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"Themes" added by Mike

Angelina Jolie (27 covers)
Brad Pitt (6 covers)
Sharon Stone (5 covers)
Pamela Anderson (5 covers)
Madonna (3 covers)
Lupita Nyongo (3 covers)
Harrison Ford (3 covers)
Michael Shannon (2 covers)
Brooke Shields (2 covers)
Dorothy Dandridge (1 covers)
Charlize Theron (1 covers)
Will Ferrell (1 covers)
Kathleen Turner (1 covers)
Dakota Johnson (1 covers)
Meryl Streep (1 covers)
Elizabeth Taylor (1 covers)
Pedro Pascal (1 covers)
Jared Leto (1 covers)
Jim Carrey (1 covers)
Sally Field (1 covers)
Claudia Schiffer (1 covers)
Gwyneth Paltrow (1 covers)
Michelle Pfeiffer (1 covers)
Bo Derek (1 covers)
Beverly Johnson (1 covers)
Simon Pegg (1 covers)
Goldie Hawn (1 covers)
Jennifer Lawrence (1 covers)
Lucy Liu (1 covers)
Louis Jourdan (1 covers)
Nastassja Kinski (1 covers)

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