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Biannual Scholarly Journal from Genoa ,Italy
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1978-2001
- "A journal of film history devoted to the study of silent cinema and classic animation."
- Founded in 1978 by Angelo R. Humouda.
- Bilingual (English/Italian) from issue 34.
- Published by Cineteca del Friuli
- Website: www.cinetecadelfriuli.org

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11 May 2017

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Issue 73/74
Redskin: le location di Canyon de Chelly e Acoma Pueblo
Redskin: On Location at Canyon de Chelly and Acoma Pueblo
Cinema western in Arizona, 1912-1929
Westerns Filmed in Arizona, 1912-1929

Una strana alleanza: Upton Sinclair presenta William Fox
Strange Bedfellows: Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox

Alice Howell e Gale Henry, regine della commedia eccentrica
Alice Howell & Gale Henry, Queens of Eccentric Comedy
Filmografie / Filmographies

Note su Hard Luck di Buster Keaton
Notes on Buster Keaton's Hard Luck

"e della stirpe dei Giudei"
"And He Is of the Seed of the Jews"

Issue 72
- Introduzione di / Introduction by RUSSELL MERRITT
- Bollettini Biograph riproposti in The New York Dramatic Mirror, 13 novembre 1912-19 febbraio 1913 / Biograph Bulletins as New York Dramatic Mirror Ads,13 Nov 1912-19 Feb 1913
- Sinossi dei film Biograph in The Moving Picture World, 22 febbraio 1913 - 25 luglio 1914 / Biograph Plot Synopses from The Moving Picture World, 22 Feb 1913 - 25 Jul 1914
- Inserzioni Biograph in The New York Dramatic Mirror, 26 febbraio 1913 - 15 luglio 1914 / Biograph Banner Ads in The New York Dramatic Mirror, 26 Feb 1913 - 15 Jul 1914
- Indice dei titoli / Index of Titles

Issue 71
Le giornate del Cinema Muto: uno sguardo retrospettivo
Le Giornate del Cinema Muto: A Personal Retrospect
Oswald, il coniglio che pass? da un Walt all'altro
Walt-to-Walt Oswald
"Addio, maestro...": Von Stroheim e Griffith
"So Long, Master...": Stroheim, Griffith and the Griffith Studio
Norma Talmadge, un'attrice da riscoprire
Rediscovering Norma Talmadge
Dietro le quinte: intervista a Blanche Sweet
Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Blanche Sweet
Hello, Mabel!

Issue 66/70
Saggi e filmografie di / Essays and filmographies by Luke McKernan, Paul C. Spehr, Richard Brown, Deac Rossell, Barry Anthony, Stephen Bottomore, Frank Gray, Mark van den Tempel, Nico de Klerk.

Issue 65
November 1998
Contents: R. Koszarski on reconstructing Greed; Bo Berglund on Roscoe Arbuckle's Reckless Romeo & The Cook (with Buster Keaton); interview with Joan Morgan; early French films found by Lobster; D. Smith & R. Singer on Naturalism in Griffith's films dealing with alcoholism; M. Achenbach & P. Caneppele on Saturn films; an update by J.B. Kaufman on the latest Disney rediscoveries. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 64
October 1998
Disney's inspiration: the 1916 version of Snow White; Gabriele D'Annunzio and The Man Who Stole the Gioconda; sport and the silent screen; Enrico Caruso. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 62/63
May 1998
Contents: "The Griffith Project: A Round Table"; J.B. Kaufman on D.W. Griffith & W.C. Fields; M. Bernstein & D.F. White on The Norman Film Manufacturing Company and the Race Film Business in the 1920s; P.C. Spehr & J-J. Meusy on the beginnings of the American Mutoscope and Biograph Co. in France. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 60/61
October 1997
Articles by Russell Merritt (Griffith Biographs); David Gill and John Lanchbery (The Birth of a Nation); J. Ronald Green (Micheaux); Yuri Tsivian (Griffith & Soviet Filmmakers); Jan-Christopher Horak (Robert Reinert); A. Rodrigues & A. Marchand (Alberto Cavalcanti); Joseph P. Eckhardt (Siegmund Lubin); memoirs of Maurice Elvey recorded by D. Gifford; dossier on silent Chinese cinema edited by D. Elley. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 59
May 1997
Helmut Farber's shot-by-shot description and critique of David W. Griffith's A Corner in Wheat (Biograph, 1909). Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 57/58
October 1996
Richly illustrated monographic issue on director Herbert Brenon (essay and filmography byJack Lodge plus an article by Riccardo Redi on Brenon in Italy). Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 55/56
September 1996
Soviet film culture, 1918-1924; Gregory La Cava, animation studio auteur; Public Opinion (with Blanche Sweet) & the Waite case; Max Davidson; early American film comedy (1894-1903). Bilingual: Italian & English

Issue 54
October 1995
Filmography of Chinese cinema, 1905-1937; Yuri Tsivian on Dziga Vertov's musical ideas for The Man with the Movie Camera ; David Gill on the restoration of The Gold Rush . Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 53
May 1995
American comedy: Joe Adamson (Smith's Restaurant), J.P. Eckhardt (Toonerville Trolley series), E. Bowser (racial jokes); "Forgotten Laughter," the 1994 Pordenone symposium chaired by D. Robinson. Plus John R. Bray interviewed by M. Langer; an article on Franz Osten illustrated with stills never published before; T.J. Slater on June Mathis. Bilingual: Italian & English.

April 1995
The late Angelo R. Humouda, founder of Griffithiana, remembered by friends, collaborators, disciples. Special issue with articles in Italian, English, and French.

Issue 51/52
October 1994
Richly illustrated section on American comedy series with filmographies from 1914 to 1930 compiled by Karel Caslavsky. Plus a profile of Monta Bell and William Wyler's early days at Universal.

Issue 50
May 1994
Special issue on cinema in 1913. Contributors: David Robinson (introduction to the year 1913), Vittorio Martinelli (Italian cinema), Richard Abel (French cinema), Heide Schlupmann (a year in Wilhelminian cinema), Stephen Bottomore & Tony Fletcher (English cinema), Marguerite Engberg (Danish cinema), Jan Olsson (Ingeborg Holm), Yuri Tsivian (cinema, tango, and Futurism in Russia), Charles Musser (American cinema), JB Kaufman (Judith of Bethulia), Barry Salt (film lighting). Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 48/49
October 1993
K. Brownlow and R. Merritt on Lillian Gish and Broken Blossoms ; B. Anthony & A. Edmonds on Charley Chase (career and filmography); the 6 Fatty Arbuckle Vitaphones; A. Bernardini on the Italian cinema database; D. Pratt on the box office reception of the German invasion of 1921; book reviews, letters. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 47
May 1993
Monographic issue on Eclair 1907-1920 with essays by L. Mannoni on A.-F. Parnaland; Ph. Esnault on Jasset; H. Bousquet on Chautard; E. Le Roy on M. Tourneur; F. Lacassin on Eclair & European popular literature; R. Abel on Nick Carter & Zigomar; T. Gunning on Jasset & film genres; T. Lefebvre on the Scientia series; C. Bustamante on AGFA-Eclair; D. Crafton on Emile Cohl at Fort Lee; P. Lehman on the Eclair Company in Tucson; plus S. Higgins on filmographic practice. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 46
December 1992
Monographic issue on Frank Borzage: filmography of his silent productions compiled by Davide Turconi; Herve Dumont on 7th Heaven (excerpt from the book Frank Borzage ou Sarastro ? Hollywood); Ernest Palmer on Borzage and Murnau; articles on Borzage written in the early 1920s. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 44/45
May-September 1992
Contents: Richard Abel on the Eclair Film Company; Ben Carre's first visit to the Eclair Studio, Fort Lee; Eclair filmographies compiled by Paolo Cherchi Usai and Steven Higgins; Hiroshi Komatsu on the discovery of the Komiya Collection, Tokyo; D.J. Turner on Ernest Shipman; Bo Berglund, Richard M. Roberts e R. Farr on Lloyd Hamilton (career and filmography); Scott Eyman on Rosita ; the restoration of the first Danish film with photographic sound. Bilingual: Italian & English

Issue 43
December 1991
Beautifully illustrated catalogue to "Masterpieces of Animation, 1833-1908", an exhibition arranged by David Robinson. A new, even revolutionary, view of the early history of animation. An appendix offers a checklist of known publications of optical devices with animation. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 40/41/42
October 1991
Contents: Davide Turconi on Raymond Griffith (career and filmography); Martin Sopocy re-examining Kracauer's From Caligari to Hitler ; Richard Koszarski on Mary MacLaren & Lois Weber's Shoes; Mark-Paul Mayer reporting on the restoration activity at the Nederlands Filmmuseum; Kevin Brownlow on Carol Dempster; Russell Merritt on Gish/Griffith; William Luhr on A Woman of Paris; Peter Lehman on Tarzan; Mario Quargnolo on Don Pietro Caruso; plus an interview with Carl Davis, Kevin Brownlow & David Gill; a silent film discography by Sergio Bassetti; the Italian titles of Cecil B. and William C. DeMille's films; the silent library, letters. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 38/39
October 1990
Articles on German cinema by V. Mar-tinelli, Ch. Habich, L. Quaresima, M. Engberg, G. Werner; MoMA's reconstruction of Intolerance by G. B. Anderson; Japanese cinema before and after the earthquake of 1923 by H. Komatsu; the Latvian film Lacplesis by Y. Tsivian; Laurel's The Lucky Dog by B. Berglund; incunabula of animation by D. Robinson; Pathe & early Russian cinema by R. Abel; the William Desmond Taylor mystery by R. Koszarski; plus an interview with David Shepard; the silent library; letters on Fedor Ozep et al. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 37
December 1989
Contents: Pordenone conference on Russian cinema (speakers: L. Borger, K. Brownlow, P. Cherchi Usai, Ian Christie, J. Gillett, R. Merritt, D. Robinson, R. Taylor, Y. Tsivian, R. Yangirov); career & filmography of George L. Tucker by J. Lodge; Scorsese and Vigo at Cannes 1990; Vittorio Storaro on preservation of colour film. Bilin-gual: Italian & English.

Issue 35/36
October 1989
Articles on Russian emigres by V. Mar-tinelli, L. Borger, K. Thompson, D. Godin; Charlie Chaplin and Snub Pollard by B. Berglund; Marilyn Monroe, Idaho & Gosfilmofond by T. Trusky; John Ford's Just Pals by P. Lehman; The Vanishing American by C. Gaberscek; Blanche Sweet's The Unpardonable Sin by J. B. Kaufman; plus a letter from Harry Carey, Jr., the silent library, films identified by B. Brewster. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 34
December 1988
Contents: The Fantasia That Never Was, by John Canemkaer; interview with Friz Freleng by Reg Hartt; Mythic Mouse by Karen & Russell Merritt. Toontown books. Bilingual: Italian & English.

Issue 32/33
September 1988
Articles by Kevin Brownlow on Traffic in Souls ,* Ben Carre, Jules Brulatour*, the Franklin brothers; George Geltzer on Reginald Barker;* Tom Trusky on Nell Shipman; Russell Merritt on Griffith's A Romance of Happy Valley ; Gosta Werner on Vingarna; Bo Berglund on a female Chaplin,* Stan Laurel's debut,* Oliver Hardy's filmography;* Vittorio Martinelli on Vera Vergani;* Carlo Montanaro on Le The?tre de Bob ;* Jean Mitry on Vitagraph and Fatty; Gillian B. Anderson on the presentation of silent films; Yuri Tsivian on the Riga Cinema Museum; plus a letter from Charles Van Enger;* Vitagraph filmography; Tom Mix. (Articles marked thus * are printed in Italian and English.)

Issue 31
December 1987
Contents: Grim Natwick, Grand Old Man of Animation (interview edited by Reg Hartt); J. B. Kaufman on Merbabies , the Disney film that wasn't; Karen Merritt on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . Italian text only.

Issue 29/30
September 1987
Contents: Petr Kral and Francesco Ballo on Roscoe Arbuckle; Kevin Brownlow and David Gill on Sherlock Jr. (a Keaton film Roscoe Arbuckle did not direct); Bo Berglund on William C. Hauber (the now forgotten but ubiquitous Sennett comedian), Hello Mabel (an unknown Chaplin film with Mabel Normand), Harold Lloyd at Keystone; Dejan Kosanovic on early cinema in Trieste; Geoffrey N. Donaldson on Johan Gildermeijer; Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi on Dal Polo all'Equatore ; Harold Brown and Kevin Patton on colour and film identification and preservation; William K. Everson on silents today; materials on Vitagraph taken from 1912-13 issues of L'Illustrazione Cinematografica . Italian text only.

Issue 28
December 1986
Animation issue carrying articles by J. Lenburg on Tex Avery; John Canemaker on Walter Lantz; J. Friedwald on Terrytoons; D. Crafton on Cohl's Claire de lune espagnol . Italian text only.


Issue 26/27
September 1986
Section devoted to the Italian cameraman Giovanni Vitrotti; articles by Kevin Brownlow; interview with Carl Davis; addenda to the Italian comedians filmographies; Thomas H. Ince. Italian text only.

Issue 24/25
October 1985
Special issue devoted to the Italian silent comedians, with filmographies compiled by Aldo Bernardini and Vittorio Martinelli. Italian text only.

Issue 22/23
May 1985
Contents: Materials on Otto Messmer and Felix the Cat by D. Crafton and J. Canemaker; American cartoons 1915-1918 by Davide Turconi; John Canemaker's animated cartoons. Italian text only.

Issue 18/21
October 1984
Special issue published for the 3rd Pordenone Silent Film Festival. Includes filmographies of Thomas H. Ince and Francis Ford, compiled respectively by S. Higgins and Tag Gallagher. Italian text only.

Issue 16/17
June 1984
Barry Putterman on "Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes" (dissertation). Plus "Iwerksiana". Italian text only.

Issue 12/15
October 1983
"Mack Sennett, King of Comedy": special issue published for the 2nd Pordenone Silent Film Festival. Many beautiful illustrations from the Moving Picture World, The New York Dramatic Mirror, Photoplay, Motion Picture Classic , etc. New articles by D. Turconi, M. Chach, S. Higgins, A. Slide. Italian text only.

Issue 9/10/11
January 1982
Contents: Conference on D.W. Grif-fith, Salsomaggiore 1980, speakers: Blanche Sweet andLeonid Trauberg, E. Mancini, Jon Gartenberg, W.K. Everson, R. Sklar, Tom Gunning, S. Higgins. Plus articles by E. Ehrlich, R. Merritt, J. Dorr. Italian text only.

Issue 8
December 1980
Articles on film libraires by D. Turconi, W.J. Speed, P. Spehr. Italian text only.

Issue 7
September 1980
Special issue on Ub Iwerks. Articles in Italian only. Plus filmography and transcriptions of dialogues and songs from 17 Iwerks cartoons.

Issue 5/6
March 1980
Issue devoted to Griffith & Biograph: articles by E. Bowser, Jay Leyda, Tom Gunning, J.Whiting, I.N. Xavier, J. Pruitt, E. Mancini, S. Higgins, M. Chach, J.L. Vieira. Italian text only.

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