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- Fred Clarke died in October 2000 and the mag was sold. The new CFQ will never be the same.
- Published by Frederick S. Clarke
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Issue 162
Vol 32 #4/5 2000
Unbreakable: Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan om reteaming with everyman Bruce Willis for another shocking spiritual journey.
Schwarzenegger: The Sixth Day: Bond director Roger Spottiswood on directing the action star in a high-tech thriller on the moral issues of cloning.
Dr. Seuss' Hoe The Grinch Stole Christmas: Director Ron Howard and Digital Domain on adapting the perennial fantasy classic with Jim Carrey in the title role.
Red Planet: How Warner Bros pumped up the special effects after losing the space race to Disney's competing Mission To Mars.
The Little Vampire: Screenwriters Larry Wilson (Beetlejuice) and Karey Kirkpatrick (Chicken Run)on making horror fun for kids (and adults, too).
Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows: Will the top-grossing independent horror film of all-time spawn a Halloween trick or treat? Plus, a checkered look at horror sequels.
Dungeons & Dragons: Director Corey Solomon, just 29, on his ten-year quest to film the popular fantasyrole-playing game, plus Jeremy Irons on screen villainy.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Behind-the-scenes of the final seventh season with the cast, crew and creators, making an end to the best Trek yet.
Deep Space Nine: Book Ends: The seven year odyssey of the final frontier epic, how the pilot ''Emissary'' fortold Captain Sisko's evolution to a higher life form.
Deep Space Nine: What you leave behind: Saying goodbye to the station on the edge of forever, an on-the-set report of the filming of the show's amazing two-hour finale.
Deep Space Nine: Worf Factor: Actor Michael Dorn talks about the importance of Worf's Klingon presence in revitalizing the series' fourth season.
Deep Space Nine: The top ten: Cast and creators comment on a selection of DS9's finest hours, showcasing the breadth and depth of the remarkable space station saga.
Frank Herbert's ''Dune'': Producer Richard Rubinstein and director John Harrison on adapting Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece as a six hour mini-series.
Possessed: Writer/Director Steven de Souza on filming a docu-drama of the case that inspired The Exorcist, a report from the set in Toronto.
Sinbad: Beyond the veil of Mists: Behind-the-scenes of a busted theatrical, a $20 million CGI animated fantasy that is among the most costly direct-to-video releases ever.
Curse of the Talisman: Gargoyles spring to life in UPN's November sweeps TV-movie horror-fantasy directed in Australia by Colin Budds.
Code Red: The Rubicon Conspiracy: UPN's effects-laden TV-movie riff on the Predator series pits an army swat team against alien invaders in the jungle.
Gene Roddenberry's ''Andromeda'': Writer/producer Robert Wolfe, a graduate of DS9, on stitching together Roddenberry's old concepts to create a new sci-fi show.
The American Nightmare: Writer/director Adam Simon on the superb documentary tracing the roots of the '70s independent horror film movement.

Issue 161
Vol 32 #3 2000
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: Former Star Trek veteran Robert Hewitt Wolfe on crafting a new sci-fi series from notes left by the late Trek creator.
Philip K. Dick's Impostor: Gary Sinise, Madeleine Stowe and screenwriter David Twohy on adapting one of the giants of science fiction.
Shadow of the Vampire: John Malkovich on starring as F.W. Murnau in a fictionalized account of the filming of silent horror classic Nosferatu.
The X-Files: Is there anywhere to go from here? Chris Carter on the future of the Fox-TV Files.
The Lone Gunmen: A look at the development and filming of the pilot for The X-Files spin-off, destined as a mid-season replacement on Fox.
Tilt: What did the Vancouver crew of The X-Files do when the series moved to LA? They banded together to make their own movie.
Witchblade - The movie: The popular Top Cow comic book franchise makes its movie debut on TNT as a backdoor pilot, starring Yancy Butler.
Urban Legend: Final Cut: The teen horror franchise continues the Urban Legends theme, but with a new cast, a new director and an all new storyline.
Requiem for a Dream: A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of PI director Darren Aronofsky's adaptation of Hubert Selby Jr. starring Ellen Burstyn.
Cherry Falls: Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright on his unabashed paen to the bygone teen slasher genre.
The Cell: A look at the auspicious directing debut of rock video stylist Tarsen, a walk on the wild side of the ever popular serial killer genre.
Lost Souls: Stars Winona Ryder and Ben Chaplin on the directing debut of Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski.
Paul Verhoeven's Hollow Man: A look at Sony Imageworks' mind-bending visual effects and star Kevin Bakon on the rigors of invisibility.
The Watcher: Director Joe Charbonic on casting James Spader as the FBI profiler on the case of the off-beat serial killer Keanu Reeves.
X-Men: Has director Bryan Singer unleased Hollywood's comic book floodgate at last, or is it back to the drawing board?

Issue 160
Vol 32 #2 2000
What Lies beneath?: Not much, in director Robert Zemeckis' hush hush ghost story with Harrison Ford, opening July 21.
Hannibal: Ridley Scott directs the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, but the book will make it a hard sell.
The Cell: Video director Tarsem enlivens the serial killer genre, with Vincent D'Onofrio and Jennifer Lopez.
Filming Marvel's "X-Men": Director Bryan Singer and a talented cast and crew on getting the comic book genre right.
Chicken Run: The British stop-motion animators at Aardman on completing their first off-the-wall feature for DreamWorks.
Hollow Man: Kevin Bacon and director Paul Verhoeven on filming an effects-laden up-date of H.G.Wells.
Philip K. Dick's "Imposter": Gary Sinise and Madeleine Stowe star in Dick's science fiction speculation on the nature of identity.
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle: Director Des McAnuff and ILM's CGI effects czars on turning the '60s 'toon icons into a big-budget movie event.
For The Cause: How Miramax let an auspicious first feature with kick ass effects and sleeper potential gather dust on their shelf.
Dragonheart: A New Beginning: Producer Rafaella DeLaurentis and director Doug Lefler on filming the direct-to-video sequel.
The Primevals: Writer, director and stop-motion animator David Allen is dead, but the work continues on his final masterpiece.
Titan A.E.: 'Toon rebel Don Bluth on mounting Fox Animation's sci-fi epic, long in development hell.
Godzilla 2000: Millenium: The original Japanese big screen monster strives for a comeback with mixed results that are almost quaint.

Issue 159
Vol 31 #12/Vol 32 #1 2000
X-Men: Filming the comics: Fox shells out $75 million for director Bryan Singer to do the Marvel Comics superheroes right.
Chicken Run: Stop-motion animators Nick Park and Peter Lord on their high-concept feature film for DreamWorks.
Dinosaur: Behind-the-scenes of Disney's "Secret Lab" and their first all-digitally animated feature.
Paul Verheoven's "Hollow Man": The director of Robocop on updating H.G.Wells' "The Invisible Man" with star Kevin Bacon.
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle: The Moose from Frostbite Falls gets candid on the set about his co-star and producer Robert J. DeNiro.
Titan A.E.: Animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman on targeting the teen market with their SF adventure cartoon feature.
Battlefield Earth: Producer and star John Travolta and director Roger Christian on adapting L.Ron Hubbard's SF epic.
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas: Director Brian Levant on continuing the live action features based on the '60s cartoon series.
The making of "Babylon 5": Behind the scenes of television's SF epic with five-year episode guide and cast profiles.
Bruce Boxleitner on Captain Sheridan: The actor who played Tron on anchoring the B5 ensemble to complete the SF saga's grand design.
B5 CGI: A television effects landmark: Foundation Imaging effects supervisor Ron Thornton on ushering in a new era of visual effects for TV.
Fantasia 2000: Interviews with the creative artists behind Disney's new animation big-screen IMAX milestone, plus a review.
Scream 3: A look at why the sequel elicits few screams from an audience that prefers to react with sly cackles.

Issue 158
Vol 31 #11 2000
Mission To Mars: Walt Disney beats Warner Bros in the race to the red planet, starring Gary Sinise.
Which planet are you from?: Gary Shandling on writing, co-producing and starring as a wacky alien bent on Earthly sexual union.
The Crow: Salvation: James O' Barr's Crow comes back for a third time, a comic book horror franchise targeting the teen set.
El Dorado: DreamWorks Animation takes inspiration from the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby "Road" picture formula.
Frequency: Humanizing SF, fireman Dennis Quaid gets a life-saving message from his policeman son in the future.
Final Destination: X-Files alumnists Glen Morgan and James Wong make their teen horror movie debut at New Line.
Voyager's "Trek Memorial": A powerful examination of the devastation of warfare, a February sweeps show a la Gene Roddenberry.
Star Trek: Voyager: Veteran producer Brannon Braga on shepherding home his final frontier torch carrier.
Voyager's "Dark Frontier": The making of the series' stunning two-hour movie, plus a look behind the scenes at its amazing visual effects.
Voyager's "Timeless": How the cast and crew pulled together to make the show's 100th episode an exciting, bittersweet gem.
Pitch Black: Writer-director David Twohy and star Vin Diesel on filming the sci-fi creature feature in Australia.
The return of Roman Polanski: The director of Rosemary's Baby and Repulsion on his stylish horror film comeback.
Polanski's "The Ninth Gate": Johnny Depp stars in Polanski's triumphant return to the horror genre, devilshly good filmmaking.

Issue 157
Vol 31 #10 2000
Fantasia 2000: Disney revamps their classic with new segments in IMAX, and Donald Duck hamming it up to "Pomp and Circumstance."
Pitch Black: Screenwriter David Twohy (The Arrival) directs his horrors/sci-fi hybrid on Australia's Gold Coast.
Galaxy Quest: Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver star in a wicked parody of Star Trek.
Wes Craven on "Scream 3": Director Wes Craven on making the third time the charm, sans Kevin Williamson.
The Green Mile: An actor's eye view of the making of Stephen King's supernatural thriller.
Stephen King on "The Green Mile": Back at the keyboard after his own roadside misery, the author looks forward to a cinematic "milestone."
The Crow 3: Salvation: James O'Barr's dark avenger gets a third movie incarnation, with Kirsten Dunst in the gothic love story from beyond the grave.
Lost Souls: Cinematographer-turned-director Janusz Kaminski on exorcising the horror cliches.
Supernova: The story behind MGM's troubled outer space epic, rocked by the departure of director Walter Hill.
Walter Hill on "Supernova": The producer of the original Alien on taking a long-overdue stab at science fiction, a favored genre.
Stuart Little: The Lion King director Rob Minkoff films the classic children's tale with a CGI mouse.
Hangman's Daughter: Director P.J. Pesce on the spaghetti wester prequel to From Dusk Till Dawn.
Bicentennial Man: Norman Reynolds on designing the future for Isaac Asimov's robot, with Robin Williams as the free-thinking 'droid.
Toy Story 2: How Pixar's high profile video sequel to the 1995 hit went to movie screens instead.
Being John Malkovich: Director Spike Jonze and scripter Charles Kaufman on filming their off-kitter fantasy.
The Sixth Sense: Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan on his horror masterwork.

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