Horror/Weirdo/Honk Kong/Komix/Kult-Tv/Splatter/Kool 50's Flicks
Fanzine from Denmark
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2000
- Danish fanzine by Jack Jensen (see also Banned In Britain).
- Dedicated to psychotronic movies. Including interviews, reviews, articles and various weird stuff.
- Unfortunately most of the text is in Danish.
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16 March 2019
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Jack Jensen
Scott Matheson

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Issue 4
August 2003
Highslide JS
2nd cover
Highslide JS
3rd cover
Number 4 is the biggest volume yet: 128 pages in a double issue (two parts).
See left:
- the original wrapper that keeps the 2 parts together (2nd cover),
- Cover of part 2 (3rd cover)

Horror, exploitation, blaxploitation, Hong Kong, serial killer flicks, Hellacopter docu, splatter movies, Baby Woodrose interview, Danish zombie underground movie, Space 1999, Rune T. Kidde interview, Turkish trush movies and tons more.
As before text is in Danish except the Baby Woodrose interview and a letter from Gordon Mitchell.

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