Serials Fanzine from Mt. Clemens ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1969-1974
- "A chronological look at sound serials 1929-1956".
- "For the serial lovers who still remember saturday matinees".
- This has long been acknowledged as the best of the movie serial fanzines and was actually the first. All other serial fanzines were measured against this one. This publication was clearly a labor of love and featured top notch printing and excellent reproduction of photos. It lasted 29 issues, plus there is a 30th issue which is an index to the features in issues 1-26.
- Editor/Publisher: Robert M. Malcolmson.
- Published by Robert M. Malcolmson

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Issue 30

Issue 29
Vol 3 # 9

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Vol 3 # 7

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