What is this site?
- A guide to publications covering cinema. Contains a comprehensive index of professional and fan movie magazines, with brief profiles, cover pages and list of contents if known.
- An amateur's site "dedicated to movie related publications".
- A data base covering movie magazines.

Why did I make it?
I'm reading, buying, collecting moviemags since 1990 and when I first browsed the internet I was very disappointed to find very few sites for moviemags.
So I started the site in 1997 as a lot of links to movie magazines.
Then covers and content were added for various issues.

Can I buy anything?
- Sorry, NO.
All issues presented in the site are scans (of the cover only) from private collections (made by contributors) or found online (ebay etc.)

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All magazine covers are copyrighted by their publishers. No rights are given or implied. They are presented here for their historical significance and the edification of magazine fans and collectors, everywhere.
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