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Monthly Magazine from Montreal ,Canada
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1966-1979
- Editor: Peter Lebensold.
- Published by Unicorn Publishing

Last updated:
18 October 2022
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Issue 81
Vol 7 # 9
August 1979

Issue 80
Vol 7 # 8
July 1979
Results of the Brian de Palma Screenplay Contest; MEATBALLS (a production report by Kay Armatage); Dore Schary Career Interview (by Gerald Peary and Patrick McGilligan); 30 Seconds Over America (article by Jon Fase); Cannes Film Festival (report by David Overbey); National Film Board (article by Holly Dressel); The Whiffenpoof Solution (article by Harlan Jacobson); Reviews: ALIEN; LES RENDEZ-VOUS D'ANNA; THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN; ASPARAGUS; WINTER KILLS.Overlooked and Under-rated: AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS!; SORCERER. Encore: AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. Book Reviews, including Andrew Sinclair's biography of John Ford.

Issue 79
Vol 7 # 7
June 1979

Issue 78
Vol 7 # 6
May 1979
George Lucas: An Interview (by Audie Bock); Tracking Nikola Tesla; A Screenwriter's Diary (by John Hughes); Popcorn! (article by Marsha Coburn); Hot Books (article by Jenny Tripp); The Psychopathology Of The Film Buff (article by Patricia Goldstone); Stalking THE DEER HUNTER: interviews with Michael Cimino (by Donald Chase and Joseph Coencas) and Peter Zinner (by Paul Nagle); Yugoslavia's New Wave (article by Peter Cowie); Video: Take-Home TV (article by Tim Onosko); Scoring: Nino Rota (article by Ross Care); NY, NY, Part Two (article by Harlan Jacobson); Reviews: MANHATTAN; HAIR; RICHARD PRYOR: LIVE IN CONCERT; A PERFECT COUPLE; DAWN OF THE DEAD. Book reviews: including reeviews of "Camerado" by Donald Spoto and "Ten Film Classics" by Edward Murray.

Issue 77
Vol 7 # 5
April 1979

Issue 76
Vol 7 # 4
March 1979
On The Set With The Muppets (article by David Colker and Jack Viertel); Interview With Carole Laure (by David Overbey); Throw Me Something, Mister! (article by Michael Goodwin); Paris Journal (by David Overbey); Kurosawa (article by Audie Bock); NY, NY (article by Harlan Jacobson); Jean Renoir (obituary by Naomi Wise); Pay-TV Report (article by Tim Onosko); Reviews: THE DEER HUNTER; THE SILENT PARTNER; L'AMOUR EN FUITE (aka LOVE ON THE RUN); ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE; the films of Howard Guttenplan.Overlooked and Under-rated: SHOCK WAVES; HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN; THE SQUEEZE.Encore: REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.Book reviews: including three books on Fellini and "Close-Ups", edited by Danny Peary.

Issue 75
Vol 7 # 3
February 1979

Issue 74
Vol 7 # 2
January 1979

Issue 73
Vol 7 # 1
December 1978
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Issue 72
Vol 6 # 12
November 1978

Issue 71
Vol 6 # 11
October 1978

Issue 70
Vol 6 # 10
September 1978

Issue 69
Vol 6 # 9
August 1978

Issue 68
Vol 6 # 8
July 1978

Issue 67
Vol 6 # 7
June 1978

Issue 66
Vol 6 # 6
May 1978

Issue 65
Vol 6 # 5
April 1978

Issue 64
Vol 6 # 4
March 1978

Issue 63
Vol 6 # 3
February 1978

Issue 62
Vol 6 # 2
January 1978

Issue 61
Vol 6 # 1
December 1977
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Issue 60
Vol 5 # 12
November 1977
Reviews: VALENTINO; NOVEMBER 15TH; STROSZEK; RIMBAUD EST MORT; OUTRAGEOUS; WHY SHOOT THE TEACHER?; THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON.Print The Fact: For And Against The Films Of John Ford (article by Pierre Greenfield); Agnes Varda Sings (an interview with Ying Ying Wu); Looking For Diane Keaton (article by James Monaco); Pauline Kael, The Desperate Critic (article by Mitch Tuchman); Regular Columns: Coffee, Brandy And Cigars (by Herman G. Weinberg); Women In Film (by Kay Armatage); Technical Notes (by Bob Parent); From The Festivals (by Carmel Dumas and Holly Dressel); Letter From South Africa (by Eric Litnaitzky); Sound Tracks (by Robert Fiedel).Groucho Marx: A Retrospective (article by David Thomson); Book Reviews, including "Fellini The Artist" and "The Long View".

Issue 59
Vol 5 # 11
September 1977

Issue 58
Vol 5 # 10
July 1977

Issue 57
Vol 5 # 9
April 1977

Issue 56
Vol 5 # 8
March 1977
Fritz Lang Remembered (article by Scott Eyman); Ellen Burstyn Talks (interviewed by Ying Ying Wu); Hollywood Turns To The Right (article by Peter Roffman and Jim Purdy); Funny Man (interview with George Burns by Albert Nussbaum); Films On Film: A Checklist (article by Judith Trojan); Reviews: PROVIDENCE; THE LATE SHOW; IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES; MIKEY AND NICKY; FELLINI-CASANOVA; JONAH WHO WILL BE 25 IN THE YEAR 2000; Overlooked And Under-rated: THE ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE; STEEL ARENA; MY NAME IS NOBODY; CHE? (aka WHAT?); LOOSE ENDS.Regular Columns:Animation (by Chuck Jones); Music (by Robert Fiedel); Technical Notes (by Bob Parent); Notes From The New Cinema (by Bob Cowan); Flamingo Hours (by Gene Youngblood); Film As Business (by Michael Mayer); Letters From Rome (by Gideon Bachmann), Paris (by Geoffrey Minish) and London (by Robert Macdonald);Coffee, Brandy And Cigars (by Herman G. Weinberg); Book Reviews (including biographies of Leni Riefensthal and Norman McLaren).Books On Film: A Checklist.

Issue 55
Vol 5 # 7
February 1977

Issue 54
Vol 5 # 6
January 1977

Issue 53
Vol 5 # 5
December 1976
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Issue 52
Vol 5 # 4
October 1976

Issue 51
Vol 5 # 3
August 1976

Issue 50
Vol 5 # 2
May 1976
Special 50th edition number on Alfred Hitchcock.
The Cinema And Its Double (article by James Monaco);
Shooting Hitchcock (article by Phillippe Halsman);
The Last Great Silent Director (article by John Russell Taylor);
Alma Hitchcock (profile by John Russell Taylor);
Hitchcock's Films: A Critical Guide (short reviews of 53 Hitchcock films by Jay Cocks, William K. Everson, Michael Goodwin, Greil Marcus, Joe Medjuck, James Monaco, Catherine Plumb, Frank Rich, Donald Spoto, Michael Tarantino, John Russell Taylor and Naomi Wise);
Hitchcock At Work;
How He Does It (article by Michael Tarantino);
Remembering Herrmann (article by Brian De Palma);
Hitchcock: The Best Of The Earliest (article by Maurice Yacowar);
Book-keeping On An Analyst's Couch (article by David Bombyk);
Plotting The Hitchcock Family (article by Susan Schenker);
Personal letters about Hitchcock from James Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Francois Truffaut and Mike Hodges, with a brief interview with Cary Grant by James Monaco;
Making CINDY (article by Elizabeth Wajnberg);
Regular Columns: by Chuck Jones, Bob Cowan, Michael F. Mayer and Herman G. Weinberg;
Books reviews (including "The Dracula Book", "Lorentz On Film" and "Cagney By Cagney").

Issue 49
Vol 5 # 1
February 1976

Rock Hudson

Issue 48
Vol 4 # 12
December 1975

Issue 47
Vol 4 # 11
September 1975

Issue 46
Vol 4 # 10
June 1975

Issue 45
Vol 4 # 9
May 1975

Issue 44
Vol 4 # 8
March 1975

Issue 43
Vol 4 # 7
December 1974

Issue 42
Vol 4 # 6
November 1974

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