Adult Fanzine from Canada
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1992
- The magazine of femme fatales cinema and culture.
- Five digest sized issues were published between 1992 and 1994 consisting volume 1. First issue of volume 2 launched August 1994.
- Everything from gun girls to Nazi frauleins.
-Editor/Founder: Cameron Scholes
- Published Irregularly (approximate 2 issues per year), 38 black+white pages in A4 format.
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Issue 10
The Fighting Girls of Anime: Battle Angel, Burn Up W File 2 to 4, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku 1 to 3, Cutey Honey 1 to 4, Dangaio, Debutante Detective Corps, Devil Hunter Yohko, Dirty Pair Flash, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 1 & 2, Megami Paradise 2, Plastic Little, Wanna Be's, Advancer Tina, Angel of Darkness 1 to 3, Dragon Pink 1 to 3, Kekko Kamen 1 & 2, La Blue Girl, Rei-Lan Orchid Emblem, Weather Report Girl #1 & 2.
Cynthia Khan: Hong Kong's forgotten fighting beauty.
Jungle Girls: Eve, Gungala Virgin of the Jungle, Gungala The Nude Panther, Kilma Queen of the Jungle, Kilma Queen of the Amazons, Liane The Jungle Goddess, Luana, Samoa Queen of the Jungle, Tarzana The Wild Girl, Women of the Prehistoric Planet.
Etsuko (Sue) Shiomi: Japan's Mistress of the martial arts.
Reviews: Poison Ivy The New Seduction, Excessive Force 2 Force on Force, Hard Bounty, Housewife from Hell, Stripteaser, In Self Defence, Alien Resurection, The Escort, Shadow Warriors.

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Issue 8
Women in Prison Films Part 2: From The Naked Cage to Women Without Names.
10 Films to avoid on your 1st date: Daughter of Darknes 1 and 2, Red to Kill, The Rapist, The Lady Punisher, Raped by an Angel, Trilogy of Lust 2, Brief Encounter.
Nazi Exploitation Cinema Guide: From Desert Tigers to SS Special Section Women.
Reviews: Eye for an Eye, The Granny, Seven Sexual Maniacs. Miss Butterfly, Rebekah, Satan Returns and more.

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Fall 1994

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Summer 1994

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