New World Animation
Animation Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1999
- An animation magazine from the creators of CFQ.
- Editor: Dan Persons.
- Published quarterly. 64 colour A4 pages.

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26 January 2013
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Issue 4
Vol 1 # 4
Winter 1999

Issue 3
Vol 1 # 3
Fall 1999
Scott Frazier: Ever dream of chucking it all and moving in Japan to start a career in anime? L. Jagi Lamplighter talks to the man who did.
Gen 13: Kevin Altieri's adaptation of the popular comic remains a no-show on video shelves. While we are waiting, David Evans takes a look at the process by which three disaffected superteens become anime stars.
Princess Mononoke: In a part that mixes reality with vivid fantasy, the war between nature and humanity is waged in an enchanted forest. Andrew Osmond brings you the story of the making of the Miyazaki masterpiece; David Hughes talks to the man who's helping to bring the film to America; Marina Frants looks at the history of the studio behind it all.
FAKK 2: The spirit of Heavy Metal's Tarna lives on in the long-awaited sequel. David Evans brings us the secret history of the newest, deadliest science fiction history heroine; Mike Lyons has a face-to-face with FAKK 2 herself.
Battle Of The Planets: Some fans cut their first anime teeth on this classic '70s adventure series. Andrew Osmond looks back to a time when space heroes dressed like birds, 7-Zark-7 chirruped incessantly, and nobody ever, ever died.

Issue 2
Vol 1 # 2
Summer 1999

Issue 1
Vol 1 # 1
Spring 1999
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Mamoru Oshii: The creator of Ghost in the Shell and Beautiful Dreamer never met an enigma he didn't embrace. Harold David talks to him about his career to date and his growing international fame.
Korean studios: What happens when behind-the-scenes players attempt to move into the spotlight? It can look a lot like Armageddon and Red Hawk.
The irresponsible Captain Taylor: Who'd imagine that the savior of the United Planets Space Force would be a guy accustomed to shirking responsibility, avoiding conflict, and finding warm places to map?
The Prince of Egypt: Jeffrey Katzenberg is jumping back into the animation pool in a big way, with a film that emphasizes drama over product tie-ins.
Ushio & Tora: At the intersection of horror and comedy comes this odd-couple tale of a student priest and the demon who becomes both the boy's enemy and ally.

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