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Issue 21
Vol 4 #5

Issue 20
Vol 4 #4
Highslide JS

Issue 19
Vol 4 #3
Highslide JS

Issue 18
Vol 4 #2
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Issue 17
Vol 4 #1

Issue 16
Volume 3 No 6 November/December 2010

Issue 15
Volume 3 No 5 September/October 2010
Asterix the Gaul

Sword and Sandal

Rome through the Cinematic Lens:

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Alternative Histories in Cinema


Plus lots of reviews and a special feature on


Mary Higgins Clark - America's Queen of Suspense.

Issue 14
Volume 3 No 4 - July/August 2010
The End of the World in Myth and Cinema.
Disaster Magnet: The Statue of Liberty.
A History of Triffids.
The Tiger Lillies

Issue 13
Volume 3 No 3 - May/June 2010
Cinema Contraband: A History.
Quentin Tarantino in Profile.
Thinking Time Feature: Eurotika.
Shintaro and the Samurai.
The Cinema of Jim Wynorski.
Something Weird Cult Cinema.
Plus lots of reviews including some great coverage of horror titles, books, toys and collectibles and more.

Issue 12
Volume 3 No 2 - March/April 2010
The Ins and Outs of Erotica
Censorship and Freedom of Expression
Serious Talk about Sex: A Thinking Time Report on Documentaries on Sexuality
Fetish and Film
The Work of David Blyth
The Transgressive Cinema of Monika Treut
Japanese Pink Cinema (Pink Eiga)
Special Feature on Death Note Anime Series

Issue 11
Volume 3 No.1 - January/February 2010
The Robots of Isaac Asimov
The War of the Worlds
The Quantum Gravity Series of Justina Robson
A Century of Science Fiction Cinema
Sex and science fiction
Godzilla in Cinema
Star Trek: Legends of the Frontier
Plus Feature Reviews on Science Fiction and all our normal review departments (including our monthly entertainment Tech Report)

Issue 10
Volume 2 No.6 December 2009
The Unusual World of Japanese Crime Noir:The Work of Suzuki Seijun The Cinema of Walerian Borowczyk British Crime Cinema: A Retrospective Crime Cinema in Review A Rev Heads Guide to Xmas Exclusive Interview with Don Loffler: Author of F.J. Holden, Holden Together, She's a Beauty and Me and My Holden. A Very Trashy Christmas The Worlds of Terry Pratchett Plus lots of reviews including some great coverage of horror titles, books, toys and collectibles and more

Issue 9
Volume 2 No.5 October 2009
Halloween Horror October 2009 (Vol 2. No 5) Volume 2 No.5 (2009) The Dark Imagination of Clive Barker Freddy Forever: Elm Street Lives ! Vampires: Lust for Blood The Hammer Horror Story No Skin off my ass: The Queer Cinema of Bruce La Bruce Nunsploitation Plus lots of reviews including some great coverage of horror titles, books, toys and collectibles and more

Issue 8
Volume 2 No.4 2009
Comedy Special Edition. Features include: British Comedy: A Retrospective Carry On about Carry On Unauthorized Guide to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Rudd and the New Wowserism John Waters and the Cinema of Filth The Life of Python The Aunty Jack Show The Malibu Films of Andy Sidaris Plus lots of reviews, news and more

Issue 7
Volume 2 No 3 2009
Features include The Twilight Zone (Original Series), Creature Features: Article and Reviews, the Retro Visions of Christopher Mihm, Godzilla and the Librarian series. Lots and lots of reviews including some great coverage of unique art books, Urban Vinyl Collectibles and more. Special DVD review features include reviews of Retro Sci Fi, Horror and Erotica as well as recent releases.

Issue 6
Volume 2 No 2 2009
Cult Cinema - Special Edition Features include Peter Jackson Profile & Peter Jackson's forgotten Mockumentary "Forgotten Silver", Baadasss Cinema: Blaxploitation Cinema, Not Quite Hollywood: Ozploitation & Ozploitation review focus, Snuff You ! Snuff & Shockumentary Cinema, the Cult of "Countdown" The Dark Justice of Jigsaw: The Saw Films. Special review features on Cult Films, Cult Erotica and Cult Horror plus lots and lots more.

Issue 5
Volume 2 No.1 2009
World Cinema Special Issue Features includes New Zealand Cinema, Dario Argento: Maestro of Giallo and Italian Horror Cinema, Beginners Guide to World Cinema and The Independent Cinema of Eric Stanze as well as lots of reviews including special segments on World Cult and Horror Cinema !

Issue 4
Xmas Issue 1 No. 4 2008
Features include: Xmas Horror - from Black Xmas to Divine, Bad Santa to Santa Slay !! Iron Man, H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer and Poultrygeist:The Ultimate Troma Spectacular. There are lots of docos from the History to executions to Mythbusters. A New section on World Movies and, of course, lots and lots of reviews.

Issue 3
Halloween 2008
Features on Ozploitation Films, Indie Films from Gay Zombies to Vengeful Xmas Trees, Doco Time covering everything from Aliester Crowley and Albert Fish to Feminism and Sex, Vampires and Sex, Mondo Collecting, Tech Review:Squeezebox Boom and Lots of reviews: Books, Magazines, Comics, Art, DVDs, Collectibles and more...

Issue 2
Winter 2008
The Winter 2008 Edition is packed with articles and reviews. Features include Richard Dawkins-Rational Thought, Penn and Teller-Bullshit, The Cinema of Kihachi Okamoto, Shaw Brothers Exploitations from the Far East, Walerian Borowczyk and "La Bete" (The Beast), H.P Lovecraft on DVD, Death Note LIVE ACTION FILMS, The Haunted Studio of Lewis Barrett Lehrman and The Dark Vision of John Santerineross. It is also filled to the brim with reviews of books, music, art, art and collectables, magazines and course lots of DVD reviews.

Issue 1
Summer 2008
The Summer 2008 is packed with over 100 pages of content including Major features on Alejandro Jodorowsky (Holy Mountain and El Topo), the Dark Art of Nick Kushner, the Art of Stan Winston, David Bowie and the Horror of the Hunger and lots more.

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