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Biannual Scholarly Journal from Austin ,United States

- First issue: 1971
- A film and television studies journal collectively edited by graduate students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and The University of Texas at Austin.
- Each issue provokes debate about critical, theoretical, and historical topics relating to a particular theme.
- Published by University of Texas Press
- Website: www.utexas.edu/utpress/journals/jvlt.html

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31 October 2023
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Issue 70
Fall 2012
- The Materiality of Media
The Lost Studio of Atlantis: Norman Bel Geddes’s Failed Revolution in Television Form
Joshua Gleich
Materiality and Meaning in Recent Projection Performance
Jonathan Walley
The Warner Archive and DVD Collecting in the New Home Video Market
Bradley Schauer
Executable Images: The Enactment and Distribution of Movies in Computer Networks
Gabriel Menotti Gonring
Dossier: Materiality and the Archive
Kit Hughes and Heather Heckman
Book Reviews
Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Gender, Fetishism, and Popular Culture by Jeffrey A. Brown
Reviewed by Chelsea McCracken
Modular Narratives in Contemporary Cinema by Allan Cameron
Reviewed by Matt Connolly
Moscow Prime Time: How the Soviet Union Built the Media Empire That Lost the Cultural Cold War by Kristin Roth-Ey
Reviewed by Booth Wilson
Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates edited by Adrian Johns
Reviewed by Andrew J. Bottomley

Issue 69
Spring 2012
- Recontextualizing Animation, CGI, and Visual Effects
Dissecting Bambi: Multiplanar Photography, the Cel Technique, and the Flowering of Full Animation
Casey Riffel
On Styles of Theorizing Animation Styles: Stanley Cavell at the Cartoon’s Demise
Ryan Pierson
Kung Fu Panda: Animated Animal Bodies as Layered Sites of (Trans)National Identities
Hye Jean Chung
Is It Real . . . or Is It Motion Capture? The Battle to Redefine Animation in the Age of Digital Performance
Yacov Freedman
An Interview with Geoff Marslett of Swerve Pictures
The Editors
An Interview with Bob Sabiston of Flat Black Films
The Editors
Book Reviews
The Fun Factory: The Keystone Film Company and the Emergence of Mass Culture by Rob King
Reviewed by Paul Monticone
Universal Women: Filmmaking and Institutional Change in Early Hollywood by Mark Garrett Cooper
Reviewed by Paul Monticone
Letterboxed: The Evolution of Widescreen Cinema by Harper Cossar
Reviewed by Eliot Chayt
Widescreen Worldwide edited by John Belton, Sheldon Hall, and Steve Neale
Reviewed by Eliot Chayt
The New Entrepreneurs: An Institutional History of Television Anthology Writers by Jon Kraszewski
Reviewed by Joshua Gleich
Challenge for Change: Activist Documentary at the National Film Board of Canada edited by Thomas Waugh, Michael Brendan Baker, and Ezra Winton
Reviewed by Laura Dixon
Hollywood Reborn: Movie Stars of the 1970s edited by James Morrison
Reviewed by R. Colin Tait

Issue 68
Fall 2011
- Comedy and Humor
Recombinant Comedy, Transmedial Mobility, and Viral Video
David Gurney
“The Missing Link Moment”: Web Comedy in New Media Industries
Nick Marx
Laughing Together? TV Comedy Audiences and the Laugh Track
Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore
“Have Women a Sense of Humor?” Comedy and Femininity in Early Twentieth-Century Film
Kristen Anderson Wagner
Parodying the Nation: Cross-Dressing and Vietnamese American Comedy
Lan Duong
Book Reviews
CSI by Derek Kompare
Reviewed by Myles McNutt
Dangerous Curves: Latina Bodies in the Media by Isabel Molina-Guzmán
Reviewed by Eleanor Seitz
Jacques Rivette by Douglas Morrey and Alison Smith
Reviewed by Eric Dienstfrey
Virgin Territory: Representing Sexual Inexperience in Filmby Tamar Jeffers McDonald
Reviewed by Kyra Hunting

Issue 67
Spring 2011
- Seeing Race: The Enduring Dilemma
Sincere Fictions: The Production Cultures of Whiteness in Late 1960s Hollywood
Eithne Quinn
Alabama Constitutional Reform in Black and White
Gina Caison
Black Man/White Machine: Will Smith Crosses Over
Lorrie Palmer
Beyond Tokenism and Tricksterism: Bobby Lee, MADtv, and the De(con)structive Impulse of Korean American Comedy
David Scott Diffrient
Revisiting Sunday Morning Apartheid: The Politics of Of Color Blindness and Racial Formation in the Harry Reid Controversy
Doug E. Julien
The Racial Politics of Disaster and Dystopia in I Am Legend
Sean Brayton
Book Reviews

Issue 66
Fall 2010
- New Media in the Majority World
Hard Questions: Public Goods and the Political Economy of the New Palestinian Televisual Public Sphere
Matt Seinkiewicz
Video Games for the "Next Billion": The Launch of the Zeebo Console
Ben Aslinger
Auto-Motivations: Digital Cinema and Kiarostami's Relational Aesthetics
Scott Krzych
Korean TV Serials in the English-Language Diaspora: Translating Difference Online and Making It Racial
Brian Hu
The New Navajo Cinema: Cinema and Nation in the Indigenous Southwest
Randolph Lewis
Book Reviews

Issue 65
Spring 2010
- Celebrity!
Reclaiming the Freak: Michael Jackson and the Spectacle of Identity
Racquel J. Gates
Hannah Montana's Bare, Unprotected Back: Miley Cyrus's Vanity Fair Outing
James Kincaid
Stardom, Celebrity, and the Money Form
Barry King
Underexposed Overexposure: One Night in Paris
Minette Hillyer
Slumdog Celebrities
Priya Jaikumar
Star Testing: The Emerging Politics of Celebrity Gossip
Julie A. Wilson
Toxic: The Implosion of Britney Spears's Star Image
Moya Luckett
Tom Cruise, the "Couch Incident," and the Limits of Public Elation
Michael DeAngelis
Populist Celebrity in the Election Campaigns of Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger
A. Freya Thimsen
Dragging Oscar
Fernando Delgado
Brangelina: The Fertile Valley of Celebrity
Diane Negra
Death on Display: Reifying Stardom through Hollywood's Dark Tourism
Linda Levitt
Rihanna's Closed Eyes
Sarah Projansky
Dreaming a Dream: Susan Boyle and Celebrity Culture
Su Holmes
The Pregnant Man
Judith Halberstam
Book Reviews

Issue 64
Fall 2009
- Failures, Flops, and False Starts
Claiming the Found: Archive Footage and Documentary Practice
(preface by Vance Kepley, Jr.)
Hollywood Party, Jimmy Durante, and the Cultural Politics of Coherence
Allen Larson
A Virtual Failure: Evaluating the Success of Nintendo's Virtual Boy
Steven Boyer
Convergent Consortia: Format Battles in High Definition
Bryan Sebok
StarCraft Fan Craft: Game Mods, Ownership, and Totally Incomplete Conversions
Derek Johnson
Public Service Broadcasting and the Failure of Political Representation
Kyle Conway
Dossier: Perspectives on Failure
The Editors

Issue 63
Spring 2009
- Censorship and Regulation
Media Effects and the Subjectification of Film Regulation
Theresa Cronin
The Hindu Right and the Politics of Censorship: Three Case Studies of Policing Hindi Cinema, 1992-2002
Nandana Bose
Exemplary Consumer-Citizens and Protective State Stewards: How Reformers Shaped Censorship Outcomes Regarding The Untouchables
Laura Cook Kenna
Slashings and Subtitles: Romanian Media Piracy, Censorship, and Translation
Tessa Dwyer and Ioana Uricaru
Censorship, Regulation, and Media Policy in the Twenty-First Century: A Roundtable on Critical Approaches
The Editors
Book Reviews

Issue 62
Fall 2008
- Media Spaces and Architectures
Film in Air: Airspace, In-Flight Entertainment, and NonTheatrical Distribution
Stephen Groening
Your Favorite Stars, Live On Our Screens: Media Culture, Queer Publics, and Commercial Space
Hollis Griffin
In the Flesh: Space and Embodiment in the Pornographic Peep Show Arcade
Amy Herzog
Photo Essay: Urban Iconography and the Technological Grotesque
Anna McCarthy
The Good Side of the Ghetto: Visualizing Black Brooklyn 1968–1971
Devorah Heitner
Dossier: Media Space in Perspective
The Editors
An Interview with Emily Thompson
Nick Marx and Danny Kimball

Issue 61
Spring 2008
- Remakes and Adaptations
"Beam Me up, Omer": Transnational Media Flow and the Cultural Politics of the Turkish Star Trek Remake
Iain Robert Smith
Remaking and the Film Trilogy: Whit Stillman's Authorial Triptych
Claire Perkins
Somewhere in Time: Utopia and the Return of Superman
Matt Yockey
The Concessions of Nat Turner
by Christopher Sieving
An Interview with Richard Linklater

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Fall 2007

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Spring 2007

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