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Special Effects Magazine
Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters Irregular Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1977-2000
- Covers science-fiction, fantasy, Horror, thrillers and animation.
- Publisher/Editor: Ted A. Bohus.

- Website: www.deadlyspawn.net/spfxmagazine.html

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16 January 2013

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Issue 10
JACK ARNOLD Interview: Director of The Incredible Shrinking Man, Creature From the Black Lagoon & others. By Mark McGee & Susan Frank
RETROSPECT: Curse of the Demon: (Many behind-the-scenes photos) An Analysis of Jacques Tourner's Supernatural Masterpiece. By Ronald V. Borst & Scott MacQueen
CHARLES BENNET Interview: Curse of the Demon Screenwriter. By Tom Weaver
Curse of the Demon Soundtrack Analysis: A look at Clifton Parker's fascinating music score for the classic thriller, Curse of the Demon. By Bill Littman
DAVE ADAMS Interview: Starship Troopers Anime Series: Roughnecks. By Ted A Bohus
JANET LEIGH Interview: Candid interview with the star of Psycho. By Ted A. Bohus
PAT HITCHCOCK Interview: Daughter of 'Master of Suspense,' Alfred Hitchcock and star of Psycho and Stranges On A Train. By Ted A Bohus
KASEY ROGERS Interview: Kasey Rogers (Laura Elliott) discusses Strangers On A Train, Peyton Place and Bewitched. By Ted A Bohus
BEN BOVA Interview: Author of over 100 futuristic novels! By Ted A. Bohus
MARCEL DELGADO Interview: King Kong & Beyond! By George Turner & Doug Turner (Many behind-the-scenes King Kong photos)
PLUS.... Making The Crawling Eye Creating a B Movie Classic (Retrospect) By Kevin Shinnick
And Color artwork from Disney artist Frank Dietz...

Issue 9
KEN TOBEY: He had his own TV series, The Whirlybirds, and starred in the science-fiction classic, The Thing! By Ted A. Bohus
ROBERT CORNTHWAITE: The Thing's scientist, Dr. Carrington. By Ted A. Bohus
RAY HARRYHAUSEN & TERRY MOORE: Discussing Mighty Joe Young, now & then. By Ted A. Bohus
HUGH HEFNER: A candid conversation with the publisher, writer, cartoonist, actor, and avid film collector. By Ted A. Bohus
Also.... Retrospect: The Thing: Behind the scenes look at the Howard Hawks classic that started the alien invasion craze of the '50's. By Ted Newsom
Behind the Scenes: Little Things You Should Know: Information about sequences left on the cutting room floor and other tidbits. By Larry Brooks & Ted A. Bohus
Tribute: David Allen: A loving tribute to the man who inspired so many others with his incredible work and unselfish attitude.
Restoring the 1925 Classic The Lost World
Interview with Edward Stratmann. By Ted A. Bohus
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein: Making the 1949 comedy classic. By Dan Cziraky
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein: Production facts and quotes. By Greg Mank
I Was A Teenage Werewolf: Gene Fowler Jr. & Herman Cohen speak! By Tom Weaver
Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway!

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