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Sci-Fi, Star Wars Monthly Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1996-2007
- Vitelloni reports:
Titan Magazines which previously published Stars Wars (The Official) Magazine has taken over the US magazine Star Wars Insider from IDG Entertainment. So with the US issue #93 and the UK issue #69 both magazines become one in name, cover and content.
- Published by Titan Magazines
- Website: www.titanmagazines.com

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25 July 2011

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Issue 69
May/June 2007
- Com-Scan: news.
- Celebration IV update: mega-convention line-up.
- Best of starwars.com.
- Unleash your Inner Sith: Inside The Force Unleashed video game.
- Pirates of the Boards (part 3): lost storyboards from the original Star Wars mo

Issue 68
March/April 2007
.- Com-Scan: news
- The Best of starwars.com
- The Man Behind the Mask: David Prowse interview
- Hellraising: The Models of Revenge of the Sith (Part 2)
- Spacebase Wales: The Last Corellian Shipyard
- Comic Marvels: The Marvel comic version of Star Wars
- Double-sided Star Wars 30 poster
- Guilty by Association: Early Star Wars Bootleg Merchandise
- Unknown Origins: Secrets of the Scripts
- Pirates of the Boards: Revealing the storyboards from the original movie
- Jawa's Corner: Books, Comics and Toys
- Star Wars Q&A
- Star Wars Q&A extra: 20 Things You didn't know about the Mos Eisley Cantina
- Star Wars collecting: Tokyo treasures
- Set Piece: X-Wing Starfighter

Issue 67
January/February 2007

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