Tentacle - J. Marshall Newton
An Interview with Candida Royalle - Don Vaughan
The Crotchless Panters of Utah - Ken Rand
Billy Bear's Take on the Bundy Affair - Joseph P. Cunningham
SIDEBAR: F.O.X.E. on the F.E.B.A.
Sex, Smears and Feminists - Bobby Lilly
Interview with Annie Sprinkle - David Aaron Clark
Adult Cinema 101: XXX's Top 10 - Randy Lee Payton
Madt Max - Russ Miller
The Master Race - Mark Kramer
AVN to the Media - Shove It! - Mark Kernes
Fetish - Andrew Wahl and Scott Stine
The Chilling Effects of Corporate Extortion on the Arts - Ed Cafasso
Gary Groth on The Complete Crumb: Where's a Good Censor When You Need One - Steve Ringgenberg
Do You Believe in Magic...Johnson That Is? - Mark Di Ionno
Those Who Devour Children: A Visit with H.R. Giger - Steven Johnson
The History of the World and 'My Stinking Ass' - Adam Alexander
Lie Down With Us - Thomas Tessier
Making Love (Novel Excerpt) - Melanie Tem and Nancy Holder
Behind the Mask - Matthew J. Costello

Issue 4
Assorted Short Takes
Floyd Brown's Dirty Tricks and the Bush Campaign - Ed Cafasso
Media Pandering to Black Revolutionaries - Mark Di Ionno
Maybe It's Time, After All These Years - Clark DeLeon
The Eclipse True Crime Trading Cards Controversy - Mike Baker
Another View: Shame On Serial Killer Trading Cards - John Sutherland
Fun With Numbers - Russ Miller
A Right To Know Or An Invasion Of Privacy - Deborah Wilker
Rodney King: No Isolated Incident - Richard G. Carter
The Art of Media Manipulation - Ed Cafasso
Tabloid Journalism and Manipulation of the Press - Mark DiIonno
Censorship and the Community Press - Caitlin Barry
How Not to Begin a Career In Radio - Duane Swierczynski
Tale in 'Twin Cities' - Kate Worley and Read Waller
Candidates With No Balls - Greg Hotchkiss
Hate and the Art of Queer Media Spins - Andy Mangels
No Message Here - Andy Mangels and Carl Vaughn Frick
Still Lurking In the Shadows, After All These Years - Michael C. Botkin
Unhealthy Morality - David Gilden
Basic Instinct: The Myth of the Level Playing Field - Angela Bocage
World Games - Roberta Gregory
Black Plastic And White Sheets: Censorship of Dayton Claudio - Mike Baker
Born To Raise Hell: The Lowbrow Labors of Robert Williams - S.C. Ringgenerg
Abortion Wars: The Canning of Popeye Comic Strip Writer Bobby London - Steve Ringgenberg
Tyson Didn't Get A Fair Shake - Pete Hamill
Nemesio - Michael Taylor
Death of A Mad-Man - Steve Ringgenberg
P.C. Kills - Angela Bocage
Cherry, Me & Censorship; Or No Flies On Me - Larry Welz
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Revisited - Trisha Sherrick
Another View: Tempest in a Teapot - John Rosenman
From Seasrs and J.C. Penney...With Lust - John Rosenman
Enoch - Robert Bloch
How To Get Ahead in New York - Poppy Z. Brite
The Cause - S.K. Epperson
Behind the Mask - Matthew J. Costello
House of Fiction - Tom McDonald

Issue 3
Assorted Short Takes
Trial by Media - Melinda McAdams
Accused Rapists Do Not Have the Right to Anonymity - Natalie Latorre
In God's Name - Barbara L. Delhotal
Burning Issue - Lamark Waldron & Ted Boonthanakit (comic)
Profiles in Courage: Bill Baird - Harvey Wood
Right To Life Game - Trina Robbins (comic)
Political and Corporate Censorship in the Land of the Free - John Shirley
Boy Scouts and Freedom From Religion - Donna Bocian
Desert Storm Confidential - Ed Cafasso
Disgrace Behind the Glory - Leigh Roche
Female War Resistor Stands Her Ground - Aaron Nauth
Fired for Peace - Joe Reedy
Update from Broward County: 2 Live Crew - Deborah Wilker
2 Live Crew: The Double Standard is Alive and Well in the Nineties - Trina Robbins with Carol Leigh
Father Pfleger: Round 2 - Donna Bocian RETROSPECTIVES
Lenny Bruce is Dead - Harlan Ellison
Lenny and Andre - Allen Sonnenschein
William M. Gaines Interview - Stephen Ringgenberg
Gauntlet Bob - Russ Miller (comic intro)
Political Correctness: Getting There - Allan Sonnenschein
Politically Correct and Unrepentant - William Rose
Top Ten 'PC' Media Mouths - Teri Wingender
Disturbing Images: Cartoonist John Callahan - Mike Baker
P.C. Retrofix - Rex Miller
Rex's House Dictionary (sidebar) - Rex Miller
Political Correct Bashing - Sleeping With the Enemy - John Ames
Beware of the Proselytizing Vegetarians - John Sutherland
Your 'PC' Quotient - Richard Dominick
When Is a Joke A Slur - Hill McIntosh
Contradictions - Darryl Hattenhauer
1991 Most/Least Politically Correct - Bill Paige
America: A Great Place to Raise Your Kids - Ken Rand
More Heat Than Light - Wayne R. Smith & B.J. Barnes (comic)
From Lip Service to Forked Tongue - Teri Wingender
The 'Rap' of PC - Patrick Lawless
My Dinner With the Politically Correct - Richard Dominick
Show Us You're Nuts - Duane Swierczynski
Hey, I Gotta You 'PC'...Right Here! - Thomas F. Monteleone
Finding The Cost of Freedom - Kate Worley
Watching the Media Watcher - Harvey Pekar
'...There's A Way' Remembering Dori Seda - Leslie Sternbergh
Of Nice and Men - Russ Miller (text and comic)
Interview with Joe Coleman - Carlo McCormick
Freakbabies - Nancy A. Collins
Love Is Where You Buy It - Brian Hodge
Pelts - F. Paul Wilson, comic-strip adaptation by Russ Miller
Hester - Dave Swartout
Objects - Ron Leming
The Limits of Fantasy - Ramsey Campbell
Monsters - Jay Owens
The Process - Steve Rasnic Tem
Blind Hatred - Oliver Zschenker
Death at Eleven - Elizabeth Massie
Lines From a Diary - Trina Robbins
Vampire - Richard Christian Matheson
Laugh Track - Brian Riordan
Flesh Eating Muthas - James Kisner
Lyrics of Abuse Find Audience - Steve Lopez
Censor N.W.A.? Give Me A Break - Dave Marsh
The Tupelo Ayatollah - Skipp Porteous
Standing Up Against Censors (sidebar) - Skipp Porteous
San Francisco vs. Basic Instinct - Rebecka Wright
It Must Be The Camera - Stan Higgins
Top Ten Censorship Stories of 1991 - John Rosenman
King's Critics: A Reader's Smorgasbord - Michael R. Collins
Cherie Gaulke: Performance Artist Under Attack - William Relling, Jr.
The Shameful Enforcement of Video Chastity - Joseph P. Cunningham
Censor Me, Please! - Adam Alexander
A Challenge to the Media - W. Wilson Goode
House of Fiction - Tom McDonald
Taboo Text - Linda Marotta
Behind the Mask: Non-Fiction Reviews - Matthew J. Costello

Issue 2
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Back cover
Post Socks NY Dailies - David Hechler
Censorship the Old Fashioned Way - Mike Bratsis
Censorship Chicago-Style - Donna Bocian
Ever Heard of Banned Book Week? - William Noble
Top Ten Censors of 1990 - Linda Bornstein
Canada and the Art of Subtle Censorship - Cliff Burns
The Year In Censorship - John Rosenman
How To Make Love To A Negro Without Getting Tired - Jami Bernard
Intrigue in the Newsroom\Opinion - Richard G. Carter
The Dreaded X - Stephen King
Interviews with Wes Craven, Jack Valenti, & Pedro Almodovar - Jami Bernard
Horror Filmmakers Versus the MPAA - Stanley Wiater
Spawn of the NC-17/Henry and June - Paul Sammon
Interviews with Luther Campbell & Penelope Spheeris - Jami Bernard
Where the Bust Was - Sondra London
Going Deep in the Sweet Tea Belt - Lacey MacFingle
The Most Ridiculous Case (Charles Freeman) - Sondra London
2 Live Crew: Will Fame Be Fleeting - Deborah Wilker
Keeping Our Ears to the Streets - Tom Moon
Just Say No to the Material Girl - Kathryn Ptacek
Interview with Bradbury - Donn Albright
Introduction - William F. Nolan
Bonfire - Ray Bradbury
Bright Phoenix - Ray Bradbury
Cripple - Andrew Vachss
Two Pictures of a Crime - David Hechler
The Victim's Side: A Firsthand Account - Ron Leming
Stephen King: Spawn of Satan - Howard Wornom
Considering The Stands - Michael Collings
News on King - George Beahm
Buying Without Fear: A Buyer's Guide To King Collectibles - George Beahm
The Stephen King Influence - Stephen Spignesi
The Art of Stephen King - A Gallery by Various Artists
Raw: Interview and art of Art Spiegelman - Doug Martin
Comics: The New Adult Art Form - Kevin Hamilton
Hot Box: The Wrong Time, The Wrong Place
'Fulce-fying' the Evidence - Stephen R. Bissette
Behind Enemy Lines: An Original Strip - Russ Miller
David Wojnarowicz versus Donald Wildmon's AFA - Doug Martin
Sign of the Times - Mike Baker
Bullwhips, Sex Slaves and Catcher in the Rye - Stephen Rohde
America's Finest: Art Police and the NEA - Greg Hubbard
Carhenge - Marilyn Sallee
Son of Sam Laws: Pro or Con - Gerard Schaefer & John Sutherland
Publishing Names of Rape Victims - Karen DeCrow, Karen Jurgensen, & Natalie Latorre
Outing - M. Scott Mallinger & Urvashi Vaid
Bookmarks - Ronald Kelly
A Fair Cop - Karl Wagner
Comical Justice - Kevin J. Anderson
Interview with a CENSORED Vampire - Rex Miller
The Bastille - Bentley Little
Grease Monkey - Graham Masterton
Gypsy Pigs - Cathy Burburuz
Satanic Versus - K.L. Jones
Crimes of Passion - Richard T. Chizmar
There's No Place Like Home - William Relling
No Excuses - John Skipp & Craig Spector
My Ticket to the Society of Fiends - Gerard Schaefer
Prison Censorship - Dannie Martin
The Poetry of Inmate N-92205 - C.F. Heffley
American Psychobabble - Lori Perkins & Linda Marotta
Random Thoughts of a Worried Citizen - Bentley Little
A Few Last Words - Thomas F. Monteleone
Hot Stuff - Rick Hautala
Reflections on Censorship - Piers Anthony
Suffer the Children - Gary Brandner
Confessions of a Religious Horror Writer - Ronald Kelly
Just a Little Bit of Pressure: Women in Horror Fiction - Nancy Collins
I Want Your Sex? - Linda Bornstein
House of Fiction - Thomas Liam McDonald
Non-Fiction - Matthew Costello

Issue 1
Frothing From the Mouth - Barry Hoffman
There's More Than One Way To Burn A Book - Ray Bradbury
Offensive or Stimulating? - William Relling Jr.
The Last Temptation of Popeye - William Relling Jr.
Behind the Wildmon Wall - Shannon Riley
An 'Open' Meeting at the Wirral Christian Centre - Ramsey Campbell
The FCC Cracks Down - Filthy Words - George Carlin
Take a Stand, FCC! - Michael A. Arnzen
Crucifax: The Missing Chapter - Ray Garton
An Interview with Ray Garton
Let the Darkness In - Steve Rasnic Tem
Back Windows - Steve Rasnic Tem
Nackles - Harlan Ellison
Wrong Vibes on Sexual Violence - Natalie LaTorre
Appetite for Destruction - Doug Martin
A Williams Portfolio
No: Don't Exploit Women's Bodies - Trisha Sherrick
Yes: Celebrate the Beauty of Female Form - Jeannette M. Hopper
What's Up, Doc - Kevin J. Anderson
The Choking Grip - Isaac Asimov
Nasty Times - Rex Miller
Taboo is Taboo - Stephen R. Bissette
Determine Your Censorship Quotient - Dan Simmons
The Censors Nobody Talks About - Gary Brandner
The Soiling of Old Glory - Stanley Forman
Piss Christ - Andres Serrano
Splatter: A Cautionary Tale - Douglas E. Winter
The Woman Who Gave Good Phone - Cliff Burns
Honey Suit - Henry Slesar
Ships in the Night - William F. Nolan
The Cutting Room - Yvonne Navarro
Fear in the Classroom - Bill Munster
Free Speech is Dying on Campus - Thomas Sowell
Irresponsible Journalism - Roman Ranieri
Smashing Traditional Sexual Values - Brenda Loew Tatelbaum
A Letter Home - Donna Bocian
Ten Ways to Combat Censorship
Open Forum: Letters to the Editor
Literature Search: Book Reviews
In the Limelight: Film Reviews

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