Exploring The Limits Of Free Expression

Alternative Biannual Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-2005
- For movie fans there are some interesting articles on Clive Barker, Stephen King and more.
- Fascinating reading.
- Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Barry Hoffman.
- Published twice a year in November and May. 180 black and white A5 pages.
- Website:

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8 December 2017
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Issue 8
IN THE NAME OF GOD: Part 1 - Scientology vs. 60 Minutes - Richard Cusick
The Religious Symposium on Cults - Comic Strip by Joe Lee
Mind-Manipulating Groups
The Ant Hill Kids - Paul Kaihla and Ross Laver
In the Name of God: Part 2 - Scientology vs. Geraldo - Richard Cusick
Into the Mainstream: The New World of Cults - Marcia Rudin
The Brother Julius Cult - Judith A. Gaines
The Need for Deprogramming - Rick Ross
Unlimited Commotion at Unlimited Devotion - Joseph A. Gervasi
Unlimited Devotion - Stacy Cancelarich
Season of the Witch - Michael Newton
Rotten to the C.O.R.: Cult Activities Within the Catholic Church - Paul Wardle
The Hitler Cult in America - Moshe Phillips
Inside the Fellowship: The Truth About Alcoholics Anonymous - John Henry Biedermann
Don't Call Us Moonies - Peter D. Ross
'Nek-Kid' Photography Causes Brouhaha in Cobbs County, Georgia - Martin M. Stone
Body Painting: An Artform Not For Everybody - Mitchell J. Poulouin
Sugar and Spice: Pin-Up Art by Women - Lisa Petrucci
Drawn to Obscenity - Scott Cunningham
Getting 'Ahead' in Florida - comic strip by Mike Diana
Bobby London and the Air Pirates Follies - S.C. Ringgenberg
In The Line of Fire Update - Richard G. Carter
Erotic Eleven Update: Justice Denied - Bobby Lilly
Car 54 Where are Youuuuu??? - Wally Ann Wharton
Toronto BBS Busts - Scott Nesbitt
Liberation: Fight Back!
Classic Play Provokes Indian Ire - Claude Lewis
Politically Panned in Never, Never Land - Richard R. Becker
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick
Street Smarts - Anthony Alcaraz

Issue 7
Anthony Griffin: In The Line of Fire - Richard G. Carter
SIDEBAR: The Price of Ones Convictions - Richard G. Carter
Introduction - Carol Leigh
Prostitution in the United States - The Statistics
Prostitution Control Costly - Bruce Tyler
You're Under Arrest, Spread Your Legs - Jeremy Hay
Taking the Sin out of Sin City - Richard R. Becker & Ellen Levine
Working the Nevada Brothels - Laura Anderson
Sara Simple and Lucy Lunchmeat - Scarlot Harlot
Agency Helps Prostitutes As They Make A New Start - Cynthia Mayer
Sex Worker and Incest Survivor: A Healthy Choice - Veronica Monet
A Day In The Life of a Prostitute - Veronica Money with photos by Kim Stringfellow
From Angelina to Foxy...A Prostitute By Choice - Paula Allen
Don't Swear. Don't Slouch. When In Doubt Smile - Queens of the Tenderloin
SIDEBAR: Working Conditions in San Francisco Strip Clubs
I Dance For A Living - Dawn Passar
SIDEBAR: Dancer's Alliance Agenda
A Stripper's Life: A Photo Essay - Dawn Passar
Thugs in Miniskirts - Scott Lossoccur
Thoroughly Modern Madam: Interview with Rebecca Rand
Cop to Call Girl: A Review From The Inside - Samantha Miller
An Interview With Cop to Call Girl, Norma Jean Almadovar
A New Principle of Accountability
Women Unite! Hooking Is Real Employment - Dolores French
Bad Luck at Lucky's or Caught Between the Rapists and the Police
Black Women and Prostitution - Compiled by Carol Leigh
International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights
Prostitutes and AIDS Scapegoating - Gloria Lockett
HIV+ Prostitutes Have The Right To Work
Community Groups vs. Prostitutes - Ron Weitzer
Paradoxes of Commercial Worship - Kat Sunlove
Toys In The Attic - Deidre Evans
Whoring In Utopia - Pat Califia
Don't Call Me Transgender - Victoria Schneider
From The Continuing Saga of Scarlot Harlot - Carol Leigh
A Child Molester In Our Midst - Mark Di Ionno
Slashed and Burned - Stan Levantho
Nike And Pals Must Get With the Program - Phil Mushnick
Disney's Choice: Bucks Before Bill of Rights - Richard R. Becker
No News is Good News - Bobby Lilly
Virtual Insanity: Freaks by Choice - Cliff Hesby Almas
The Rockford Wench Trial - John Biedermann
Too Little of a Good Thing - Richard R. Becker
The Honeymoon Killers - Fiona Vople
Required Reading for Revolutionaries - Russ Kick

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