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Quarterly Magazine from Toronto ,Canada
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1992-2006
- No connection to TAKE ONE (Montreal)
- Published by Take One

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6 April 2014
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Issue 53
March 2006
2005-2006 Special Limited Edition issue on the 1001 Greatest Canadian Films and Filmmakers of All Time.

Issue 52
December 2005

Issue 51
September 2005
David Cronenberg's A History of Violence, (article), Atom Egoyan's Where the Truth Lies (article), Deepa Mehta's Water (article), Sturla Gunnarsson's Beowulf & Grendel (article), Gabriella Martinell (profile), interview with Louis Archambualt

Issue 50
June 2005
The Best of Take One: Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter (article from No. 17), Zacharias Kunuk's Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) (article from No. 34), 'Canadian Comedy, Eh?' (article from No. 36), David Cronenberg's Crash (article from No. 13), Denys Arcand's Les Invasions barbares (article from No. 43), 'Paradox and Wonder: The Cinema of Peter Mettler' (article from No. 7), Robert Lepage's Le Confessionnal and Le Polygraphe (article from No. 15).

Issue 49
March 2005
Michael Dowse's It's All Gone Peter Tong (article), Rob Stefaniuk's Phil the Alien (article), Sin and Sovereignty: The Curious Rise of Cinepix Inc. (article), On the Fly (article), Denise Filiatrault's Ma vie en cinemascope (review), Jean Beaudin's Nouvelle-France (review), Velcrow Ripper's Scared/Sacred (review), Fran?ois Prevost and Hugo Latulippe's What Remains of Us (review), Joel Secter's The Best of Secter & the Rest of Secter (review), Michael McCowan's Saint Ralph (review), Take One's 2004 Survey of Canadian Films, incl. a complete list of the most popular films released in the GTA between 1994 and 2004.

Issue 48
December 2004
Corner Gas (article), This Is Wonderland (article), the films of Patricia Rozema, Carole Laure's CQ2 (Seek You Too) (article), Graham McInnes (excerpt from One Man's Documentary: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Film Board), 'TV Nation: The Answer to English-Canadian Cinema's Woes? The Boob Tube, of Course' (pov), Olivier Assayas's Clean (review), Louise Bourque (profile)

Issue 47
September 2004
Istv·n Szab?'s Being Julia (article), Don McKellar's Childstar (article), Chris Landreth's Ryan (article), Canada's Top 10 Films of All Time, Peter Rowe's Popcorn with Maple Syrup and Jill Sharpe's Weird Sex and Snowshoes (article), Ed Barreveld's Shipbreakers (article), Peter Raymont's Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Rom?o Dallaire (article), David Ostry's Milo 55160 (review), Matt Sinclair-Foreman's White Out, deco dawson's Defile in Veil (review)

Issue 46
June 2004
Ian Iqbal Rashid's Touch of Pink (article), the films of Lee Demarbre (article), Varick Frissell's The Viking (article), AV Preservation Trust's Masterworks of Canadian Cinema, 'Who Was the First Canadian Movie Star?' (pov), 'Epidemic Amnesia: AIDS Is Curiously Forgotten in Deny Arcand's Les Invasions barbares' (pov) .

Issue 45
March 2004
Lea Pool's The Blue Butterfly (article), The Shields Stories (article), Charles Martin Smith's The Snow Walker (article), Lindalee Tracey's The Anatomy of Burlesque (article), R. Bruce Elder (profile), Christina Zeidler (profile), 'Setting the Record Straight about POV and Hot Docs' (pov), Louis Belanger's Gaz Bar Blues (review), Peter Wellington's Luck (review), Dale Heslip's The Truth about Head (review), Brian Stockton's Saskatachewan Part 2 (review), Dan Sokolowski's Lightyear (review), and 'Take One's Annual Survey of Canadian Cinema.'

Issue 44
December 2003
Jean-Fran?ois Pouliot's Seducing Doctor Lewis (article), Carl Bessai's Emile (article), 'Taking Off The Mask: Rediscovering Nat Taylor and the B-Movies of Canada's Past' (article), Canada's Top 10 Best Fiction Feature Film Debuts Since 1968, Rick Mercer (profile), and 'Critical Mass: CanWest and its Critics' (pov).

Issue 43
September 2003
Denise Robert (profile), Guy Maddin's The Saddest Music in the World (article), Peter O'Brian's Hollywood North (article), William Phillips's Foolproof (article), Denys Arcand's Les Invasions barbares (article), Canada at Cannes 2003, Paul Almond (interview), Alexandre Franchi's Terminal Venus (review), Andrew Hull's Squeezebox, and Steven Woloshen's Bru Ha! Ha! (review).

Issue 42
June 2003
Keith Behrman's Flower & Garnet (article), Alanis Obomsawin's (profile), 'From Novel to Screen' (article), Larry Kent (profile), Lillyann Goldstein (profile), 'The Banff Television Festival' (article), 'My Big Fat Canadian Identity Theft' (pov), Joseph Blasioli's The Last Round (review), Guy Maddin's Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (review), Catherine Martin's Ocιan (review), Douglas Bensadoun's At the Quinte Hotel (review), and Brian Stockton's Saskatchewan (review).

Issue 41
March 2003
Charles Binamι's Sιraphin: Heart of Stone (interview), Michael Mackenzie's The Baroness and the Pig (article), Daniel McIvor (profile), Nettie Wild (profile), Allan King (interview), Paule Baillargon's Claude Jutra: An Unfinished Story (review), Jennifer Baichwal's The True Nature of Pictures: Shelby Adams' Appalachia (review), Doug Karr's Lifecycles: A Story of AIDS in Malawi (review), and 'Take One's Annual Survey of Canadian Cinema.

Issue 40
December 2002
David Cronenberg's Spider (article), Manon Briand's Chaos and Desire (article), Tim Southam's The Bay of Love and Sorrows (article), Sturla Gunnarsson (interview), Edoardo Ponti's Between Stangers (review), Rodrigue Jean's Yellowknife (review), Terrance Odette's Saint Monica (review), Deborah Day's Expecting (review), Jesse Rosensweet's The Stone of Folley (review), Charles Officer's Short Hymn_Silent War 03 (review), and Chris Hinton's Flux (review).

Issue 39
September 2002
Deepa Mehta's Bollywood/Hollywood (interview), Atom Egoyan's Ararat (article), Peter Mettler's Gambling, Gods and LSD (article), Jeff Erbach's The Nature of Nicholas (article), Brad Fraser's Leaving Metropolis (article), Niv Fichman (profile), Jessica Bradford's Winter Sun (review), Korbett Matthews's Devouring Buddha (review), and Peter Demas's Straight In the Face (review).

Issue 38
July 2002
Paul Cowan's Westray (article), Frank Cole (profile), Richard Leiterman (profile), Linda Ohama's Obaachan's Garden (article), Kevin McMahon's McLuhan's Wake (article), Jacques Bensimon (interview), Wolf Koenig (interview), Nisha Pahuja's Bollywood Bound (review), Sandra Danilovic's Portrait of a Street: The Spirit and Soul of College Street (review), Cordell Barker's Strange Invaders (review), Philip Hoffman's What these Ashes Wanted (review), and Sarah Polley's I Shout Love (review).

Issue 37
May 2002
Paul Cowan's Westray (article), Frank Cole (profile), Richard Leiterman (profile), Linda Ohama's Obaachan's Garden (article), Kevin McMahon's McLuhan's Wake (article), Jacques Bensimon (interview), Wolf Koenig (interview), Nisha Pahuja's Bollywood Bound (review), Sandra Danilovic's Portrait of a Street: The Spirit and Soul of College Street (review), Cordell Barker's Strange Invaders (review), Philip Hoffman's What these Ashes Wanted (review), and Sarah Polley's I Shout Love (review).

Issue 36
March 2002
Canadian Comedy, Eh? Paul Gross's Men with Brooms and Eric Till's Red Green's Duct Tape Forever' (article), Guy Maddin's Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (article), Anne Wheeler (profile), Colin Campbell (profile), Kevin DeWalt (profile), 'Telefilm's Hidden Agenda: No More Roughing Up the Suspects' (pov), Asghar Massombagi's Khaled (review), Robert Cuffley's Turning Paige (review), Noam Gonick's Hey, Happy! (review), Andrea Dorfman's Parsley Days (review), Victoria King's White Thunder (review), Jason Buxton's A Fresh Start (review), Stephanie Morgenstern's Remembrance (review), Elida Schogt's Silent Song (review), and 'Take One's Annual Survey of Canadian Cinema.

Issue 35
December 2001
Andrι Turpin's Un Crabe dans la tκte (article), Bruce McDonald's Picture Claire (article), Ann Marie Fleming (interview), Callum Keith Rennie (profile), Nick Mancuso (profile), 'Memories of Maria: A Contribution of the Discussion on the Image of the Working Class in Canadian Media' (by Allan King), Catherine Martin's Mariages (review), William Phillips's Treed Murray (review), Aubrey Nealon's In Memoriam (review), deco dawson's FILM (dzama) (review), Ross Turnbull's Breath, and Dan Sokolowski's (winter) time (review).

Issue 34
September 2001
Tenth Anniversary Issue: Bruce Sweeney's Last Wedding (article), Lιa Pool's Lost and Delirious (interview), Zacharias Kunuk's Atanarjuat (article), David Weaver's Century Hotel, 'Film Criticism in Canada Today: Take One's Critical Symposium' (article), and 'A Chronology of Canadian Film and Television' (article).

Issue 33
July 2001
Summer Animation Issue. Paul Driessen (profile), Mainframe (article), Xcalibur (article), Michθle Cournoyer's Le Chapeau (article), Pierre Hιbert (profile), Cinar (article), Quickdraw Animation Society (article), Cyber World in 3-D (review), Richard Roy's Cafι Olι (review), John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps (review), Bernard Emond's La Femme qui boit (review), Kevin Kurytnik's Abandon Bob Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here (review), Claude Cloutier's Du Big Bang ΰ mardi matin (review), Renι Jodoin's Entre temps et lieu (review), and Martine Chartrand's Black Soul (review).

Issue 32
May 2001
John Walker's The Fairy Faith (article), Su Rynard's Dream Machine (article), Bay Weyman's Spirits of Havana (article), Gerry Rogers's My Left Breast (article), Roman Kroitor (interview), Silva Basmajian (profile), Louis Bιlanger's Lauzon/Lauzone (review), Clement Virgo's Love Come Down (review), Pierre Falardeau's 15 fιvrier 1839 (review), Laurence Green's Thin Ice (review), Julie Perron's Mai en decembre (Godard en Abitibi) (review), Alastir Brown's Tango in a Cold City (review), and Rob Thompson's Journey to Little Rock (review).

Issue 31
March 2001
John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps (article), Lionel Chetwynd's Varian's War (article), Martin Cummins's We All Fall Down (article), Robert Favreau's Les Muses orphelines (article), Allan Moyle's X Change (article), Pascale Bussiθres (profile), 'Preserving Canada's Cinematic Heritage' (article), 'Is Film Dead?' (article), Jacques Godbout's Traξtre ou patriote and Anne Hιbert (reviews), Philippe Falardeau's La Moξte de la frigo (review), Leonard Farlinger's The Perfect Son (review), Denis Villeneuve's Maelstrφm (review), Guy Maddin's The Heart of the World (review), Louise Archambault's Atomic Sake (review), Tony Asimakopoulos's Night of the Celibate (review), Susan Shipton's Hindsight (review), and 'Take One's Annual Survey of Canadian Features Released in the GTA.

Issue 30
January 2001
Robert Lepage's Possible Worlds (interview), Gary Burns's waydowntown (article), Denis Villeneuve's Maelstrφm (article), Arto Paragamian's Two Thousand and None (article), 'It's Time to Rethink Perspective Canada' (pov by Geoff Pevere), Joan Hutton (profile), Christian Duguay's The Art of War (review), Preludes (review), Denys Arcand's Stardom (review), Allan Moyle's New Waterford Girl (review), and Colin Low's Moving Pictures (review).

Issue 29
September 2000
Denys Arcand's Stardom (article), Clement Virgo's Love Come Down (article), John Greyson's The Law of Enclosures (article), Kenton Vaughan's The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlene (article), Guylaine Dionne's Les Fantτmes des trois Madeleine (article), Keith Behrman's Ernest (review), Jean-Franηois Monette's Take-Out (review), Majdi el-Omari's Traces on the Rock of Elsewhere (review), Michael Downing's Clean Rite Cowboy (review), and Jeffrey Erbach's Monday with the Martins (review).

Issue 28
June 2000
Theme issue: Ontario Cinema: Past, Present & Future. Includes: 'A Secret History of the Toronto New Wave' (article by Cameron Bailey), 'Runaway to the Great White North' (article), 'Post Wave: Strangers in a Strange Land' (article), 'A History of Ontario's Film Industry' (article by Wyndham Wise), and Adam Ostry (interview).

Issue 27
March 2000
George Mihalka's Dr. Lucille: Larger than Life (article), Rob Forsyth (interview), Made in Canada (article), 'Quebec Independent Cinema in the 1990s' (article by Jean Pierre Lefebvre), Allan Moyle (profile), Derek Rogers (profile), 'Take One's Unofficial List of Top 20 Canadian Box-Office Hits' (mini-reviews), 'I Was a Spy for Cineplex' (pov), 'Prairie Populism: The Winnipeg Film Group's 25th Anniversary' (article), and Barbara Sternberg's Like a Dream that Vanishes (article).

Issue 26
January 2000
Ron Mann's Grass (article), Peter Wintonoick's Cinιma Vιritι: Defining the Moment (article), Cristine Richey's Tops & Bottoms (article), Patricia Rozema's Mansfield Park (article), Colin Low (interview, part II), Paul Sarossy (profile), Greg Klymkiw's Zabava (review), Merlin Dervisevic's Exhuming Tyler (review), Sheldon Serkin's Anderson Unbound (review), Bridget Farr's Nobody's Nothing (review), a hommage to Pierre Perrault, and 'Take One's 1999 Survey of Canadian Films in the GTA.

Issue 25
September 1999
Atom Egoyan's Felicia's Journey (article), Jeremy Podeswa's The Five Senses (article), Lιa Pool's Emporte-moi (article), John Paizs's Top of the Food Chain (article), John Kramer's The Man Who Might Have Been (article), Robert Lantos (profile), 'Bubbles Galore: It's Trash Culture vs. the Status Quo!' (pov by Greg Klymkiw), and Pat Thompson remembered by Gerald Pratley.

Issue 24
June 1999
Special Animation Issue. David Fine's and Alison Snowden's Bob and Margaret (article), Wendy Tilby's and Amanda Forbis's When the Day Breaks (article), Steve 'Spaz' Williams (profile), Co Hoedeman (profile), Renι Jodoin (profile), Danny Antonucci's Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy (article), Chris Landreth (profile), 'Amimation Cels Products: Commercials in Canada' (article), Reboot (article), GVFX (article), Cuppa Coffee (article), Cinar (article), Richard Reeves (proifle), Chris Landreth's Bingo (review), Craig Welch's How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels (review), Richard Reeves's Linear Dreams (review), Ann Marie Fleming's AMF's Tiresias (review), Patrick Lowe's Gerald the Genie (review), and a tribute to Evelyn Lambart.

Issue 23
March 1999
David Cronenberg's eXistenZ (interview), 'Love Hurts: Canadian Romantic Comedy' (article), Denise Filiatrault's C't'ΰ ton tour, Laura Cadieux (article), John Doyle's Extraordinary Visitor (article), Ken Finkleman's Foolish Hearts (article), Emily of New Moon (article), Colin Low (interview, part I), Bruce McDonald's Elimination Dance (review), Jeff Erbach's Under Chad Valley (article), Penny McCann's The Fires of Joanna (review), and Rosemary House's Rain, Drizzle and Fog (review).

Issue 22
January 1999
Franηois Girard's The Red Violin (article), 'Control and Redemption: The Austere Cinema of Robert Bresson' (article), Sturla Gunnarsson's Such a Long Journey (article), Power Play (article), 'Thirty Years of Telefilm Canada' (article), 'Canadian Cinema from Boom to Bust: The Tax-Shelter Years' (article by Wyndham Wise), Jim Shedden's Brakhage (article), 'Taking Canadian Films to China' (pov), Mary Lewis's When Ponds Freeze Over (review), Sharon Hyman's Arousal (review), Mike Hoolboom's In My Car (review), Colin Mackenzie's A Granellian Encounter (review), and 'Take One's 1998 Survey of Canadian Films in the GTA.

Issue 21
September 1998
Peter Lynch's The Herd (article), Don McKellar's Last Night (article), Denis Villeneuve's Un 32 aoϋt sur terre (article), Bruce Sweeney's Dirty (article), Joyce Wieland (profile), Saul Rubinek (profile), Wayne Clarkson (interview), 'Sex in Cannes' (article), Cynthia Roberts's The Bridal Path (review), Lee Demarbre's Harry Kncukles (review), Dan Sokolowski's Fire & Ice (review), and Neal Livingston's Michel in the Suete (review).

Issue 20
June 1998
Theme issue: 50 Years of Television in Canada. 'We Like to Watch' (article by Geoff Pevere), Michael MacMillan (interview), For the Record (article), Rhombus Media (article), Budge Crawley (profile), Mike Bullard (profile), 'Television in Atlantic Canada' (article), and a historical chonology of television in Canada.

Issue 19
March 1998
Kevin McMahon (profile), Gary Burns's Kitchen Party (article), Mina Shum's Drive, She Said (article), 'Take One's Top 20 Canadian Films of All Time' (mini-reviews), 'The Canada Council and Canadian Independent Cinema' (article), 'Pete 'n' Joey Have Grown Up. Did Anyone Notice?' (pov), 'The Documentary Renaissance' (pov by Rudy Buttignol), and a tribute to Kathleen Shannon by Bonnie Sherr Klein.

Issue 18
January 1998
James Cameron's Titanic (article), Andrι Forcier's La Comtesse de Baton Rouge (article), Margaret Wescott's Stolen Moments (article), Twitch City (article), John Woo's Once a Thief (article), John Paskievich (interview by John Walker), 'Requiem for a Palace of Guilty Pleasures' (pov by Gerry Flahive), Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (article), Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter (review), Thom Fitzgerald's The Hanging Garden (review), Su Rynard's Strands (review), Patricia Gruben's Before It Blows (review), Ariella Pahlke's Charlie's Prospect (review), Keith Behrman's White Cloud, Blue Mountain (review), and 'Take One's 1997 Survey of Canadian Films in the GTA.

Issue 17
September 1997
Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter (article), Guy Maddin's The Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (article), Thom Fitzgerald's The Hanging Garden (article), Roger Frappier (profile), Clement Virgo's The Planet of Junior Brown (article), Graeme Ferguson (interview), Peter Mettler's Balifilm (review), Shaun Cathcart's Shift (review), Christopher Grismer's Uncle (review), and Susan Terrill's Cream Sauce (review).

Issue 16
June 1997
Theme Issue: Canadian Animation Rules! 'The United Nations of Animation' (article), Kaj Pindal (interview), 'Breaking Out of Their Cells' (article), Richard Condie's La Salla (article), Charlie Thorson (profile), Pierre Hιbert (profile), 'O Canada' (pov), Mainframe (article), Cinar (article), International Rocketship (article), 'A Cannes Diary' (article by Brian D. Johnson), and a 'Tribute to Norman McLaren.

Issue 15
March 1997
Stephen Low (interview), Lynne Stopkewich's Kissed (article), Robert Lepage (article), '100 Great and Glorious Years of Canadian Cinema, the Sequel' (mini-bios), John Kneller (profile), Mike Hoolboom's Letters from Home (review), Steven Haworth's Not Kokura (review), Philippe Baylaucq's Lodela (review), and Valerie Buhagiar's One Day I Stood Still (review).

Issue 14
December 1996
Deepa Mehta's Fire (article), Peter Lynch's Project Grizzly (article), Cynthia Roberts's Bubbles Galore (article), Don McBearty's The Arrow (article), Anna Benson Gyles's Swann and Anthony Minghella's The English Patient (article), 'Winter Tales' (article), Joyce Weiland (profile), 'The Festival that Ate My Brian' (pov by Mike Hoolboom), and 'Take One's 2nd Annual Toronto Film Critics' Poll.

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