Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2000
' - A zine about zines about movies. Like Factsheet 5 but covers only film fanzines.
- If you like this site you will love Weird Zines.
- Editor: Justin Bomba.
- 24 black and white A5 pages.


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Issue 1
August 2000
Fanzine reviews: Brutarian, Cashiers Du Cinemart, The Exploitation Journal, From Parts Unknown, Danzine, Has Been Funnies, The Delineator, Infiltration, Mansplat, Psycho Moto Zine, Sex & Violence, Sinema Brut, Streetcleaner, Stupor, Trash Compactor, Xeromorphic, Backwash, Raw Sewage, Panik Magazine, Crimson Celluloid, Book Happy, Hip Pocket Sleaze.

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