A list of "lists" !!

Date Subject Description

Older moviemags still published

Publishing for more than a century? That is really something to be pround of.

Magazines with the most listed issues

Publishing for many years and producing thousands of issues these are the champions of moviemags.

First moviemags

The first ever periodicals devoted to the new art, cinema. "Country" may be selected to narrow the list.

Mystery magazines

No covers have been found yet for these titles. Not really a "mystery" but hard to find anything online.

From magazine to book

After ceased publication, magazines continue as books or re-published in a book form. This is not a comprehensive list; A lot of work is needed to finish it.

All magazine covers are copyrighted by their publishers. No rights are given or implied. They are presented here for their historical significance and the edification of magazine fans and collectors, everywhere.
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