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Annual Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1981-1982
- Created by Candace Wiggins.
- 2 issues were published.

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22 August 2020
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CONTENTS: 1981 1982 GALLERIES: 1981 1982 All

Issue 2
Editorial by Candace Wiggins & Tia Nichols
Falling Star by Terri Rogers
Requiem by Candace Wiggins
Chim-Chim-Chiree by Becca Cobb
Reunion by Tia Nichols
Two Men of the Cloth by Candace Wiggins (SW/Frisco Kid crossover)
Honor by Tia Nichols
The Carbon-Freeze Blues by Becca Cobb
I've Seen a Lot of Strange Stuff by Tia Nichols
Jedi by Tia Nichols
The Smuggler Who Fell From Grace From the Stars by Sara Fensterer
Violins, Please, a parody by Tia Nichols
The Wager and the Bargain by Tia Nichols
The Great Escape, part two by Candace Wiggins

Issue 1
May 1981
No Time for Our Sorrows by Judith Low (reprinted from an unknown zine)
The Mourning, poem by Candace Wiggins
Space Cowboy, poem by Becca Cobb
Nightmare, vignette by Wendy Banks
Let the Wookiee Win, fiction by Tia Nichols
The Time Has Come, filk to the tune of "A Time for Us," by Tia Nichols
Read All About It, fiction by Candace Wiggins
Trial and Error, fiction by Eva Albertsson
The Enemy, fiction by Tracy Duncan
Lamentations, fiction by Candace Wiggins
Roll Call, fiction by Candace Wiggins
Honor Among Thieves, fiction by Candace Wiggins
The Great Escape, part one, fiction by Candace Wiggins
Lunch with Darth Vader, meta fiction by Brenda Callahan
Married to the Order, fiction by Candace Wiggins

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