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- First and last issue: 2007-june 2013
- "A quarterly publication taking a look at b-movies, cult classics, indie, horror, science fiction, exploitation, underground and asian films from past and present."
- Featuring: In-depth analytical pieces,interviews,informative articles about movie "classics".
- Amazing, original, film inspired art, peeks into the future of cult film making.
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Issue 20
June 2013
A Serbian Film: Transgressive Horror in the Internet Age by Thomas Duke. Sam The Great And Powerfull by Bryce Wilson. Juice Dogs & Erotic Trauma: An Exploration into Stephen Sayadian’s Nightdreams and Dr. Caligari by Heather Drain. The Vehicle Possessed–Masculinity and Male Agency in Wheels of Terror by Seth Goodkind. The Making of the Penitentiary Films by Paul Talbot. The Lion in Winter: The Later Years of the American Action Hero by Jon Abrams. The Many Villainous Faces of David Patrick Kelly by Chris Hallock. Eyes Wide Open: Finding the Key to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining through Rodney Ascher’s Room 237 by Todd Garbarini. Dying to Learn: Racial Politics and Violence as Pedagogy in Teacher-Features of the Post-Reagan Era by L.H. Marks. They Call Me Bruce: The History of Bruce Lee Exploitation Cinema by Will Sloan.

Issue 19
March/April/May 2013

Cover illustration by Garry Brown

Phoebe Moves in Stereo: How Fast Times at Ridgemont High Gave Birth to a Classic Scene
by Mike McGranaghan

John Carpenter and the Apocalypse: A Study of Three Films
by Justin LaLiberty

Lost Video Archive: Skatetown USA
by Seth Goodkind

Aural Enigmas: Sound Design in Ti West’s The Innkeepers
by Todd Garbarini

Japan’s Direct to Video Explosion
by Josh Johnson

Firing Broadsides: Creating a Horror Canon
by C. Rachel Katz

The Devil’s in The DeVAS: The Many Foes of Beatrix Kiddo
by Zachary Kelley

Corpse Fucking Art: A Guide to Necrophilia in Horror Cinema
by Samm Deighan

“I’m sorry if the end of the world makes me a little nervous.” An Interview with Kelli Maroney
by Chris Hallock

It’s Complicated: An In Depth Look at the Evolution of Bill and The Bride’s
Turbulent Relationship in Kill Bill
by Matthew House

What’s In A Name? The Rise and Decline of Hollywood Fall Guy Alan Smithee
by James Gracey

Last Words: Burn the Innocents with the Aggressors
by S. Patrick Gallagher

Issue 18
December 2012

Speed Racer: The Art of Absurdity
by Patrick Smith

In a Lonely Place and the Shadow of Serial Crime
by Samm Deighan

Now Read the Movie: Chronicle as Young Adult Literature
by C. Rachel Katz

That Movie About the Giant Turtle and the Girl with Glowing Green Eyes
by Todd Garbarini

Norman Mailer’s Underground Trilogy
by Brett Taylor

The Goriest Film You Never Saw
by Jose Cruz

Lost Video Archive: Aerobicide & Death Spa
by Seth Goodkind

Marriage Bites: Lesbian Vampires and the Failure of Heterosexuality in Daughters of Darkness
by Erin Wiegand

“When Single Shines the Triple Sun”: Duality and Self Discovery in The Dark Crystal
by Christine Makepeace

Freedom in Filmmaking: Universal’s Indie Experiment
by Martin Harris

3D’s Use and Potential in Today’s Cinematic Landscape
by Caleb McCandless

Last Words: … And I Feel Fine.
by S. Patrick Gallagher

Issue 17
September/October/November 2012

“Endemic Madness”: Subversive 1930s Horror Cinema
by Jon Towlson

Of Bonsai and Balance: The Hero’s Journey in The Karate Kid
by Patrick Cooper

You Can Clean Up the Mess, But Don’t Touch My Coffin: The Legacy
of Sergio Corbucci’s Django
by Ed Kurtz

Be Kind, No Need to Rewind: The Preservation, Demand and Ubiquity of Shot on
VHS Cinema in an Increasingly Digital Landscape
by Justin LaLiberty

I Don’t Want to See What I Hear: Paranoia and Personality Eradication in The Conversation
by Todd Garbarini

Black Cats and Black Gloves: The Influence of the Gothic on Sergio Martino’s
Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
by James Gracey

Plus much more…

Issue 16
June/July/August 2012
"Images of Horror and Lust" in Ken Russell's The Devils. by Samm Deighan
Flinging Lingerie at Police Cars with Lulu, Peaches and Darlene: The Fashionably True Story of How Female Rebellion Launched the Assault of the Killer Bimbos. by Jonathan Plombon
Recovered Realities: Found Footage and Mockumentary Horror. by C. Rachel Katz
Rehabilitating Daddy, or How Disaster Movies say it's OK to Trust Authority. by Jon Towlson
The Films of Rene Laloux: Notes on the Golden Age of French Science Fiction. by Derek Godin
This Ain't Hollywood XXX: The Cultural Significance of the Porn Parody. by Justin LaLiberty
Plus much more...

Issue 15
March/April/May 2012
Cover illustration by Alex Fine
When Life Gives You Razor Blades: Bloody Vengeance in Hobo with a Shotgun by Christine Makepeace
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Raw and Wriggling: Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy by Samm Deighan
Going Back Home: Post-Vietnam Masculinity in Rolling Thunder by Adam Blomquist
Point Blank: Nobody Knows by Melvin Cartagena
You Want It, You Got It: The Grim and Gritty Extremes of Punisher: War Zone by Patrick Smith
Chainsawing Well is the Best Revenge: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2's Texas Sized Vengeance by Zachary Kelley
Plus much more...

Issue 14
December 2011
Panic In Detroit! Robocop & Reagan's Amercia
Horror Parodies of the Early '80s
Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures
PLUS: A Fistful of Dollars, Crime Wave, Jump Scares and more!

Issue 13
September/October/November 2011
Blood Is Thicker Than Fear: Maternal Madness in Horror Cinema
by Ashley Avard

Allan Carr and the Making of Where the Boys Are '84 by Paul Talbot

Dreams That You Could Never Guess: Bela Lugosi on Poverty Row, 1940-42
by Andreas Stoehr

Turkish Rip-Offs by Ronnie Tucker

Censoring the Centipede: How the BBFC are Sewing Our Eyes Shut
by Liam Underwood

Teenage Riot: Coming of Age in Modern Cinema by Christian Sellers

Plus much more...

Issue 12
May/June/July/August 2011
The Man From Australia: Falling Without a Parachute Through the Films of Ozploitation Filmmaker, Brian Trenchard-Smith
by Justin Bozung

Howling All the Way Straight to Video
by Brett Taylor

The Good, The Bad and The Fulci:
Tales of Redemption and Revenge from Four of the Apocalypse by Christian Sellers

No Future for You: Punk Aesthetics and British Identity in Derek Jarman's Jubilee
by Andreas Stoehr

Explorers: Exploring Childhood Escapism
by Matthew House

Kiyoshi Kurosawa: Reflections on Revenge
by Joshua Samford

Plus much more...

Issue 11
February/March/April 2011
Demystifying Superwoman: Shifty Gender Roles, Hysterical Moms, & Pissed Off Daughters in The Exorcist
by Ashlee Blackwell

Frankenhooker: Titular Commodification of Women by Lisa Cunningham

Rape-Revenge Films: A Guide for the Faint-Hearted by Chelsea Suarez

The Degrading Last Days of Laura Palmer: A Backwards Glance at Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by Christine Hadden

Spiritual Viagra (How a Mummy in Cowboy Boots Gave Elvis a Hard-On)
by Molly Marie Griffin

Mental Illness in Horror Films: Lifting the Stigma with Let's Scare Jessica to Death
by Andre Dumas

Plus much more...

Issue 10
October/November/December 2010
Melodrama in Fast Motion: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls As Not Just Strange but Scathing by Adam Blomquist
Pink Socks and Monsters: Excess in Andrzej Żuławski's Possession by Todd Garbarini
Film Fanatical: A Conversation with Author Danny Peary by Brian Saur
Robert Downey, The Fool Prince by Brett Taylor

Issue 9
April/May/June 2010
In Space, What You (Almost) Hear is Ka-ching!: The Genius Film Marketing and Knuckleheaded Toy Merchandising of Alien
by Todd Garbarini

The Death and Life of Cinema: An interview with Joe Dante
by Brian Saur

Emanuelle, Transnationality and the Cannibalisation of Cultures
by Ben Buckingham

How Hannibal Lecter Helped me Through a Difficult Time in my Life
by Jessie Robie

Australia's Hollywood Pioneers and those who followed
by Bruce J. Patience

Devastating Color: Horror and magic in Herschell Gordon Lewis's The Wizard of Gore
by Madelon Hoedt

Plus much more...

Issue 8
Dec./January/February 2010
War May Be Hell, But a Sequel Is Purgatory:
Thematic Combat With Battle Royale II: Requiem
by Emily Intravia

Love, Loss, and Astounding Growth in The Incredible Shrinking Man
and Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman by Jessie Robie

"Oh Hi, Movie!" The Unironic Aesthetics of "So Bad It's Good" In
Tommy Wiseau's The Room
by John Semley

The Story Behind Jim Wynorski's Munchie Strikes Back
OR Paracinema's Parents' Manual for Little Billy's Question:
"Why is the TV puppet telling me to vote Democrat?"
by Jonathan Plombon

The Serial Killer's Mind: Comparing and Contrasting the Male Psyches in
Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
by Brantley Palmer

Loss and Hope - The Past and the Future in The Road Warrior
by Todd Garbarini

Issue 7
September/October/November 2009
Boys to Men...(and Back Again)
by Mike White

The Bikinis, Hairspray, and Shattered Ceilings of Bimbo Feminism:
Anita Rosenberg's Modern Girls and Assault of the Killer Bimbos
by Jonathan Plombon

Cold Cinema: Emotional Glaciation and Active Spectatorship in
Michael Haneke's Funny Games
by James Gracey

Deconstructive Feedback: The Cinema of Larry Cohen
by Adam Protextor

Ralph Bakshi: Godfather of American Alternative Animation
by Sean M. Kennedy

Go Get the Butter An Anal-ysis of Bertolucci's Last Tango In Paris
by Todd Garbarini

Plus much more...

Issue 6
May/June/July/August 2009
* Re-Animator: Blending the Body Genres of Horror and Comedy
* Rod Taylor-Hollywood Time Traveler
* The Origins of Last House on the Left
* The Anti-Industrial Revolution and The Anti-Aesthetic Approach of Paul Morrissey
* Maybe Our Biggest Hopes and Fears for the Human Race can Best be Expressed by Apes

Issue 5
February/March/April 2009
Behind Dark Glasses: The Not-So-Hidden Messages in They Live by S. Patrick Gallagher.
Doomed to Agony - A Look at Universal's The Wolf Man and Whence It Came by Roy Maurer.
Bad Girls Go To Hell: Cult director Doris Wishman made movies that prove Americans have always been, and always will be, total perverts. by Denez McAdoo.
Rethinking The Remake by James McCormick.
Vicious Cunts: Transgressive Sexuality & Monstrous Femininity in Ginger Snaps and Teeth by James Gracey.
Royale With Seduction: The Gothic Heart of Pulp Fiction by Molly Griffin.
Plus much more...

Issue 4
October 2008
Are You Afraid of...Yourself? Exploring the Gothic in Hitchcock's Vertigo by Molly Griffin.
"100% SADIST": Sex and Violence in Takashi Miike's Ichi The Killer by Lindsay Hallam.
The Crude Revolutionary Aesthetic of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song by Matthew Whoolery.
Holy Nunsploitation! A History of the Rise and Fall of a Sub-Genre by James McCormick.
East European Cinema and Its Discontents: Nazism and the Aesthetic of Excess in Juraj Herz's The Cremator by Seth Watter.
Skate Cinema: From Memory Screen to Gummo by Benjamin Henry DeVries.
Plus much more...

Issue 3
Summer 2008
Monster Queen: The Transgressive Body of Divine in Pink Flamingos, by Lindsay Hallam.
Nadsat Yahzick: Understanding The Language Of Alex And His Droogs, by S. Patrick Gallagher
His Stuff'll Kill Ya! An Interview With The Father Of Splatter, Herschell Gordon Lewis, by Louis Fowler
The Two Sergios, by Roy Maurer
Shock Tactics: The films of Pete Walker, by James Gracey
The Devil Wears Custom-Made Boots:The Death of Innocence in Joyce Chopra's Smooth Talk, by Todd Garbarini
Plus much more...

Issue 2
Winter 2008
Quint Is The Word For God On The Lips Of All Fishermen by Joe Cermele.
Unfilmable: Bringing Lovecraft to the Screen by Erin Wiegand.
Dreaming in Red: The Pornographication of Death and Violence in the films of Dario Argento by James Gracey.
Basket Case: Comparing Notes Belial Style by John Begley.
Pasolini: Art or Exploitation? by C. Warner Sills.
Super 8 Rot: The Legacy of Nekromantik by Matthew Whoolery.
Plus much more...

Issue 1
Fall 2007
Into the Green Inferno: Italian Cannibal Films, by Tim McLean.
Becoming Bruce Campbell: An Autobiography, of Sorts, by Jon Irwin.
Jeffrey's Strange Discovery: Gender, Sexual and Parental Roles in David Lynch's Blue Velvet, by Dan Burns.
Cos For Concern: An Interview with legendary genre director Don Coscarelli, by Louis Fowler.
Sound and Soundtrack: Diegetic Thrills & Chills in Session 9, by Matthew Monagle.
Plus much more...

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