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Foreign, Cult, Junk And Exploitation
Fanzine from Australia
Ceased publication

- A film zine from Australia.
- Three issues were published but now it's online.
- Editor: Andrew Leavold.
- Trash Video has promised to publish 2 issues per year .

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CONTENTS: (There are undated issues)GALLERIES: All (There are undated issues)

Issue 4
Special Web Edition
Russ Meyer's Vixen Trilogy: Vixen, Supervixens, Ultravixens
Kitten Natividad: Interview with ''the one-time Miss Nude Universe and Meyer's greatest discovery since the Wonderbra.''
Fatal Visions toward 2000: Are there any horror classics from the 90s?
Lili St Cyr: A tribute to ''this century's most appealing peeler who died on January 29th aged 80.''
Hong Kong Report.
Reviews: Sex And Zen III (dir. Man Cheung, 1998), Ashes Of Time (dir. Wong Kar Wai, 1994), The Hitman (dir. Wei Tung, 1997), Spicy City, Totally Fucked Up (dir. Gregg Araki, 1993), Days of Heaven (dir. Terrence Malick, 1978), Palookaville (dir. Alan Taylor, 1996), The Borrower (dir. John McNaughton, 1991), The Ice Storm (dir. Ang Lee, 1997), Prisoner Of The Mountains (dir. Sergei Bodrov, 1997), The Return Of The Rollerblade Seven (dir. Donald P Jackson, 1992), No Place To Hide (dir. Robert Allen Schnitzer, 1973), Blood Rush (dir. ''Anthony Richmond''/Tonino Ricci, 1983), Jakarta (dir. Charles Kaufman, 1988).

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