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The Phantom Of The Movies
Quarterly Magazine from United States

- First issue: 1993
- Everything from big studio movies to low budget indies.
- Filled with movie reviews.
- Published quarterly by Joe Kane.
- 68 black and white A4 pages.
- Published by PhanMedia
- Website: videoscopemag.com/

Last updated:
23 October 2023
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Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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Issue 28
September/October/November 1998
Special Return To Halloween Hell Collector's Edition!
Don Coscarelli on Phantasm!
Hot Hammer Horrors: The Devil Rides Out, Frankenstein Created Woman, The Mummy's' Shroud, The Witches!
Filmmaker In Focus: Mondo Giallo!: Mariano Baino On Dead Waters!
Mondo Giallo: Fulci Lives! The Beyond, The Gates Of Hell!
Cemetery Man Revisited!
Drive-In Dementia: Fangs Of The Living Dead, Kill, Baby, Kill!
Hell's Sell-Through!
From Alligator People To Les Vampires!
Indie Chillers: New York Vampire, Scathed, The Dividing Hour!
Animated Monsters: Devil Hunter Yohko, Todd McFarlane's Spawn 2, The X-Files!
John Sayles on Men With Guns!
Tele-Video: The Avengers '67 Collection!

Issue 27
June/July/August 1998
Special Summer Screams Collector's Edition!
Exclusive Interviews: Beach Party Director William Asher!
The Indestructible Man: Actor Max Showalter Remembers!
William Lustig on Uncle Sam!
Filmmakers In Focus: Errol Morris!
Godzilla Confidential: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the Big G But Were (Understandably) Afraid To Ask!
Silent Screams: A New Nosferatu!
Getting Hammered: The Legend Of The Seven Golden Vampires, The Satanic Rites of Dracula!
VideoScope Goes To War: The Bridge, I Bombed Pearl Harbor, Mein Krieg!
Drive-In Dementia: The Sadist Psychomania!
Noir Gang: Hangman Also Die, Ministry Of Fear, The Killers, Phantom Lady!
MSTY Madness!
Comedies on Cassette.

Issue 26
March/April/May 1998
Special Cult Classics on Cassette Collector's Edition!
The Brain From Planet Hollywood: John Agar Tells All!
Radley Metzger's Video Vixens: The Alley Cats, Daniella By Night, The Lickerish Quartet, Love Play!
Olivier Assayas: Inside Irma Vep!
Cult Noir: Le Samourai To Fritz Lang's M!
Mondo Ormond: Monster And The Stripper, Please Don't Touch Me, Untamed Mistress!
Candace Hilligoss on The New Carnival of Souls!
Cronenberg, Argento & Franco!
Cult TV!
Cyber-Cult Cinema: Tetsuo II!
Interview: Sid (Spider Baby) Haig!
Sword & Sorcery Cinema: Escape From Atlantis, Highlander: The Director's Cut, Highlander 2: Renegade Version, Kull The Conqueror, Hercules, The Legendary Journeys: The Warrior Princess!
The Phantom's Annual 'B'Wards!
Video Verite: Pleasure Machines: The History of Pinball!

Issue 25
Dec/January/February 1998
Special Insect Fear Collector's Edition!
Best Of The Fear-Fests through The Ages: Alien, The Lair Of The White Worm, The Monster That Challenged The World, Quatermass And The Pit, Tarantula, Them!, Twilight Of The Cockroaches, The Wasp Woman!
Exclusive Interviews: Stella Stevens!
Barry Sonnenfield!
Guillermo del Toro on Mimic!
Filmmakers in Focus: Peter Bogdanovich!
Gone With The Pope: Duke Mitchell's Lost Masterpiece!
The Wit and Wisdom Of Duke Mitchell!
Mondo Lupino: Ida On Tape!
Soviet Avant-Garde Releases!
VS Fiction: The Great 1960 Summer Bijou Binge!
A Return to The Summer Of (Macumba) Love!
Gamera II!

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