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- First and last issue: 2005-2009
- The Magazine For Professional And Amateur Super-8 Filmmakers.
- Editor: Chris Cottrill.
- Published by OMNI-PRINTS PUBLISHING 1427 Eagle Mountain Drive Miamisburg Ohio 45342
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Issue 16

Issue 15
Why Vinnie Carponzo Hates Trains - The inside scoop on the making of a bank heist caper, all shot in Canada with Kodak’s breathtaking Vision 2 negative film. All About Anamorphics…Part 2 - A continuation of a short history lesson from Tony Shapps who has been involved in widescreen formats for the small gauge filmmaker for several decades. Making “Gordon” - Joel Potrykus’ account of a 20-minute Super-8 film he recently made – from concept to shooting to telecine transfer. Colorlab - A tour through this Maryland based film lab, which also offers telecine work, and optical printing. Not-So-Special Effects - Making a film with no budget is common in the Super-8 world. But how about one filled with monsters and special effects? The inside story of The Naked Monster. Super-8 from eBay to YouTube - Venus on the Half Shell is a vintage clothing store in Maryland. What better way to promote such a store than the free internet via YouTube? The staff of the store decided to do just that, and on Super-8 film to boot. Bringing Film to Video: The World of Telecine - Patrick Cooper walks us through the possibilities of the telecine world, that last but all important step of taking your film and digitizing it for editing and copying. Book Review: Homemade Hollywood - A book about the current world and history of fan films might seem a little limited, but nevertheless, it is full of pleasant surprises. When the Levee Breaks - The story of documentary filmmaker Helen Hill, whose life tragically ended in New Orleans at the hands of a robber shortly after the flood of 2006. The Aesthetics of Super-8 Anarchy - Craig Smith is an underground filmmaker’s underground filmmaker. His Psychedelic Glue Sniffin Hillbilies from 1993 is now ready to attack the DVD shelves. A Leveling Plate and Rod Support for the Beaulieu 4008 - For use of professional matte boxes, an accessory rod support system is needed for your camera. Here is a review of a handmade version from ACS Products.

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