Exploring The Limits Of Free Expression

Alternative Biannual Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-2005
- For movie fans there are some interesting articles on Clive Barker, Stephen King and more.
- Fascinating reading.
- Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Barry Hoffman.
- Published twice a year in November and May. 180 black and white A5 pages.
- Website:

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8 December 2017
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Issue 6
Selective Outrage - Joseph Perkins
The Rodney King Trial: A Postlogue - Steven Barnes
The Many Shades of Blackness - Richard G. Carter
The Myths of 'Black Racism' and the Shockleytizing of America - George F. Sanders
Hang Ten - Andrew Wahl and Scott Stine
The Necessary Racist - Craig Thompson
Reverse Racism of Self Defense - Seaton B. Hancock
Black Racism: What Goes Around Comes Around - Richard G. Carter
Voters Ferreting Out the Right Stuff - Connie Langland
Challenging Stealth Candidates - Skipp Porteous
Christian Coalition Gears Up In Pennsylvania - Steve Goldstein
Cherry in A Night To Remember - Larry Welz and Larry Todd
The Sting of Pornography - Cecil E. Greek
Nude, Fucked and Freezing - Wally Anne Wharton
The Erotic Eleven - Bobby Lilly
Ideas and Thoughts/Censored - Eban Lehrer
Breaking the Chains of Self-Censorship - John Rousso
The 'Velopes - Davo
Through the Back Door - James Healy
On Our Backs Gets Kicked in the Ass
Drawing Upon the Imagination: The Art of Clive Barker - Lisa Petrucci
Those Happy Days - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The Missing Demand in the Gay Agenda - Michael Medved
True Perversion (Another View) - Stan Leventhal
The Potshot Heard 'Round the World - Wayne Jebian
SIDEBAR: Skirmishes of the Pot War
Our Eroding Privacy - Tony Lesce
The Most Personal Public Secret of All - Jill McIntosh
Down For The Count - Mark Shaw
No Sympathy For Mike Tyson (Another View) - Richard G. Carter
Sticks and Stones Do Break My Bones...Words Do Not Offend Me - Barbara Beebe
Tax This, Pal! - John Longhi
'Boiled' Diana - Scott Cunningham
Nightmare on 34th St. - Paul Wardle
Magnificat - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Non-Fiction - Russ Kick
Blood, Sex and Comics - Linda Marotta
Street Smarts: Fiction Reviews - Anthony Alcaraz

Issue 5
Assorted Short Takes
Spike Lee: Bourgeois Boor - Mark Di Ionno
Madonna Exposed - David Aaron Clark
PORN in the USA
What's Smut - Roberta Gregory
What's Porn to You is... - Bill Paige
'S' is for 'Stoopid' - John Skipp and Craig Spector
SIDEBAR: Art, Porn & NC-17N.O.E.U. 2008 - Michael Taylor
Above the Law - ACLU Arts Censorship Project
The Arguments Against Pornography - Jim Bramlett
Reflections of a Feminist Porn Star - Nina Hartley
Let Me Tell Ya 'bout Suffering - Rhonda Nettles
Tip of the Iceberg ('Omaha the Cat Dancer') - Kate Worley & Reed Waller
Pornography's Victims - Phyllis Schlafly
Porn: The Patient Prostitute - Bob Fahey, Jr.
I Fought the Law...and the Law Lost - TL Wahl
The Wit and Wisdom of Al Goldstein - Don Vaughan
Pornography: A Poisonous Tentacle - J. Marshall Newton
An Interview with Candida Royalle - Don Vaughan
The Crotchless Panters of Utah - Ken Rand
Billy Bear's Take on the Bundy Affair - Joseph P. Cunningham
SIDEBAR: F.O.X.E. on the F.E.B.A.
Sex, Smears and Feminists - Bobby Lilly
Interview with Annie Sprinkle - David Aaron Clark
Adult Cinema 101: XXX's Top 10 - Randy Lee Payton
Madt Max - Russ Miller
The Master Race - Mark Kramer
AVN to the Media - Shove It! - Mark Kernes
Fetish - Andrew Wahl and Scott Stine
The Chilling Effects of Corporate Extortion on the Arts - Ed Cafasso
Gary Groth on The Complete Crumb: Where's a Good Censor When You Need One - Steve Ringgenberg
Do You Believe in Magic...Johnson That Is? - Mark Di Ionno
Those Who Devour Children: A Visit with H.R. Giger - Steven Johnson
The History of the World and 'My Stinking Ass' - Adam Alexander
Lie Down With Us - Thomas Tessier
Making Love (Novel Excerpt) - Melanie Tem and Nancy Holder
Behind the Mask - Matthew J. Costello

Issue 4
Assorted Short Takes
Floyd Brown's Dirty Tricks and the Bush Campaign - Ed Cafasso
Media Pandering to Black Revolutionaries - Mark Di Ionno
Maybe It's Time, After All These Years - Clark DeLeon
The Eclipse True Crime Trading Cards Controversy - Mike Baker
Another View: Shame On Serial Killer Trading Cards - John Sutherland
Fun With Numbers - Russ Miller
A Right To Know Or An Invasion Of Privacy - Deborah Wilker
Rodney King: No Isolated Incident - Richard G. Carter
The Art of Media Manipulation - Ed Cafasso
Tabloid Journalism and Manipulation of the Press - Mark DiIonno
Censorship and the Community Press - Caitlin Barry
How Not to Begin a Career In Radio - Duane Swierczynski
Tale in 'Twin Cities' - Kate Worley and Read Waller
Candidates With No Balls - Greg Hotchkiss
Hate and the Art of Queer Media Spins - Andy Mangels
No Message Here - Andy Mangels and Carl Vaughn Frick
Still Lurking In the Shadows, After All These Years - Michael C. Botkin
Unhealthy Morality - David Gilden
Basic Instinct: The Myth of the Level Playing Field - Angela Bocage
World Games - Roberta Gregory
Black Plastic And White Sheets: Censorship of Dayton Claudio - Mike Baker
Born To Raise Hell: The Lowbrow Labors of Robert Williams - S.C. Ringgenerg
Abortion Wars: The Canning of Popeye Comic Strip Writer Bobby London - Steve Ringgenberg
Tyson Didn't Get A Fair Shake - Pete Hamill
Nemesio - Michael Taylor
Death of A Mad-Man - Steve Ringgenberg
P.C. Kills - Angela Bocage
Cherry, Me & Censorship; Or No Flies On Me - Larry Welz
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Revisited - Trisha Sherrick
Another View: Tempest in a Teapot - John Rosenman
From Seasrs and J.C. Penney...With Lust - John Rosenman
Enoch - Robert Bloch
How To Get Ahead in New York - Poppy Z. Brite
The Cause - S.K. Epperson
Behind the Mask - Matthew J. Costello
House of Fiction - Tom McDonald

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