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The Phantom Of The Movies
Quarterly Magazine from United States

- First issue: 1993
- Everything from big studio movies to low budget indies.
- Filled with movie reviews.
- Published quarterly by Joe Kane.
- 68 black and white A4 pages.
- Published by PhanMedia
- Website: videoscopemag.com/

Last updated:
23 October 2023
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Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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Issue 20
September/October/November 1996
Special Revenge of Halloween Hell Collector's Edition!
The Phantom's Homevid Horror-Rama!
Romero's Zombies: Dead & Restored,
I Was A Kiddie Cannibal!: Night Of The Living Dead's Kyra Schon,
Cemetery Man, Michele Soavi on Cemetery Man,
Euro Trash Cinema': Kudos For Lucio Fulci,
The Three Faces of Not Of This Earth,
The Perils of Beverly Garland,
Universal Monsters on the March,
The Man Behind Funnyman.
Herk Harvey: The Last Interview!
Rev. Lynn Lemon on Ed Wood!
Inside The City Of Lost Children Part 2!

Issue 19
June/July/August 1996
Special International Auteurs Collector's Edition!
Christian Duguay on Screamers,
Tsui Hark: Hong Kong Heavyweight,
Mel Gibson on Braveheart,
Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet on The City Of Lost Children!
Quentin Tarantino on Breaking In!
Exclusive Jackie Chan Interview!
The Phantom's 'B'Wards!
The Tingler!
Yamato Forever: The Yamato Collection.
Cult Classic: Heavy Metal!
Asian Invasion: From Bejing With Love, Sixty Million Dollar Man!
Euro Trash Cinema: Day Of The Maniac (Tutti I Colori Del Buio)!

Issue 18
March/April/May 1996
Special Space Queen Confidential Collector's Edition!
Barbara Leigh: Vampirella Tells All.
Roger Donaldson & Natasha Henstridge on Species.
Camp Cosmos: Vegas In Space, Space Queens Say The Darndest Things!
Wes Craven on Vampire in Brooklyn!
Welcome to Serial Killerville, USA: Copycat, Love and Human Remains, Serial Killer, Seven, Virtuosity!
Anthony Waller on Mute Witness!
Attack Of The Downtown Bloodsuckers: The Addiction, Nadja!
Phantom Bookshelf: The Complete Films Of Vincent Price, Faster and Furiouser-The Revised and Fattened Fable of American International Pictures,The Complete Anime Guide, Creature Features Movie Guide Strikes Again,Filmmaking On The Fringe: the Good, The Bad And The Deviant Directors, Immoral Tales: Sex and Horror Cinema in Europe 1956-1984, Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes: A Guided Tour Across A Decade of American Independent Cinema!
Inside Mystery Science Theater 3000-The Movie!

Issue 17
Dec/January/February 1996
Special Filmmakers In Focus Special Edition!
Filmmakers In Focus: Clive Barker on Lord of Illusions (The Brains Behind The Pain), Dave Borthwick on The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, Stuart Gordon on Castle Freak, Lodge Kerrigan on Clean, Shaven, Max Allan Collins on Mommy!
Dolores Fuller on Ed Wood!
Cult Classic: Meet The Feebles!
Deja Views: Fans 'Fess Up To Flick Addictions!
Vincent Price on Video!
Camp Corner: The Wild World Of Batwoman!
Euro Trash Cinema: The Heat Of The Flame!
Asian Invasion: Peace Hotel, Street Fighter!
Animania: Barefoot Gen, Megazone 23 Part I, Zenki #1, Tokyo Babylon!
Fred Olen Ray Pheedback Page!
Wild Youth On Parade: Hothead, Ivy League Killers, The Black Rebels/This Rebel Bread, The Rebel Set!
VS Fiction: You Owe Me An Answer, Part II!

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