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- First and last issue: 1970-2002
- Devoted to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films.
- Started by Fred Clarke as an amateur mimeograph version in 1967.
- Editor: Dan Persons
- 64 color pages in A4 format.

- Fred Clarke died in October 2000 and the mag was sold. The new CFQ will never be the same.
- Published by Frederick S. Clarke
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Issue 156
Vol 31 #9 1999
Stephen King's "The Green Mile": An on-the-set preview, filming King's supernatural thriller about capital punishment, starring Tom Hanks.
House on Haunted Hill: Remaking the camp '50s William Castle horror romp for the MTV generation, with help from Castle's daughter Terry, the co-producer.
Schwarzenegger at "End of Days": Arnold is desperate to reinvent himself as an action hero in his first feature in three years, but his time's running out.
Stuart Little: Lion King director Rob Minkoff films the tale of a CGI mouse in a live action version of the E.B.White children's classic.
Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow: Director Burton on his poetic ode to Hammer horror, with Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, in their third collaboration.
Bats: Lou Diamond Phillips on playing a riff on Hitchcock's Birds. He's harrassed Texas lawman confronting killer bats.
Toy Story 2: John Lasseter on directing Pixar's CGI 'toon fantasy sequel and re-capturing Disney's notion of "heart and pathos."
Pierce Brosnan on James Bond: Back and in control as 007 in The World Is Not Enough, Brosnan wants more depth, fewer pyrotechnics.
The World Is Not Enough: Acclaimed for his dramas, Michael Apted on directing the nineteenth James Bond epic, and beefing up the character for Brosnan.
Robert Carlyle on Bond Villainy: The star of Trainspotting and The Full Monty makes his mark as a Bond villain with a bullet in his brain.
007's inspector gadget: Desmond Llewelyn, "Q" of the British Secret Service, in every Bond film but two, rates 007s from Connery to Brosnan
George Lazenby on James Bond: The one-time James Bond star of On Her Majesty's Secret Service looks back on his controversial stint as 007.
Animal Farm: The George Orwell classic on farmyard totalitarianism gets Hallmarked by Henson's Creature Ship.
Children of the Corn 666: The latest video sequel, directed by Kari Skogland, goes back to the original film's roots in Stephen King.
Modern Vampires: Cult director (Forbidden Zone, Shrunken Heads) Richard Elfman on bringing Dracula to L.A. in a new, dark satire.

Issue 155
Vol 31 #8 1999
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: How the movie series turned into a religious cult, with congregations of true believers and donations for the icons.
David Cronenberg: Crimes of the future: Cronenberg on his deal with Paramount and his pet project Red Cars - think Fast Company meets Rabid.
Brendan Fraser: Dudley Do-Right: The versatile actor on fleshing out yet another Jay Ward cartoon fantasy.
Angel: Vampire Private Eye: David Boreanaz on the new Buffy spin-off, premiering on the WB in the fall.
Lost Souls: Speilberg's cinematographer Janusz Kaminski helms a demonic possession tale, starring Winona Ryder.
The Astronaut's Wife: Rand Rovich writes and directs an all-star update of I Married a Monster from Outer Space.
Universal Soldier: The Return: Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. a computer bent on world rule, in a sequel to the 1992 hit.
Elmo in Grouchland: Jim Henson Pictures and the Children's Television Workshop re-team for a new movie fantasy.
X-Files: Entering a 7th season: Creator Chris Carter on tying up the loose ends for the final Season Six Episode Guide.
Robert Conrad: Wild Wild West: The series star sets the record straight on the Warner Bros. big-budget remake.
Will Smith: Wild Wild West: The star of the movie on playing Conrad's James west, "the coolest man on television - ever."
Mystery Men: Walking the fine line between comic book spoof and charachter drama.
The Specials: Poised to cash in on a trend, The Specials is another superhero spoof.
Stir of Echoes: David Koepp on filming Richard Matheson's psychic murder mystery thriller.

2nd cover

Issue 154
Vol 31 #7 1999
13th Warrior: Retelling the monster clasic "Beowulf," director John McTiernan and star Antonio Banderas take on tenth-century Vikings.
The Haunting: Phil Tippett on devisng visual effects in the remake of Shirley Jackson's and Robert Wise's classic.
Blair Witch Project: Artisan Entertainment releases the Sundance sensation, a no-budget horror film destined for cult status.
Mystery Men: Universal's effects-laden superhero parody is based on an obscure comic.
Deep Blue Sea: Director Renny Harlin on his high-tech shark killer thriller, as medical research meets Jaws.
Iron Giant: Brad Bird directs the children's classic by British poet Ted Hughes, with the promise of a pure cinema kick.
Animating "Tarzan": Disney's animation realizes Edgar Rice Burroughs' hero as movies never could.
Wild Wild West: The reinvention of the '60s TV show as summer movie eye candy.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Director Jay Roach on spoofing the Bond formula in the return of Mike Myers' randy superspy.
Muppets in Space: Producer Brian Henson on the magic of the Muppets in the high-tech world of movie making.
Inspector Gadget: Music video director David Kellog on filming the cartoon fantasy live action.
Stigmata: Rupert Wainwright on directing Tom Lazarus' unique horror script for MGM.
Babylon 5: Crusade: The doomed series-the sequel to Babylon 5-premieres on TNT.
Star Wars, Episode One: The Phantom Menace: Still reeling from the unprecedented build-up of the newest Star Wars, our interpid reviewer shares his views.

2nd cover

Issue 153
Vol 31 #6 1999
Tarzan: Disney animates the Lord of Apes.
Star Wars, Episode One: The Phantom Menace: George Lucas launches the first installment of the prequel trilogy; plus why Lucas should gone forward instead of backward.
Star Wars: Where are they now?: What the cast and crew of the original films are doing today.
Star Wars: The men behind the masks: The unseen faces of the actors beneath the makeup and masks reveal themselves to their fans.
The 13th Floor: Director Joseph Rusnak on helming the Centropolis science fiction film.
A Midsummer Night's Dream: Reimagining the Barb for the big screen.
Remaking The Mummy: Writer-director Stephen Sommers updates the Karloff classic.
The Mummy walks: A look back at Universal's original, plus the sequels starring Tom Tyler and Lon Chaney.
The Mummy walks again: Hammer Films reopened the tomb in the '50s, with Christopher Lee as a quick-paced Kharis.
Noah's Ark: Filming fx for NBC's mini-series.
Reviews: The Matrix, 8MM, Blast from the Past, Stanley Kubrick on disk, Mighty Peking Man, The Rage Carrie 2, Ravenous, Wing Commander and more.

Issue 152
Vol 31 #5 1999
eXistenZ: Video-gaming David Cronenberg style, in a nightmare fantasy universe.
Star Wars The Phantom Menace: George Lucas abandons parts 7 through 9 - life's too short.
Idle Hands: Rodman Fleder directs a wild killer-hand romp.
The Mummy: Universal gives their monster franchise a Raiders of the Lost Ark makeover.
The making of The Matrix: The Wachowski Bros. (Bound) launch sci-fi for the new millennium.
William Shatner: Keep on Trekkin': Captain Kirk finds life beyond the final frontier, including a satire of Trek fandom.
Xena Warrior Princess: The sword & sorcery amazon rules! Behind the scenes with the Xena creator, star & crew.
Carnival Of Souls: Wes Craven offers a color update of the creepy 1962 shocker.
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Ed Naha makes genre parody an art, with the TV spin-off starring Peter Scolari.
Deep Space Nine: Vic Fontaine: Crooner James Darren on finding new life as a holographic hit on the final frontier.
Black Mask: Bizzare fantasy action, Hong Kong style, starring Jet Li.

Issue 151
Vol 31 #4 - April 1999
Cover: George Lucas Star Wars Mogul.
Princess Mononoke, Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, The 13th Florr, Wing Commander, The Rage: Carrie 2, Talos the Mummy, The Matrix, Top 75 people in CF, Oscar picks, 1998 in review

Issue 150
Vol 31 #3 - March 1999
Cover: Buffy Vampire Slayer.
The Green Mile, Storm of the Century, Tim Daly, Vampire makeup, Total Recall the series, 8MM, My Favorite martian, First Wave, Taxas Blood Money, Soldier

Issue 149
Vol 31 #1/2 - February 1999
Cover: Ray Harryhausen & Stop Motion.
Wild Wild West, In Dreams, Baby Geniuses, Night of the Living Dead, Virus, The Phantom of the Opera, Suspended Animation special supplement, Phil Tippett, Will Vinton, Aardman Animations, Henry Selick, The Primevals, Jim Danforth, Chiodo Brothers, Rankin/Bass, Toho Stop-Motion

Issue 148
Vol 30 #12 - January 1999
Cover: Star Trek Insurrection.
Prince of Egypt, Carrie II, Virus, The Faculty, Might Joe Young, Frost, Psycho, A Bug's Life, Phantasm IV, The Wisdom of Crocodiles

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