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Issue 241
February 2012

Issue 240
December 2011

ghosts in the machine

As Christmas appears on the horizon, so does another Mission Impossible movie. Impact hopes this outing will be more of a team effort...

the raid

With Hollywood already gearing up for a remake of The Raid, Impact talks with director Gareth Evans about helming the acclaimed Indonesian action outing

icon: citizen clooney

Looking at some of the veteran movers and shakers of the industry, John Mosby begins by talking to George Clooney about his career and recent release, The Ides of March...


Impact previews J J Abrams' new drama series. Clue: It involves an island, displaced people, time-travel and Jorge Garcia...

that was the year that was - 2011

As Impact celebrates twenty years of publishing, some of our contributors look to the most recent year of action entertainment...

anthony de longis - trailfinder

He's taught Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford how to whip-crack-a-way and worked on both sides of the screen. Now, Impact catches up with old friend Anthony De Longis to see how the west was won...

who's the bosch?

Michael Connelly has had a good year. Two best-selling novels, a major movie and his top creation back under his creative control. Impact talks exclusively to the author on his recent British tour...

yellow fever international film festival

Hot stuff. Impact tests the temperature at the third outing of the Yellow Fever International Film Festival...

spooks r.i.p.

For years it was the BBC's flagship action show. With Spooks having gone to meet its maker, Impact looks back at a decade of shadowplay...



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

far from fragile

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith wonders if 'no change, just the illusion of change' is the wrong maxim for the technology side of the comics-business as electronic distribution finally begins to make its mark...

asian extreme

Calum Waddell examines two cornerstones of controversy in the world of 'extreme' cinema: sex and violence. He enters the Realm of the Senses and voyages across The Yellow Sea...


Continuing our retrospective, Andrez Bergen looks back over 2011 to see the Eastern moments that made history - on screen and off.

anime attack

In this month's anime attack, Neal Molyneaux goes looking for the Eden of the East and finds a Paradise Lost.


In our specially-extended multimedia section we devote eleven pages to the latest computer games competing for your Christmas cash - as well as the usual assortment of DVDs and books...

Issue 239
November 2011

scrap metal

Hugh Jackman swaps adamantium claws for scrapheap automatons in this latest feel-good movie. Can it teach Transformers a thing or two about rock 'n' rolling robots?


John Bierly looks at last month's boxing-themed release to see if it punches above its weight...


And it's now time for the female of the species. Ross Boyask takes us through the production process of his independent action outing.

back in business

Impact rounds up the latest information on the upcoming all-action-star sequel to The Expendables.

red tears

After the cult success of such Japanese extreme cinema as Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, the Hard Revenge Milly series and much more, Impact's Far Eastern Editor Mike Leeder takes a first look at the horror martial arts thriller Red Tears.


Mike Leeder looks back at the original guns-and-gung-fu movie franchise.

battlestar hatch-back

Actor Richard Hatch talks exclusively to Impact about Battlestar Galacticas old and new and the changing face of the industry.

in the frame

Our old friend and writer Brandon Jerwa tells Impact all about his latest project - a documentary featuring the major players of the comics industry...

tv: everybody do the dinosaur...?

Terra Nova was one of the most anticipated new television series of the year. Does this time-travelling, reverse 'Jurassic Park' action adventure deliver the goods?

tv: a kind of magic

John Mosby looks at the range of new action shows appearing on schedules and the many that have more than a flavour of the supernatural and magical about them...



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

asian extreme

Calum Wadell shows some love for the genre with this rare, exclusive interview with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle.


2011 may have been a diabolical one for Japan, as outlined in Japanime last issue, but this month Andrez Bergen sets his sights on some of the local artistic endeavours that have played the Japanese cinema circuit, or will shape things to come both there and abroad in the new year.

anime attack

This month the live-action adaptation of Gantz and Redline headline Neal Molyneaux's look at anime and all things Eastern.

far from fragile

Beau Smith continues his exclusive column for Impact, dissecting the comics universe, one crisis at a time...


Our expanded multimedia section takes in the best new TV shows, reviews of departing favourites, books, dvds, blu-rays and seven pages of game reviews!

next month

...and next month? Unbelievably we're twenty years old! Yes, you heard us right! No longer a strutting teenager but a mature, responsible adult. Well... maybe. Join us for the likes of George Clooney, Alcatraz, more games, the usual best of eastern and western action and a look at 2011 as we prepare for some changes in 2012. See you then...

Gantz Main Cover image courtesy of Laurent Koffel

Issue 238
October 2011

a remake to die for

We kick off our overview of the 're-make' trend with a look at the past and upcoming versions of The Killer Elite. Can Statham match it. Yes, he (James) Caan!

the necks generation

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and David Tennant draw their battle-lines in this bloody action re-imagining of the cult hit Fright Night!

cowboys and... idioms

Cowboys and Aliens' John Favreau and Robert Orci discuss the best way to launch your summer blockbuster...

kickin' off, big time

Impact braves the streets of London to give you a glimpse at the shooting of upcoming sports thriller Payback Season.

burning ambition

The upcoming release of the star studded Lady Generals of the Yang Family, marks the return to the big screen of actor / composer / producer / director Frankie Chan who has spent the last decade or so focusing on TV series' in mainland China. We take a look back at Chan's classic gangster thriller Burning Ambition.

let's talk about sex and zen

...and Christopher Sun is the man talking - about the sequel to the controversial film that was all about getting your martial arts kicks.

dos and don'ts part 2

Mike Leeder isn't just Impact's man in the East, he's also involved in helping cast major movies. In Part Two of his look at the best way to launch an action career, he tells hopefuls how to be best prepared to present themselves...

the good sheppards

W Morgan Sheppard and son Mark Sheppard have appeared in almost every action project going - sometimes as the very same character! John Mosby caught up with them at the London Film and Comic Con.

once were warriors

In the wake of the recent Conan remake, John Bierly looks back on the recent release of the Schwarzenegger movies on blu-ray, evaluating the movies themselves and the technical problems that fans have faced.



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...


Andrez Bergen looks at the aftermath of recent natural disasters around Japan and reflects on how it will change the outlook on entertainment...

anime attack

Impact meets Sawaki Takeyasu - the design genius behind this year's most original anime inspired game, El Shaddai - Ascension of the Metatron.

asian extreme

It was the film that brought a new wave of Eastern output to hungry western audiences Calum Waddell looks at the legacy of the original A Better Tomorrow and the latest remake.

far from fragile

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith examines the fact that while some of the mainstay comic-book heroes remain popular, they may have lost their 'likeability' factor...


A round-up of the latest books, DVDs & games and more...

Issue 237
September 2011

first frontier

James Bond! Indiana Jones! Thirteen? As Cowboys & Aliens invades cinema screens and multiplexes, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde discuss their attitudes to laying down the law...

wu xia

After breaking records in China, Mike Leeder gives the first UK review of the upcoming epic Wu Xia, starring Donnie Yen...

macleods & silver linings

As Highlander celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, John Mosby talks to Christophe Lambert and Beatie Edney about the franchise that refuses to die...


Impact looks at the big movie, tv (and, yes, comic!) news that came out of this year's ever-massive San Diego Comic Con.

sisters of no mercy

As Colombiana hits cinemas, Impact looks at not just the latest Besson-penned actioner, but his long tradition of putting women centre-stage...


Braiiiiiiins or Bikiiiiiiinis? Mike Leeder gives us a preview of how the circulatory-challenged will be taking a humorous bite out of Eastern cinema...

crazy like a fox

Vivica A Fox made her name in Independence Day and Kill Bill. Fresh from her appearance at the London Film and Comic Con, she discusses her career to date...

yellow fever

As he prepares to join them for their third Annual Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, Mike Leeder finds what the DVD label has been up to in the last twelve months...

assassination games

Impact's original cover star Jean-Claude Van Damme continues his return to form with the upcoming release of the slick thriller Assassination Games.

dos and don'ts

Put me in the movies! Mike Leeder isn't just Impact's man in the East, he's also involved in helping cast major movies. After years of getting the wrong approach from over-hopefuls, he's finally put together a guide of the things to which potential newcomers should avoid or adhere...

the buck starts here

John Mosby meets another LFCC guest, Gil Gerard - TV's iconic Buck Rogers - to discuss how tv action has changed since the 1980s.



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

[asian extreme] tsui hark & suicide club

Calum Waddell talks to legendary film-maker Tsui Hark and gets to grips with the classic horror outing: Suicide Club.

[japanime] tokyo tv

Andrez Bergen looks at two of the most popular anime outings on Japanese television - and how they contimue to re-invent themselves...

[anime attack] high school of the dead

You're all dying for detention! Neal Molyneaux and Anime Attack get re-educated by attending the High School of the Dead.

[far from fragile] green lantern comics

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith looks at his own history with the Green Lantern comics and guides us through its production history...


A round-up of the latest books, DVDs, games and more...

next month

Next month we talk movie-marketing with Jon Favreau, Fright Night with David Tennant and look at a shelf of classic projects hitting Blu-ray...

Issue 236
August 2011

captain america

Does the star-spangled hero still reign? John Mosby finds out...


Impact takes a look at the new Conan film. Will he prove to be the blockbusting Barbarian of the year?...

hobo with a shotgun

Hobo with a Shotgun is taking aim at any form of subtle story-telling and civilised behaviour. Can the Rutger Hauer vehicle thrive on infamy alone. Impact takes lock and stock...

game on

Impact looks at why a recent US legal ruling has created controversy for the action entertainment industry...

evolution of the species

As Rise of the Planet of the Apes gets ready to hit cinemas, Richard Ridings contemplates life working as a voice and performance capture artiste for games and cinema and the evolution of the entire action genre...

shadows of the damned

Impact talks to Japanese game designer Suda51 about Shadows Of The Damned...


After a highly profitable (but critically savaged) previous outing, John Mosby applauds the new 3D factor but still can't find any sign of depth...

assassin's game

For his latest project Assassin's Game, Ian Powers steps behind the camera as action choreographer. Impact delivers a sneak preview of the film which is currently in production...

blood traffick

Impact's Far Eastern Editor takes a look at Blood Traffick before it makes its debut in the States...

prime time tv

Reclusive altruistic billionaires recruiting crime-fighters? Mysterious islands and time travel? Alien invasions? Once again, John Mosby wonders if the new kids on the schedule block aren't quite as fresh as their promos suggest...

passing the torch

When Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner left Doctor Who and headed to Los Angeles they took something British with them... plans to revive Torchwood. With a star-spangled mix of the UK and US in its veins and a healthy dose of all-out action, is this a natural evolution?

jackie chan

We take a look back at several slices of Chan'demonium that haven't been as widely seen and take a quick look at what's to come in Chan's career?

dragon family

This month Impact delves into the vaults for a look at a classic slice of true Hong Kong heroic bloodshed, the 1988 thriller The Dragon Family.



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

[japanime] seijun suzuki

Andrez Bergen investigates why more people haven't heard of the director Seijun Suzuki...

[anime attack] musashi: the dream of the last samurai

Anime attack gets an education with the animated documentary Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

[asian extreme] detective dee and the mystery of the phantom flame

Andy Lau teams up with ace director Tsui Hark for the maddeningly monikered Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. Impact's Calum Waddell finds out more...

[far from fragile] how to cash in that reality check

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith offers words of wisdom on how to cash in that reality check...


A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list...

Issue 235
July 2011
The Transformers are back - and this time they're in 3D. Mark Ryan tells Impact why Michael Bay is still a force to be reckoned with... view to a cull
After one of the bloodiest TV seasons, John Mosby inspects the shows and characters we've loved and lost... first class delivery
In the last month the The X-Men have firmly re-established themselves on the big screen. We talk to the cast and crew to see how it all evolved... worlds apart
Impact's cover story looks at a major new international production that features, anime, steam-punk and a return of those malevolent Martians. Prepare for War of the Worlds: Goliath! [japanime] sake
Oh, for heaven's sake... Andrez Bergen looks at how an Eastern drink has played such a significant part in Eastern drama... [anime attack] eden of the east & evangelion 2.22
Neal Molyneaux looks at the DVD releases of Eden of the East and Evangelion 2.22 [asian extreme] robert lee
Robert Lee guides Calum Waddell and Impact through his memories of his brother... the man called Bruce. cynthia rothrock
Considered by many to be the first lady of action, Cynthia Rothrock talks to Mike Leeder about her career... the rock says...
Dwayne Johnson may have returned to wrestling, but his film career is going stronger and Faster than ever... billy chong
The second part of our exclusive feature on the Indonesian martial arts hero and industry veteran Billy Chong. things to come
Mike Leeder looks ahead to some of the forthcoming features from the East that should be on your radar... joyous noel
He's come a long way since the days of Mickey Smith... now Noel Clarke is a true force to be reckoned with in British cinema... and he wants to get his hands on a superhero... far from fragile
In the world of comics, Beau Smith loves the art of advertising, but bemoans the blatant spoilers. Can comics promote themselves without giving their game-plan away? wars correspondence
Johnny Messias looks at the hit YouTube documentary that no Star Wars fan will want to miss... multimedia
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list

Issue 234
June 2011

Issue 233
May 2011

Issue 232
April 2011
fx and the city
The aliens are here and they've come for Hollywood! The City of Angels is the frontline for the latest 'invasion' movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Can Santa Monica survive?
godz' and monsters
We kick off a special series of Impact reports on the future of action entertainment with an exclusive conversation with Gareth Edwards, the man behind the block-busting, but not bank-busting Monsters... and hear about his plans for Godzilla!
all the rite moves
From CTU to CPU, Kiefer Sutherland swaps Jack Bauer's hit show to playing a hitman in The Confession, a ground-breaking internet series. Creator Brad Mirman tells Impact how it came to a computer near you!
in his element
The Danger Element marries steam-punk design and martial-arts action... John Soares takes us behind the web-action adventure series.
wired in the blood
It's time to catch up with our old friend Bob Chapin as he brings us up to date on The Hunted and how it blazed a trail for the new internet initiatives and an international network of new action film-makers...
internet action
Mike Leeder claims there's more to the internet than opinionated blogs, social networks and porn. We told him to prove it!
asian extreme
Calum Waddell goes behind the scenes on the controversial Bedevilled, reviewed last month, and talks to the film's director Jang Cheol-so about its journey to the screen.
award season
You didn't have to be a King to make a Speech over the last few weeks. Impact looks back at the action/thriller winners in the recent batch of cinematic ceremonies.
the chicago code
It's been a tough season for even the best US shows - and a terrible time to launch a new series. However, John Mosby argues, the police procedural The Chicago Code balances all its elements rather well...
We're very glad that our Tokyo Correspondent Andrez Bergen escaped the recent Tsunami unscathed! This month Andrez looks into the artistic work of renowned veteran DJ/producer Alan Oldham in Detroit - and how his iconic visual images and comic books all relate back to Japan. Plus: a multi-disc homage collection from Australia's Madman Entertainment that focuses its sights on Yasujiro Ozu - one of the greatest men of Japanese cinema.
eureka seven
Neal Molyneaux looks at Eureka Seven, as anime goes sci-fi in the film based on the classic anime series. the films of the panther
Cool for cats! Mike Leeder casts a retrospective eye at the Ozploitation cinema classics Day of the Panther and Strike of the Panther...
the lost bladesman
Donnie Yen returns to historic action territory with his latest outing The Lost Bladesman. Impact takes a first look at the project...
continental drift
It's been a number of years since Clint Eastwood brought the last Michael Connelly novel adaptation to the screen in Blood Work. Fans of the best-selling novels hope that The Lincoln Lawyer might be a better vehicle...
tomorrow people...
Tomorrow, When the War Began might sound like a cross between Neighbours and Red Dawn but Impact finds it could definitely find its audience with a wider international release...
[far from fragile] breaking into comics
Following the theme of this issue, comics-veteran and regular Impact columnist Beau Smith looks at how to encourage the next wave of talent in the comics-industry.
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list.

Issue 231
March 2011
sammo hung
He's one of the East's top names and made a mark for himself internationally over the last three decades... he is, of course, Sammo Hung. Calum Waddell meets the big man himself.
by the numbers
It's been marketed as the 'new answer to Twilight' but does this mainstream action movie tick TOO many boxes?
a very singular suspect
We were sad to learn of Pete Postlethwaite's passing in January. Here, Impact's editor John Mosby remembers the great character actor and his meetings with him over the years....
spaced out
You may never look at ET the same way again! After they skewered the undead in Shaun of the Dead, Impact catches up with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the writers and stars of Paul to see how they handle aliens!
hard drive
Veteran actor William Fichtner could have been a lawyer, but in Drive Angry 3D, he's an 'Accountant' after Nic Cage's soul....
sven thorsen: great dane in hollywood
From Denmark to Hollywood, Impact meets Sven-Ole Thorsen, the real muscles behind the cinematic tussles...
benny chan
Eastern editor Mike Leeder quizzes veteran Benny Chan on 'Zen and the art of commercial film-making'...
This month our Tokyo-entrenched scribe Andrez Bergen reports on an innovative series of anime movies that are making inroads in Japan... plus an old manga classic character that's about to be reinvented for the big screen - just as he has been every year since the 1980s!
[anime attack] summer wars
It may not yet be spring, but Neal Molyneaux takes a seasonal look at Summer Wars... The Royal Tenenbaums meets War Games in this tale of rogue AIs and family values...
rock solid
The classic British gangster movie Brighton Rock gets re-imagined for another generation. Impact looks at its journey to the screen...
tangled webs?
It's always interesting when action finds a new format, but is the Spider-man musical on Broadway a step too far? John Mosby takes a look at the spin behind the Turn off the Dark headlines and the troubleshooting- webshooting...
fear to retread
The next TV season may well take us back to the future with a whole raft of remakes and re-imaginings... we look at what is heading our way later in 2011...
fx: the sky's the limit...
As Skyline gets released on DVD, Abbie Bernstein goes behind the scenes on the low-budget, high-concept alien invasion...
fx: the importance of being there...
Continuing our look at special effects, John Mosby looks at the advantages and disadvantages of new techology and the actors involved...
naked soldier
2011 sees the release of a third 'Naked' movie, the Wong Jing produced Naked Soldier directed by Marko Mak and featuring Sammo Hung Impact's own Ian Powers and Wushu wonder girl Jiang Liu-xia. We takes a sneak peek at the film and those involved.
[far from fragile] crimes of fashion
Beau Smith gets FAB-u-lous! Our comics industry expert looks at some of the crimes of fashion.
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list post-Christmas...

Issue 230
February 2011
10 / the green hornet
Nearly forty years ago, martial arts legend Bruce Lee was a memorable 'Kato', but will a new big screen version of the Green Hornet get a positive 'buzz'? Impact investigates...
14 / chan's encounters
In the second part of our conversation with Jackie Chan, the Eastern legend talks of his career in the East and West, those famous injuries and his very personal outlook...
18 / 2011 preview
As always there's an anticipation for the year of action ahead. Impact take a look at the next six months and picks out some titles to keep an eye on...
24 / family man, regular guy
John Romita Jnr. is a walking, talking, drawing, kick-ass'ing legend in the field of comic-books and in an exclusive interview for Impact he explains the ups, downs and milestone moments...
30 / viva chiba!
Impact salutes the life and work of the premier Japanese action hero Shinichi 'Sonny' Chiba, the star of such grind house martial arts classics as The Streetfighter series and Roaring Fire...
34 / asian extreme
Calum Waddell guides us through his regular look at the brightest, darkest and strangest entries from abroad. This month we get a further assessment of Ip Man 2 and an infernal preview of Dante Lam's Fire of Conscience...
38 / japanime
February may be the month in the Western world for Valentine's thoughts, but is it the same in Japan? Andrez Bergen wears his heart on his sleeve for a topical report...
44 / saigon calling...
Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo, Vietnam's very own Brangelina, reunite onscreen for Clash- a home grown gangster flick crammed with kick-ass action...
48 / vampire warriors
Dennis Law is one of a handful of Eastern producers/directors trying to work outside the usual limitations of domestic cinema. Impact brings you the first UK review of his latest project, Vampire Warriors...
50 / one ring to rule them all
Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg star in The Fighter, based on the real-life story of two boxing brothers. John Mosby looks at an award-baiting film full of great performances and tough fighting set-pieces ...
52 / jean claude van damme
Impact takes a look at what's in store for Van Damme fans around the world...
54 / peter kent: at the double
Arnold Schwarzenegger may return to acting now his 'governating' days are over, but that could be good news for some... Impact meets Arnold's very own stunt double Peter Kent.
58 / invasive procedures
Impact continues to provide a platform for up an coming film-makers. This month Fareed Athman talks to AD Lane about some unusual ways to get funding on that special project...
62 / building bridges
After last month's Tron Legacy, Jeff Bridges gets back down to earth for his latest outing. In the second part of you interview, we discover why the veteran actor really has True Grit...
66 / far from fragile
Beau Smith is the inside man for the comic-book industry, but this month wonders if some of the mainstream titles, with their complex mythologies, are really accessible enough to the next generation of readers?
70 / multimedia
This month Impact looks at some of the most interesting the various books, games, comics and DVDs on offer. Can Wesley Snipes win the Game of Death, will our reviewers be Bedevilled and has international television scheduling finally out-primed the pirates?

Issue 229
January 2011
10 / binary star
It's a sequel nearly three decades in the making. But does Tron Legacy measure up? In the first of a two-part chat with Jeff Bridges, we assess his latest outing...
14 / the way of the gun
Clash of the icons. America has its cowboys, the East has its ninjas. It was only a matter of time before the action kicked off. Impact looks at The Warrior's Way...
18 / state of the action '10
Impact's writers sit down to discuss some of the major highs, lows, developments and trends of the last twelve months...
24 / mark my words
Comics enfant terrible, Mark Millar has firmly made his mark on the industry, but as a new year begins, what are his plans? Mark talks exclusively to Impact about pros, cons and the state of things to come...
30 / the thought that counts...
Impact editor John Mosby hosted a comics/movies panel at the recent prestigious UK convention and reports back on the whole weekend's activities...
36 / japanime
This month it's women and manga in the driver's seat, with men and anime stuck in the back, as Andrez Bergen takes a look at the traditionally masculine nature of Japanese society - and the new cinematic outings, themselves based on some ground-breaking manga publications...
40 / anime attack
Neal Molyneaux examines the Japanese Chanbara tragedy that is the Blade of the Immortal series...
44 / chan's encounter
As Jackie Chan gets a season of movies on the UK SyFy channel, he reveals a very personal look back at his career...
50 / casanova wong
Impact continues its in-depth interview with one of the enduring icons of Hong Kong and Korean cinema, the man they call 'Casanova Wong'...
54 / asia extreme
This month: Battle Royale battles its way onto Blu-ray, even more lacerations from the Land of the Rising Sun in Shogun Assassin: Special Edition and Korea gets gory with new serial killer thriller Missing...
58 / jesse johnson
Director Jesse V Johnson - whose credits include Pitfighter, The Last Sentinel, The Butcher and most recently, the award winning Charlie Valentine - makes a full blooded return to action with his latest project, Bratva. Mike Leeder investigates...
62 / uwe-biqutous
This month we conclude our conversation with one of the most controversial men in the film industry, Mr Uwe Boll.
66 / live three or die
Russell Crowe believes his wife is innocent, but how far will he go to prove it? Impact reviews his latest outing, The Next Three Days...
68 / far from fragile
From the outside, the comics industry appears to be stronger than ever, but Beau Smith gives an insider's view that says the industry has some hard decisions to make...
70 / multimedia
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list post-Christmas...

Issue 228
December 2010
12 / fast track record
As Unstoppable races into cinema, we hear from its director - Tony Scott - and actors Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.
16 / what you talkin' about Willis?
He's a veteran of the action industry and in the recent release of RED, he wasn't scared to show his age. John Mosby meets Bruce Willis to find out how he and the industry have changed.
22 / group therapy
As we begin our look back at the year and its hits, misses and trends, Impact discovers that there's nothing like a little teamwork...
26 / japanime
Andrez Bergen casts his critical eye back over the last twelve months to discover what Japan has offered up to its domestic audience and the world.
32 / anime attack
Neal Molyneaux examines the anime oddity that is Eden of the East and the fast and furious Sengo - Ku Basara saga, while Martin Jennings takes a look at the game which spawned it...
36 / uwe-biquitous
Love him or hate him, there's simply no ignoring Uwe Boll. Impact meets the controversial director to discuss his career to date and future plans...
40 / asia extreme
Ho, ho ho, 'tis the season for a bit and violence? No, that can't be right. Before Yuletide can fully take hold, Calum Wadell talks with Sora Aoi about transferring from 'adult entertainment' to her latest horror outing and seeks out the Deadly Outlaw: Rekka.
44 / talk the walk
Last month action horror series The Walking Dead debuted in over 120 countries to massive success. Impact rounds off its coverage with more from this year's panels at the SDCC.
48 / screen savers
Impact continues its preview of some of the high-profile titles that are winging their way across the schedules...
50 / kung fu wing chun
Ricky Morris gives us a preview of legendary producer Ng See-yeun's latest project Kung Fu Wing Chun and meets the man himself...
54 / catching up with wong ho
Impact learns all the right moves from the man they call Wong Ho - otherwise known as Casanova Wong, the Human Tornado... or simply the living legend of Korean martial arts...
58 / bruce lee my brother
The upcoming release Bruce Lee, My Brother is a dramatic telling of the early life of the world famous martial arts legend as told by his younger brother, Robert Lee. Impact's Eastern Editor Mike Leeder takes a first look.
60 / best of the fest
After her globe-trotting trip around the planet we welcome back Leo Owen to our pages as she examines some of the more notable entries in the recent London Film Festival...
64 / hard hobbit to break
It was hard enough trekking across Middle-earth to find that cursed ring... but that was nothing compared to the recent trials and tribulations surrounding the making of the Lord of the Rings prequels. John Mosby dissects recent dramatic developments...
66 / far from fragile
Beau Smith's regular monthly column looks at the men (and women) behind the masks. Don't we want our heroes to have a little more... character?
72 / all i want for xmas
With Christmas almost upon us, Impact's multimedia section is taken over as our writers spot some of the bargains for their wish-list - with a particular emphasis on a literally literature-filled season.
82 / next month
We bid farewell to 2010 with a continuing look over the past year and a peek forward to 2011. Plus Mark Millar is our man for all seasons...

Issue 227
November 2010
p12 / talk the walk
It looks set to be one of the biggest globally co-ordinated launches for an action TV show in recent memory. Impact unearths the evolution of The Walking Dead...
p18 / hong kong horror
Mike Leeder celebrates Hallowe'en by taking a look at some of the classic global and Eastern horror outings.
p22 / do or die
Oh no... we're all going to die... quickly, let's split up! Jill McDole takes a look at the essential survival guide for getting out of your horror action outing intact...
p26 / yellow fever independent film festival
There's no rest for the wicked. Mike Leeder heads to Stormont to encounter movies, gaming and those inevitable zombies...
p30 / the right stuff?
Let the Right One In rightly won acclaim for its atmospheric action. Now comes the inevitable US remake Let Me In. Does the remake live up or down to undead expectations?
p32 / chow fun fat
In the second part of Impact exclusive conversation with the Eastern icon, Chow Yun fat discusses his latest release Confucius... and more.
p36 / austin, texan
To many he's the successful and controversial wrestler, but in recent years he's been forging a successful career in the movies. John Mosby talks to Steve Austin and finds out why he'll Hunt to Kill...
p40 / whyte dragon
A lifelong fan of Bruce Lee, Daniel Whyte sets out 'Tracking the Dragon' in the first of a series of articles which chronicle his adventures as he seeks out various locations from the Little Dragon's life and films.
p42 / screen savers
It's the start of TV's latest action season. Impact begins its preview of some of the high-profile titles that are winging their way across the schedules...
p46 / the lost girl
We talk to action-choreographer Paul Rapovski about one of the new TV season's hot action shows, the supernatural The Lost Girl...
p50 / spirited away?
The new series of Spooks has arrived on UK screens... but with less of a fanfare than previous years. Does the top-ranked spy show still have what it takes?
p54 / japanime
This month our Tokyo Correspondent Andrez Bergen reports on the tragic loss of Satoshi Kon, one the most talented anime director/ screenwriters in Japan..
p60 / enslaved - monkey magic
Andy Serkis plays a big monkey (again) in Ninja theory's Eastern inspired cinematic gaming odyssey.
p64 / the american
Impact previews George Clooney's new film The American, a mixture of assassinations and arthouse...
p66 / [far from fragile] stan lee
Beau Smith's regular monthly column looks at the impact of Marvel's most famous head honcho, Stan Lee. Excelsior!
p70 / [the deja view] stephen j cannell
Impact was saddened to hear about the passing of one of TV's most prolific and influential creators. We look back at Stephen J Cannell's career.
p73 / multimedia
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list...
p82 / next month
Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren with machine-guns! We look at the success of RED! Plus there's more from the new TV season...

Issue 226
October 2010
p12 / chewing the fat
John Mosby talks exclusively to our cover star Chow Yun Fat about his international career, the changing domestic markets and his latest film Confucius...
p18 / mex to the max
Danny Trejo finally moves centre-stage for the blood-soaked, high octane romp Machete. John Bierly provides a 'cutting' review...
p22 / choy li fut
Mike Leeder looks at a generational movie for the Hung family and casts an eye over an impressive cast and crew coming together for the much-anticipated Choy Li Fut...
p26 / something about the girl...
The Millennium novels and movies (starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) have won huge acclaim. Impact looks at the trilogy of cinematic thrillers set to conclude this year.
p30 / dead reckoning
Another Resident Evil outing has just hit cinemas - in 3D, no less. Impact assesses the latest chapter in the game-to-screen franchise...
p32 / nikita
Re-imagined for yet another version of Besson's cult classic, Nikita is back to wreak revenge on her former masters. We look at the new Maggie Q vehicle and assess its chances...
p34 / [asian extreme] connected, the sword with no name & mother
Calum Waddell looks at an American remake in Hong Kong with Connected, a Korean history lesson in The Sword with no Name and a Mother that you may want to think twice about crossing...
p38 / chen zhen
Fist of Legend director Gordon Chan is producing the new film by Infernal Affairs director Andrew Lau, starring and action choreographed by Donnie Yen. Mike Leeder takes a first look at Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
p42 / all the wright moves
Completing our coverage of Scott Pilgrim, director Edgar Wright tells us how he brought the comic-adaptation to the big screen...
p46 / [japanime] location, location
We let Andrez Bergen out of the office and into the final scorching days of summer to look at the real-life locations that have inspired a raft of eastern movies...
p52 / [anime attack] moribito & professor leyton
This month Neal Molyneaux looks at Moribito: Guardian of Wellber and the Professor Leyton adaptation...
p56 / lewis collins
For one generation he will always be Bodie, the hot-headed agent of The Professionals, but he also featured in many a big-screen action movie. Impact looks at an impressive career and what could have been...
p60 / tekken
It's taken a long time to get Tekken to the screen and it's still difficult to get all the reasons why. But Mike Leeder assesses the long-anticipated game adaptation...
p62 / enter the saxon
He's a veteran of the industry, a B-movie star gone mainstream and an iconic co-star in Enter the Dragon. Impact's Naomi Holwill talks exclusively to the actor.
p66 / [far from fragile] b-movie heroes
Our amigo Beau Smith pauses his regular look at all things 'comics' to sing the praises of the B-movie heroes that inspire him and his work...
p70 / [deja view] angel
John Mosby looks back at Angel, a show from the days when vampires were more than sparkly sex icons for the teenage masses.
p72 / multimedia
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list...
p82 / next month
Just in time for Hallowe'en, we get spooky and turn out attention to the brilliantly 'orrible. We celebrate the upcoming Walking Dead mini-series, demand that you Let Me In and work out the best way to survive an action horror outing...

Issue 225
September 2010
p12 / to be a pilgrim p18 / the froth element Two words: Epic. Fail. The Last Airbender has seen some of the most savage reviews of the year and most of them were deserved. What went wrong with this adaptation of the Nickleodeon animated series?
p22 / la femme nikita
As America's CW gets ready to broadcast its own take on the Nikita franchise starring Maggie Q, we trace the concept back through its other incarnations...
p26 / reno: armed and dangerous
He's one of Europe's most interesting actors and no stranger to the action genre. Impact editor John Mosby and Calum Waddell talk exclusively to Jean Reno about his career and latest movie, 22 Bullets.
p30 / oui, the people
During this year's heatwave, Impact was invited to experience this year's Paris Comic Con and spotted some familiar faces inside the massive venue...
p34 / cannes I kick it?
Impact looks back at this year's Cannes film festival and sees how some of the main action contenders are measuring up...
p38 / [asian extreme] human centipede and meat grinder
Calum Waddell casts his eye over the more extreme edges of the Eastern, horror and action genres and includes a look over the highly controversial gorefests that are the Human Centipede and Meat Grinder...
p42 / macabre
An Indonesian take on Psycho meets Hostel? Mike Leeder girds his loins and braves the gory Macabre!
p46 / new york state of mind (and cinema)
It's that time of year again... the New York Asian Film Festival has proven to be a big deal in the Big Apple. As it opened its doors for another impressive line-up of movies, Abe Goldfarb was there to enjoy the whole experience...
p51 / kick-ass competition
Here's your chance to win one of three copies of the massive movie adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jnr's controversial comic...
p52 / yu, da man
He's rapidly become one of the most sought-after artists in the business and one of the fastest! Impact spoke to Leinil Francis Yu on his recent trip to Paris and finds out about his plans for new Millar-penned comic Superior...
p56 / japanime
Andrez Bergen continues to chart the must-have, must-see contenders for the best in anime...
p62 / anime attack [rin: daughters of mnenosyne & bleach: diamond dust rebellion
This month, Impact looks at two anime releases - Rin: Daughters of Mnenosyne and Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion.
p66 / under african skies
As our own Mike Leeder headed to Africa on film-casting duties, he casts an eye over the continent's rich history of movies...
p70 / [far from fragile] be careful what you wish for
Our amigo Beau Smith presents his regular column and - this month - discusses the comic-convention experience...
p72 / [multimedia] books, dvds and games
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list...
p82 / next month
We have more from the world of Scott Pilgrim, a look at the success of Sweden's Millennium trilogy and we make sure you aren't Tekken for granted...

Issue 224
August 2010
p12 / not fade away
Take the top ten Impact cover-stars, add explosions and stir. Yes, our cover story takes us behind the scenes on THE action movie everyone's been talking about. The Expendables hits cinemas... p18 / kickin' it big time
Wax on, wax off... the remake of the classic The Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith has arrived. But will it 'sweep the leg'? p22 / once a gangster
Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in again. Mike Leeder makes us an Eastern offer we cannot refuse... p24 / heroine chic
There may be a hugely testosterone-vibe to this issue, but Impact equals the balance as Jill McDole examines the changing role of women in the horror and action genres... p30 / yeoh: beyond borders
...and we continue the theme with an exclusive interview with the first lady of Eastern cinema, Michelle Yeoh covering her successes on and off the screen. p36 / head games
Inception is the new film from Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed director who breathed new life into the Batman franchise. In a story of industrial espionage and lucid dreaming, just how much is all in the mind? p40 / smells like team spirit
We love it when a plan comes together - but does the big-screen re-imagining of '80s TV hit The A-Team measure up? We examine the hi-jinks and 'bad attitude'. Plus a free pull-out poster... p46 / [japanime] the greatest anime ever
Impact's Andrez Bergen and a cabal of colleagues continue to take a look at some of the best anime ever produced... p52 / full metal alchemist
Neal Molyneaux examines Full Metal Alchemist, its enduring appeal and this latest continuation of the franchise. p56 / knight and day
A light-hearted, full-on action romp featuring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Forget any Oscar-nominations and simply grab the popcorn... p60 / [asian extreme] takeshi kitano
Calum Waddell walks the Eastern 'beat' and talks with the legend that is... Takeshi Kitano. p64 / the gallants
Derek Kwok and Clement Cheng have produced a full-blooded comedy that they say is clearly inspired by the greats. Mike Leeder examines the result. p68 / ip man 2
In the final part of our coverage, Impact gives the first full UK review of the The Legend is Born and how the film compares to the first outing for the character... p72 / [far from fragile] i am woman... hear me roar
Beau Smith charts comics' attitudes to women and their evolving role in the medium. p74 / multimedia
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list... p82 / next month
Ooh, la la. Next month Impact reports from the Paris Comic Con, looks at the projects that came out of this year's Cannes Film Festival and talks exclusively to Jean Reno about his career and the forthcoming 22 Bullets...

Issue 223
July 2010
p12 / a new view to a kill
Forget the more recent monster mash-ups... Robert Rodriguez takes us behind the scenes on the rebirth of the Predator franchise.
p16 / hong kong film awards
It's that time again - when we look at the ceremony celebrating the best of the last year's output from the East...
p18 / loken load
You know her best as the Terminatrix or Painkiller Jane, but Impact has an exclusive Cannes interview and photo-shoot with Kristanna Loken... how do you like them apples?
p22 / rider on the storm
Last month screen veteran Dennis Hopper passed away. Here, Impact editor John Mosby recalls accompanying the enigmatic actor on a drive through Ireland...
p28 / [asian extreme] the housemaid, dream home and ong bak 3
Once again we look into some of the cutting edge releases of the genre. This month we include an examination of what may have gone wrong with the latest Ong Bak sequel...
p32 / undisputed III: part II
In the second part of our interviews with the team behind Undisputed 3: Redemption, we discuss the stand out action sequences from the film, and what we can expect next...
p36 / ip man II
Mike Leeder gives readers the first UK review of the all-action sequel and latest outing for Donnie Yen and friends...
p40 / call him mr. twister
As Darren Shahlavi makes a triumphant return to Hong Kong action cinema (as the pugilistic antagonistic boxer known as 'Twister' in Ip Man 2) Impact's Ricky Morris asks him about the experience...
p44 / [japanime] the greatest anime ever part II
Impact unapologetically continues its showcase list of the greatest anime movies ever to grace the screen - and hopefully your DVD players as a direct result - cobbled together by our Tokyo Correspondent Andrez Bergen and a posse of Japan's best filmmakers, artists and musicians.
p50 / [anime attack] ponyo
This month our anime feature is all at sea... in a good way. Neal Molyneaux checks out the DVD and blu-ray release of Studio Ghibli's underwater 'masterpiece' Ponyo starring some of Hollywood's finest...
p52 / 12 questions...
The full blooded British martial arts movie 12 hits DVD with a cast made up of some of the UK's most highly skilled martial artists and screen artists and screen fighters. Impact catches up with its Director Chee Keong-cheung to ask 12 vital questions...
p56 / pros, cons and punchlines part II
In the second part of our interview with John Rogers, we look at the success of Leverage and look forward to a third season of action comedy...
p62 / [deja view] the middleman
In this month's spotlighted show, we look at more recently dearly departed and much loved cult hit: The Middleman.
p64 / goodbye, farewell and amen
Gone but not forgotten...several modern classic shows bowed out last month. We take a look at the final moments of 24, LOST and Ashes to Ashes.
p70 / [far from fragile] no chance in the real world
Superheroes provide a great glimpse of the fantastical. But Beau Smith wonders how we (and they) would react in the real world...
p74 / [multimedia] games, books and dvds
A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list...
p82 / next month
Summer is finally here and so are the blockbusters. The A-Team! The Karate Kid! Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren! Impact rounds up some re-imaginings, revamps and revolutionaries...

Issue 222
June 2010
p12 / who dares wins...
As The Losers is about to hit UK cinemas, Impact's Editor John Mosby catches up with Andy Diggle to talk about the film and his next project where he is about to take on a landmark story for Marvel's Daredevil...
p18 / undisputed 3: redemption
Impact's Eastern Editor Mike Leeder delivers the first UK review of Isaac Florentine's Undisputed 3: Redemption, the third film in the saga starring UK martial artist Scott Adkins and also has exclusive interviews with Isaac Florentine, Scott Adkins and fight cheroegrapher Larnell Stovell...
p26 / stark and stripes
Daniel K Gray reviews the latest outing for billionaire, extraordinaire Tony Stark and sees whether the public has the l'amour for the armour...
p30 / pros, cons and punchlines
In the first of a two-part interview, writer, producer and director John Rogers talks to Impact about his career and how the action industry is undergoing a fundamental shift...
p36 / chick flicks and battlefields
Long time readers of Impact will know that international combatant Chick Allan and team are the diamonds in the rough when you need a gang of warriors for your battle scenes. Past projects include Gladiator and King Arthur and their last project, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood has just hit UK cinemas and John Mosby catches up with Chick to discuss tactics, temperatures and battering rams...
p40 / gods in spandex
Impact has often championed certain independent genre movies that may have not received the critical acclaim or respect that we feel that they deserve. This month, Eastern Editor Mike Leeder looks Gods in Spandex, a book about the thoughts and re-collections of actors and directors who made the '80s genre movies, we shouldn't like but for some reason do...
p42 / [japanime] the greatest anime ever
This month Impact is to commence a series of showcases of the finest anime movies ever made - the essential feature movies that are a must-see before you give up the ghost. To this end our Tokyo Correspondent, Andrez Bergen, has brought together a number of Japan's leading filmmakers, artists and musicians to adjudge: What is the Greatest Anime Ever?
p48 / [anime attack] the state of anime
Anime Attack takes a look at the current state of the anime industry and ponders, 'where has all the originality gone?'
p52 / andy "action" cheng
Impact's Lisa Clemens offers the concluding part of her in-depth overview of the career of former Hong Kong stuntman turned Hollywood based action choreographer and director Andy Cheng and looks at his work on projects like The Rundown, The New World, and his move into directing with End Game and Redline...
p56 / charlie valentine
"Charlie Valentine was a gangster, a gunfighter, a womanizer and a pretty fine chef...He was also the most dangerous, irresponsible scoundrel you ever met." One of Impact's favourite directors Jesse Johnson's latest project is the hard hitting gangster noir movie Charlie Valentine. Andrew Skeates brings Impact a first review of the film.
p58 / tooth and consequences
Dwayne Johnson may once have been the no-nonsense wrestler known as The Rock, but he's since proven himself in the Hollywood arena. Impact's John Mosby checks out his new film where he plays...the Tooth Fairy?
p60 / slash and burn
Twenty-six years after the original A Nightmare on Elm Street pulled horror films out of slasher drudgery, the remake just hit the big screen. Jill McDole dreams a little dream...
p62 / [asian extreme] blood
This month Calum Waddell needs Blood for the strength to face his Phobia...
p66 / the warrior
This month, Impact travels back to the glory days of VHS classics in the 1980s, when Barry Prima headlined a series of martial arts adventures often with supernatural elements, beginning with The Warrior. Impact's Eastern Editor and self proclaimed 'video kid of the 80's' Mike Leeder turns back the years...
p68 / [far from fragile] stuck in the middle
Beau Smith finds himself in the middle of a Civil War this month, having to play peacekeeper between Marvel and DC...
p70 / fire of conscience
Dante Lam is back! Fire of Conscience is the latest 'bullet ballet actioner' from the acclaimed director and Mike Leeder has this first review...
p72 / [multimedia] games, books and dvds
Impact has had a little help this month from young action fans Benjamin Ferguson, Callum Gater and Jake Almond with our monthly multimedia roundup. Along with their book reviews we have all the usual...
p82 / next month
Next month we have the second part of our Leverage and Undisputed coverage and a look back at 24 and Lost...

Issue 221
May 2010
p12 / we can be heroes
As Iron Man 2 launches into cinemas, Impact looks at the slate of films still to come from Marvel.
p16 / criminal intense
No sooner has the controversy about Kick-Ass died down then Mark Millar unleashes a new salvo with Nemesis. Impact talks exclusively to acclaimed artist and regular Millar collaborator in crime Steve McNiven.
p22 / [asian extreme] lu chuan interview
This month we sit down with Lu Chuan, writer-director of City of Life and Death, a challenging new film about to blast into cinemas, to get the scoop on a historically vital piece of wartime documentation.
p26 / andy "action" cheng
Impact's Lisa Clemens debut editorial previews the life and times of Andy Cheng, beginning with his stunt work on such projects as Mr Nice Guy, Who Am I? the first two Rush Hours to now becoming one of the most highly respected fight and action directors in Hollywood.
p32 / spartacus!
Fresh from its success and controversy in the US, UK audiences will get the chance to see the bloody and explicit reworking of the Spartacus story. Kerry Glover provides some 'notes on a sandal'.
p36 / new gods, old tricks.
Did the reworking of the '80s action romp past muster, or were the clashes something less than titanic. John Mosby feels the cinematic gods were merely making mischief.
p38 / shaolin
Impact's Eastern Editor Mike Leeder takes a first look at Director Benny Chen's latest outing SHAOLIN. Chen has gathered an impressive cast which includes Andy Lau, Nicolas Tse, Wu Jing and a cameo from the one and only Jackie Chan, to tell the story of the famous Shaolin Temple.
p40 / little big soldier
Little Big Soldier marks Jackie Chan's return to the big screen with his 99th official release. Impact's Eastern Editor 'Little Big Mike' Leeder delivers the first UK review.
p44 / the hurt looker
John Hurt is one of cinema's respected veteran performers. His movies have included working with Aliens, Indiana Jones, Hellboys and more. As he receives a lifetime achievement award, Impact talks to Hurt about his diverse and memorable career to date.
p48 / [japanime] 9th tokyo anime festival
This month, our Tokyo-based scribe Andrez Bergen has a exclusive review of the 9th Tokyo Anime Festival in Japan, brings us the second part of his homage to the great Akira Kurosawa including other film directors favourite Kurosawa films of the last 100 years, and finally delivers a preview of Katsuo Fukuzama's film Japanese Americans.
p54 / [anime attack] sky crawlers
Neal Molyneaux examines the recent cinematic (and imminent DVD) release of Mamoru Oshii's big-screen acclaimed Sky Crawlers.
p58 / time and time again
It's time for BBC drama to start storming the airwaves again. April saw the return of two major UK shows to our screens. Impact celebrates the new Doctor Who and the final series of Ashes to Ashes.
p62 / splash to the future
There's just enough time in this issue to relax for a few moments in the Hot Tub Time Machine.and suddenly our clothes are fashionable again!
p64 / true legend'ary fighters
Mike Leeder brings us exclusive interviews with Conan Stevens and Sylvester 'Bear' Terkay who play two of the western fighters working for David Carradine in Yuen Woo-ping's latest HK actioner True Legend.
p66 / george clarke - yellow fever weaver
Maverick Irish film-maker George Clarke is soon set to release Yellow Fever across the UK.and we're NOT talking about some horrid disease. Mike Leeder catches up with George to discuss Yellow Fever Distribution's latest project The Knackery and sees what's lined up for the rest of 2010.
p70 / justified
Timothy Olyphant stars in this modern day western show with a quirky touch of class. Impact discovers why the new show has proved an immediate success.
p72 / [far from fragile] to be an icon
This month Beau Smith ponders the modern superhero and asks whether it's possible to be too iconic at the expense of the finer details. Hey, super-people are only human.
p74 / multimedia
All the news on DVDs, books, games and more that's fit to print. And then some!
p82 / next month
We examine the action industry from a whole range of perspectives. We're talking with John Rogers, Andy Diggle and Chick Allen.

Issue 220
April 2010
p12 / kickin' it, big time!

In the second part of our Kick Ass coverage, we visit the set of the year's most controversial movie to date and review the finished film. Does the movie adaptation deliver?
p20 / kickin' it, big time! competition

Impact is giving you the chance to win some exclusive Kick Ass memrobilia. So if you think you know everything there is to know about the film get your 'ass' to page 20 now...
p22 / bounty-full

Will this darkly humorous Irish thriller prove to be an In Bruges (or In Dublin) for 2010? Impact meets the cast and crew.
p26 / ip man 2

Ip, ip, hooray etc... Mike Leeder reports on the much-anticipated sequel starring Donnie Yen
p30 / asylum seeking...

Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese team once again, but is Shutter Island an Hitchcockian-level thriller or all at sea. Dina Burgess sets sail...
p32 / true legend

Acclaimed martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-ping makes a long overdue return to the director's chair with True Legend. The film that opened over Chinese New Year has a very impressive cast which includes Vincent Zhao, Zhou Xun, Michelle Yeoh, Andy On, Jay Chou and the late David Carradine and tells the story of a noble general and hero (Vincent Zhao) turns his back on violence to raise a family but when an old foe returns he has to make a choice...violence or no violence?
p36 / clash action heroes

It's time to face the gorgons and monsters once again. The A-List's go-to hard man Sam Worthington swaps Pandora the planet for a pandora's box in this full-on action remake of the classic '80s movie.
p40 / heavy duty

The Heavy boasts a hugely impressive cast, but is this UK gangland thriller the sum of its parts? Daniel K Gray reviews the April release.
p42 / [japanime] naoyoshi shiotani

Andrez Bergen returns with another Impact exclusive this month. Naoyoshi Shiotani helped bring to life the anime characters Mini Donkey (Tokyo Marble Chocolate) and Cotton (Oblivion Island) and Impact has an exlusive interview with him about his time working for Productrion I.G.
p48 / [anime attack] evangelion 1.0

This month Neal Molyneaux looks at Evangelion 1.0 and the first film of an intended 'quadrilogy' and the remaking of the classic anime series.
p52 / 14 blades

No sooner has Bodyguards & Assassins left the big screen, then Donnie Yen returns with 14 Blades, a stylish swordplay drama directed by Daniel Lee. Impact's Eastern editor Mike Leeder delivers the first UK review...
p56 / aliens vs predator

It's Daryl Crowther vs. acid-blooded xenomorphs and extra-terrestrial hunters as he takes a special look at the recent release of the classic monster-mash up game based on the acid-movie franchise.
p60 / hk film awards

It's been a busy award season in the last few months and Impact takes a look at the main winners. Firstly we look to the East...
p62 / give 'til it hurts

...and we continue with the actual Academy Awards from Hollywood, where The Hurt Locker reigned.
p64 / [asian extreme] chaw

This month we don't want to boar you, but we may just go a little wild with our coverage of Chaw. Calum Waddell takes a look at a thriller that might give Razorback a run for its money.
p68 / [far from fragile] beau smith loves lois lane

This month our intrepid man of comics goes public with his undying love for the world's best known reporter. Just don't tell Superman.
p72 / pic and micmacs

For those readers who like something a little different, it would be hard to beat this superior European offering that mixes bombs, bullets, contortionists and revenge with a quirky style all its own...
p74 / [the deja view] bones

Each month Impact looks at a tv series you should have watched or should be watching. This month we turn our attention to more anthropological action with Bones - just as the show celebrates a hundred episodes...
p76 / multimedia

This issue we once again bring a comprehensive review of the month's best books, DVDs and more.
p82 / next month

Spring has sprung and the grass is riz... so we continue our look at Clash of the Titans, look forward to The Losers being winners and keep you up to date with action from across the globe.

Issue 219
March 2010
p12 / geek chorus

It's the year's most controversial action film - the one everyone is going to be talking about. Impact goes behind the scenes on Kick Ass and talks exclusively with comics wunderkind Mark Millar...
p18 / the girl with the dragon tattoo

The book that took the thriller-genre by storm is now a movie. But will The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo get the attention it deserves?
p22 / [asian extreme] shinya tsukamoto interview and the shinjuku incident

This month Impact chats to Shinya Tsukamoto about his latest slice of carnage-packed craziness before catching a more serious side to Jackie Chan in The Shinjuku Incident...
p26 / oscar, oscar!

It's that time of the year again, so who are our favourites for the golden statuettes? Impact rounds up the action contenders...
p28 / kane and able

Swash buckling heroes aren't a modern invention. Impact looks at a cinematic adaptation that goes back to basics with the classic Solomon Kane.
p32 / david wald - the all rounder

With credits ranging from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean, through Power Rangers and Lethal Weapon 4, David Wald is a true all-rounder in the world of action movies. We talk with a man who has done everything and is now about to step into directing.
p36 / in the zone

It has been described as 'Jason Bourne goes to Iraq', but as John Mosby discovers, Green Zone is a thriller as much concerned with the politics of war as it is with action set-pieces.
p40 / white wall

It's a war out there... a biological one. Mike Leeder looks behind the walls in question to see whether this bio-thriller has some infectious qualities...
p44 / bad blood

The spirit of classic Hong Kong Action Cinema lives on in director Dennis Law's latest project Bad Blood, chronicling the trials and tribulations of a Hong Kong crime family being torn apart by internal struggles that are settled with the fist, the foot or a chopper!
p48 / [japanime] drunken angel and masayuki yoshunaga

This month, our Tokyo-based scribe Andrez Bergen gears up for the centenary of the birth of the film-maker Akira Kurosawa by peering at one of his all-time classics, Drunken Angel, and talks exclusively to Masayuki Yoshunaga.
p52 / [anime attack] brussells anima festival

Neal Molyneaux chronicles the successful 'anima' festival in Brussels and looks at some of the titles you should be seeing soon.
p56 / never a doll moment

TV show Dollhouse finally wrapped up its two season run at the start of 2010. So why did the show ultimately fail to grab the ratings? Impact looks back at its highs and lows.
p58/terra - firmer

The plot of The Battle for Terra may read like a clone of Avatar, but as we discover, the all-ages action film turns out to be a a little gem of its own.
p60 / korea, korea

Gone from HK, but certainly not forgotten. Impact looks at the Hong Kong heroes who ultimately made their home in Korea.
p62 / [the deja view] being human

Our monthly round-up and overview of the shows you should have been watching. This month a modern delight: the really rather brilliant Being Human!
p64 / anybody out there?

Paul Simpson guides us through the streets of BBC's post-apocalyptic action drama Survivors and talks exclusively to Adrian Hodges about the challenges the series has faced since its 2008 debut.
p68 / [far from fragile] comics on iPads

This month Beau Smith looks at the launch of the mighty iPad and wonders if will impact the comics industry in the profound ways many are expecting...
p72 / up, up and awayyy

It's the big-screen westernised version of the classic manga hero. But will this mainstream revamp find favour with old and new audiences?
p74 / multimedia

Books, comics, DVD and games, oh my! Time for another multimedia round-up...
p82 / next month

More from behind the scenes on Kick Ass and a look at Perrier's Bounty - this year's In Bruges?

Issue 218
February 2010
p12 / the treasure hunter

The Treasure Hunter recently beat off major competetion from The Stormwarriors and more in China and now it's ready to come to the UK. Our Eastern Editor Mike Leeder has this preview.
p16 / stormwarriors

Ricky Morris explores the upcoming Stormriders sequel and sees whether it lives up to expectations raised by the original outing.
p18 / the hour and the fury (part II)

Impact continues it look behind the scenes on the latest season of 24. Jack is back, but what went into a brand new day?
p22 / pandora: outside the box

James Cameron's Avatar continues to smash records across the world, easily passing the $1 billion mark and being the number one film for nearly an entire month. We continue our interviews with those who made it happen.
p28 / 2010

Last month we looked back at the year behind us, so this month we embrace the new and look ahead to what could be the landmark movies of the coming year? But which ones will triumph with the critics and the box-office.
p32 / LIFF 2009

Imported films and foreign cult movies may be reaching wider audiences, but as Karen Cooper discovers, there's nothing quite like attending a proper film festival to sample some future delights.
p36 / thought bubble (part II)

Impact concludes its coverage of LIFF's Thought Bubble weekend as editor John Mosby moderates a panel on comics and movies with the likes of Paul Cornell, Adi Granov and Andy Diggle.
p42 / [japanime] ryuhei kitamura interview

In the second part of Andrez Bergin's overview of the last decade, he talks exclusively to cult director Ryuhei Kitamura about his acclaimed films and what the future (and sequels!) might bring.
p48 / [anime attack] bayonetta

This issue we examine the latest anime inspired actioner from Japanese gaming legend Hideki Kamiya, Bayonetta.
p52 / true legend

This is the third major Eastern film that is set for release in the UK soon. Yuen Woo-ping's True Legend promises much and Ricky Morris finds out with Impact's first review.
p56 / asian extreme

Calum Waddell sits down with Palisades Tartan CEO Kevin Burns for a frank conversation about the trials and tribulations of foreign film distribution and the company that has risen from its predecessor's ashes.
p60 / who went there...?

It was the end, but the moment was prepared for... and widely publicised. Certainly Russell T Davies and David Tennant were determined to send their Doctor Who off in style. So how did the show - once a punch line and a relic - become such a spectacular success... and was Tennant's finale all that was promised?
p64 / world without end...?

Elsewhere on the UK TV schedules it wasn't quite goodwill to all men. In fact, life, love and humanity was constantly under threat. We look at the triffids, time-shifts and terrorism that audiences faced.
p66 / bodyguards and assassins

Ricky Morris previews Teddy Chen's ten year dream project Bodyguards & Assassins, that some critics have described as 16 Blocks with added Kung Fu!
p68 / [deja view] flashpoint

This month's overview of the shows you should be watching details the Canadian-based drama about officers who try not to be hostages to others sieges and fortunes - and has proved quite a success in the US.
p70 / far from fragile

Beau Smith has always loved comics, but this month he asks if knowing too much about the process and its rock-star creators has robbed the industry of some of its mystique.
p74 / ten reasons to love... lundgren

Mike Leeder delves into the archives of '80s action cinema to look at one of its biggest stars...Dolph Lundgren...and gives you ten reasons why you should love this man... if you don't already!
p76 / 2010 games preview

With so many massive game releases so far this year and with last month's release of the incredible Bayonetta, we look forward to the offers for the rest of 2010 in our games preview.
p78 / multimedia

Games, DVDs and Books. Get the lowdown on how to be entertained over the coming thirty days.

Issue 217
January 2010
p12 / epic!

2009 closes out after a disappointing year, but have we saved the best until last? Both James Cameron (Avatar) and Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings / The Lovely Bones) tell Impact what it takes to produce the goods.
p18 / 2009

John Bierly casts his eye back over the last twelve months and evaluates a year of action.
p22 / the land of hope and story

American shows are having a hard time in the ratings, but homegrown British action shows seem to be doing rather well.
p26 / holmes, sweet holmes?

Impact's Kerry Glover looks at this latest cinema outing for Sherlock Holmes and finds that the director is firing on both smokin' barrels.
p28 / ninja assassin

The men in black are more popular than ever. Mike Leeder reviews the long-anticipated Ninja Assassin.
p30 / isaac florentine's ninja

...and the eastern assassinations continue with our look at the acclaimed director's latest action outing!
p36 / it's the thought that counts

In the first of a two-part report, John Mosby takes a look at the Leeds International Film Festival's acclaimed comic-book weekend.
p40 / [japanime] satoshi kon interview

Andrez Bergen has an Impact exclusive this month. He talks to Satoshi Kon, legendary anime artist, about Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent.
p46 / [anime attack] death note relight volume 1

This month we look at an abridged version of the acclaimed Death Note anime series - Death Note Relight Volume 1.
p50 / the hour and the fury

24 is back on screens this January and in the first of a two-part interview with Executive Producer David Fury, we look at how the new Bauer Power Hour season was pieced together.
p54 / AFM 09

Mike Leeder recently attended the industry's massive American Film Market event and reports back on some notable entries.
p58 / asian extreme

This issue, Calum Waddell gets scorched by Fireball, indulges in Beast Stalker-ing and is left Breathless!
p62 / tamer: by comparison

A few years ago he was just a very savvy entrepeneur but now Tamer Hassan is a rising action star. Impact finds out how he made all the right moves and Wrong Turns.
p66 / ultraman

Up, up and away to the east with this classic action hero. With a new film on the horizon, Impact examines the legacy of ULTRAMAN!
p70 / far from fragile

This month, Beau Smith wonders why superheroes and comic book action stars can't enjoy life a little more while they're saving the world.
p72 / multimedia

All the best DVDs, games and books that we at Impact Towers can recommend for your holiday and new year pleasure.

Issue 216
December 2009
p12 / the mark of caine

Sir Michael Caine takes on social unrest. But is Harry Bown more Death Wish, Gran Torino or something else entirely? Impact investigates...
p16 / law abiding citizen

Across the Big Pond, another tale of vigilante 'justice' but does it generate any sympathy for this Mr. Vengeance?
p20 / asian extreme

This month we get a Thirst for an exclusive interview KoreAn film director Park Chan Wook...
p24 / now we are 18!

Impact has been published for almost two decades and here some of our regular contributors cast their eyes and thoughts back to recall their favourite moments and mark the milestones of the action industry.
p30 / enemy mine

The Descent was an unexpected horror-thriller success and has now spawned a sequel. Impact goes underground to find out how the cavernous carnivores returneD.
p34 / chee keong cheung

Impact profiles one of the leading lights of the independent action movie scene and looks at his recent releases, including Bodyguard: A New Beginning and Underground.
p38 / seven little fortunes

The names of its students became legendary, but Impact discovers the heart and soul of the famous Hong Kong - China Opera Institute itself.
p42 / japanime

Just for the sake of it... Andrez looks at some of the culinary delights behind the action and decides to trace them back to their... sauce?
p48 / tekken

The sixth chapter of the classic games title emerges. Neal Molyneaux charts the evolution of the franchise and its high-class anime atmosphere... plus win an XBox!
p50 / taiwanese ninja

This month Mike Leeder looks back on the illustrious career of Lou Rei or Alexander Lou, the taiwanese ninja.
p54 / ready, jedi...go...ats?

George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey are the A-List actors caught up in a pyschological psychic comedy action outing. But will audiences stare as much as the goats? Plus, the chance to win limited edition prizes.
p60 / harry's game

From Ghosts to Spooks. The hit UK spy show is back - but does it still have that ruthless streak? John Mosby could tell you, but then he'd have to kill you
p62 / the knackery

It's enough action to leave you... well, knackered. Mike Leeder reviews the latest brutal Irish actioner from George Clarke...
p64 / final test

Impact heads down into its vaults and dusts off a classic multi-genre action thriller from 1987... and gives a final word on Final Test.
p66 / far from fragile

For our eighteenth birthday, Beau Smith takes us back into the world of comics and finds out that nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
p68 / magic and metal

To kick off our multimedia coverage, we begin by taking a look behind the scenes on this year's Terminator Salvation to see how some of the key FX shots were made...
p72 / multimedia

This month we have a raft of reviews that our writers can recommend for Christmas... the DVDs (many of the summer hits finally reaching the shelves), key game releases and the many items going bump in the night on the bookshelf!

Issue 215
November 2009
p12 / dollhouse

Back from the brink... but can Dollhouse make the most of its second season? We talk to executive producer Tim Minear about getting pro-Active!
p18 / sense and succubus

Megan Fox has been at the forefront of the publicity for this horror dramedy from the pen of Juno's Diablo Cody - but Impact finds that there's more here than meets the *sigh*...
p22 / zombieland

Impact's John Bierly looks at the recent release of Zombieland and wonders if fright makes right in this undead romp!
p26 / [asian extreme] big man japan, cyborg she & ip man

Calum Waddell takes his monthly stroll through the edges of the genre and looks at movies including Big Man Japan, Cyborg She and Donnie Yen in Ip Man...
p30 / reVisited

Readers of a certain age will remember the landmark television series V. The alien-invasion concept has been re-imagined for a new century, but will it reach a new audience?
p34 / iron man

Star of the original V and subsequently the go-to hard man for Hollywood... we talk exclusively to Michael Ironside about his career...
p38 / stormriders

Mike Leeder takes a look at the history and future of Stormriders as the latest project moves to the big screen.
p40 / [japanime] shusuke kaneko

Andrez Bergin looks at the latest anime news and the work of acclaimed director Shusuke Kaneko...
p44 / [anime attack] devil may cry

Devil May Cry is a gaming phenomenon that has spread out across the media spectrum... In addition to the live action movie on its way and a manga we review the anime series here.
p48 / raging phoenix

As Raging Phoenix gets its release in Thailand Ricky Morris sends us the first UK review of this latest action outing...
p50 / patrick swayze

Though he'd been visibly ill for some time, people were still caught off-guard by the death of Patrick Swayze. Best known for the likes of Ghost and Dirty Dancing, he was also a formidable action star...
p52 / phantasmaGoria

Horror, sci-fi and... Uwe Boll! It all came together for the second PhantasmaGoria film festival in downtown Swindon. And Andrew Skeates was there to cover it...Action,
p54 / roaring fire

With a rising reputation and a solid body of work behind him, we take a look at Henry Sanada.
p58 / ninjas!

Tall, dark and deadly... they are cinema's most deadly assassins. With ninjas back on the big screen, Impact examines the best and worst of the martial arts men in the infamous black pyjamas...
p64 / surrogates

Bruce Willis is beside himself... literally. Does this latest action outing of clone rangers and deadly conspiracies measure up? John Bierly investigates.
p66 / 9 lives

It's a dark and futuristic fairy-tale in the spirit of Tim Burton. Impact previews Shane Acker's CGI story of sock-puppets and Matrix-like machines!
p68 / [multimedia] games, books, dvds and more

Here's our regular round-up of DVDs, games, books, comics and more. Check our previous reviews right here on the website.
p74 / [far from fragile] the mid-ohio comic convention

Beau Smith is back from his appearance at the Mid-Ohio Comic Convention and gives us his exclusive diary of (almost) everything he got up well as previewing the return of B'Wana Beast!!!

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