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Sci-Fi Magazine from Los Angeles ,United States
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2003
- Frederick S. Clarke's Cinefantastique after ''the next generation has assumed the editorial reigns.''
- ''Well-researched stories, exclusive photography and intelligent critique - an antidote to the crass gossip and innuendo of the internet fan sites.''
- Publishers: Mark Gottwald, Mark Altman (of Sci-Fi Universe.)
- Bimonthly, 90 color pages in A4 format.
- See also: CFQ Spotlite
- Published by CFQ Media
- Website: cinefantastiqueonline.com/

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Garry Malvern

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Issue 6
Vol 35 #6 2003

Issue 5
Vol 35 #5 2003
Agent Provocateur: The second season of Alias shook up the drama, opening new options for series creator J.J. Abrams. PLUS: The score on Alias composer Michael Giacchino, and costume designer Laura Goldsmith.
Fangs & Fur: Classic monsters - vampires and werewolves - are given a new mythos in Underworld.
Hong Kong Calling: Quentin Tarantino pays homage to Asian action cinema with his ultraviolent revenge fantasy Kill Bill. PLUS: Tarantino works with Sonny Chiba to resurrect Hattori Hanzo.
Sinister Urges: Rob Zombie (House of 1,000 Corpses) , Eli Roth (Cabin Fever), Don Mancini (Seed of Chucky) and Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead 2) gathers to discuss the state of the genre.
Angel Evolutions: David Boreanaz discusses the new season of Joss Whedon's lone surviving series reveals departures, additions, and major storytelling changes.
In Review: Returner, Demonlover, Bubba Ho-Tep, Cabin Fever, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- Lara Croft-Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Freddy VS. Jason, House of the Dead, JeepersCreepers 2, T3: Rise of the Machines, The Howling, Solaris, 28 Days Later, Alias: The Complete First Season, Countdown to Wednesday, The Simpsons: Season Three, Of Unknown Origin, Wait Until Dark.
Sharpening the 'Saw: A classic tale of unrelenting horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is retold for our times. PLUS: A look back at the film that started it all.
Plus: House of the Dead, Cat in the Hat, Star Trek's Matt Jefferies, Dr. Who Restoration Team, John Carpenter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien: Director's Cut, Red Star, Frankenstein, CFQ Calendar.

Issue 4
Vol 35 #4 2003
CFQ Update: - Starship Troopers: Hero of the Federation - Shaolin Soccer - V: The Second Generation
Gaming: Join CG special agents Scully and Mulder for The X-Files: Resist or Serve. Also: David Duchovny & Gillain Anderson Interview
Pages: Exploring the Matrix offers food for thought on the Wachowski brothers' classic head trip.
Local Hero: Smallville continues to go up and away with its second season of superhuman-scaled adventures.
The Seven Year Slay: Buffy prime mover Joss Whedon looks back on how he kept his undead drama alive and kicking over its impressive run.
Gate Keepers: Gate Crasher Corin Nemec is out and Michael Shanks returns as Stargate SG-1 enters its seventh - and possibly last - season.
In Search of...: Twenty-five years later, Battlestar Galactica endures as a classic of smallscreen sci-fi, flaws and all...
ProCon: Does The Matrix: Reloaded suffer from sophomore slump? Or is Neo still The One?
In Review: The Hulk, Cabin Fever, May, Wrong Turn, The Eye, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Right Stuff, The Thing From Another World, Soylent Green, The Omega Man, Futurama, The Invisibles.

Issue 3
Vol 35 #3 2003
The CFQ Interview: Alan Moore: The artist on 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' and why he'll never write for film.
Trucking Through The Deathlands: Sci Fi Channel tackles one of the biggest genre phenomena you've never heard of.
Anger Management: Director Ang Lee and his production team became one with their star to bring The Hulk to life.
In The Hot Zone: Danny Boyle injects the zombie mythos with biohazardous themes in 28 Days Later.
What Is The Matrix (Now)?: The diverse talents behind Reloaded reveal as much as they are contractually allowed.
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Lawrence Brooks wrote this issue's retrospective, and maintains a site with over 500 photos pertaining to Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Anatomy Lesson: Finally experience Aliens vs. Predator, if only for 90 seconds.
Gaming: Deus Ex 2
ProCon: Enterprise.
CFQ Update: Freddy and Jason emerge from hell, Peter Jackson goes ape, and a farewell to Buffy.
Toybox: Bandai launches its first starship.
In Review: 28 Days Later, X2: X-Men Unite.
CFQ Calendar: June/July.
Latent Image: In The Town of Stepford.

Issue 2
Vol 35 #2 2003
The CFQ Interview: Lawrence Kasdan: The genre master plunges into the realm of horror with Dreamcatcher.
Bullet Time: The Wachowski Brothers bring out the big guns for The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.
X-Pocalypse Now: Brian Singer and his band of mutants return to wage war in X2.
Rat Race: The re-making of Willard has proven to be a maze-like challenge.
In The Zone: The first season of The Dead Zone indicated a new tone for a darker character.
Big dig: John Amiel and company journey to the center of the earth in The Core.
Digital's debut: Tron bridged the analog and cyber worlds, changing filmmaking forever.
Gaming: RTX Red Rock
ProCon: DareDevil
CFQ Update: A supressed genre classic, myopic Hollywood and razo-toothed monsters. Toybox: Sideshow introduces Bond, James Bond.
Anatomy Lesson: Deconstructing ''Red Star.''
In Review: Darkness Falls, House of 1,000 Corpses, Final Desination 2.
CFQ Calendar: April/May
Latent Image: Another World, Another Time

Issue 1
Vol 35 #1 2003

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