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Sci-Fi, Star Wars Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2003
- ''A non profit making UK fanzine, written by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans''
- Editor: Scott Weller
- 36 pages.
- Sometimes spelt AFFICIANADO.

Last updated:
11 August 2013
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Scott Matheson
Garry Malvern

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CONTENTS: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 GALLERIES: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 All

Issue 14
REVISED AFICIONADO ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: THE MAKING OF 'STAR WARS' (ONLY AVAILABLE ON PDF/CD-R): AFICIONADO revises its original 36 page BEHIND THE SCENES feature on the making of EPISODE IV into a complete 187 page special issue, covering every aspect of the original film's creation from 1967 to 1977, containing rare photos and production info not previously found in the original issue five/six, or in the official 2007 LUCASFILM book on the film's making by J.W. Rinzler.

Issue 15

Issue 14

Issue 13
ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: A special visual tribute to thirty years of STAR WARS, celebrating all six films and beyond: it's classic characters, favourite scenes and the phenomenon itself, including the books, the comics, tv, the toys and beyond. This is a treasure trove of nostalgic memories and packed with hundreds of rare images and interview quotes from cast and crew members. It is the ultimate visual scrapbook.

Issue 11
/12 2006
SPECIAL ISSUE: THE MAKING OF 'THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK' . One of the most comprehensive magazines ever to go behind the scenes on the making of the film. 147 pages, a quadruple issue!!, of rare photos, interview quotes, production filming timetable, cut scenes, the creation of Yoda, the film's publicity and EMPIRE DAY promotions in May 1980... Whatever you've ever wanted to know about EMPIRE, it's all in this issue, packed with hundreds of rare colour and black and white photos!!

Issue 10
Winter 2006
THE PREQUELS: AN OVERVIEW. In a special 27 page feature, illustrated with tons of rare photos, the cast and crew of the STAR WARS Prequels talk candidly about their contributions to the continuation of the STAR WARS SAGA.
WATTO SPEAKS: IAN TRUSSLER speaks exclusvely to Andrew Secombe, the man behind the voice of the devious and resourceful Tatooine resident, Wattoo.
STAR WARS: TELEVISION!! SCOTT WELLER takes a look back at the previous attempts to bring STAR WARS to televison-the success and the failures- then looks ahead to the upcoming 2010 STAR WARS televison series, and what we can expect from it.
Plus, two new short stories, by SCOTT WELLER, set during critical events in EPISODEs II and III.

Issue 8
/9 2005
EPISODE III FULL COVERAGE: Scott Weller presents a highly detailed review of the film-not to be missed, and illustrated with nearly 100 photos.
REVENGE OF THE EDIT: Eight pages full of rare photos devoted to the many lost scenes of REVENGE OF THE SITH. You'll be surprised at how much was cut!!
NALINI KRISHAN-AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We talk to the gorgeous actress Nalini Krishan-who played popular Jedi Knight Barriss Offee in ATTACK OF THE CLONES.
THE ALTERNATE REVENGE OF THE JEDI: Scott Weller goes back to 1978/79 and unearths the truth behind the original version of the film, to have been produced by Gary Kurtz, that would eventually become RETURN OF THE JEDI.
TO HOTH AND BACK: Roving reporter Ian Trussler visits Finse, Norway
AFICIONADO GOES RETRO: We go all nostalgic, heading back to 1979 and previewing THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!
ALL THE COLOURS OF.... Ken Blackmore gets all nostalgic about lightsabers. aahh...
CELEBRATION III EVENT/CELEBRATION UK FILM SCREENING DAY: Full reviews, packed with great photos, of these unforgettable, epic UK and US STAR WARS 2005 events, from Ian Trussler.
TUGGIT: BOUNTY HUNTER: Fiction entrepeneur Ken Blackmore tells an intriguing new story set during the critical events of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Issue 7
REVENGE OF THE SITH/DARTH VADER SPECIAL.A comprehensive plot prediction guide to EPISODE THREE, printed literally several weeks before the film's release and stunningly accurate!! Also, a comprehensive guide to Darth Vader in the movies-with interview quotes from all the actors to have played and voiced Vader, including very rare photos and intriguing behind the scenes costume and filming information.

Issue 5
/6 2004
THE MAKING OF STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE. A special behind the scenes issue, compiled by Scott Weller and Chris Baker, on the making of the first STAR WARS movie, primarily the main studio filming, plus complete profiles on the cast and crew. The issue also includes a separate career profile/review feature on Mark Hamill by Ian Trussler, a look at STAR WARS recycled movie concepts, a new Luke Skywalker short story, and a feature on how the HEROES JOURNEY myth equally applies to Anakin Skywalker as well as his son, Luke.

Issue 4
LOCATION FILMING SPECIAL. A tour de force of articles covering all the location filming across all six films (including visits to Tunisia, Ian Trussler's journies to Spain, Lake Como-Italy, and Death Valley, and special behind the scenes sections of Yuma and Crescent City for RETURN OF THE JEDI). There is also a special article on what AFICONADO had hoped to see on the then upcoming STAR WARS ORIGINALTRILOGY DVDs in 2004. And for all fans of teddy bear action heroes, there's a look at the Ewok tv movies of the mid eighties and an interview with human star Eric Walker.

Issue 3
Winter 2003/ 2004
THE PHANTOM MENACE SPECIAL. Deleted scenes and dialogue information, main cast profiles, interview quotes, many rare photos and production artwork. Plus a new short story set just before the events of THE PHANTOM MENACE, and an ARCHIVE on THE CLOAK OF DECEPTION novel by James Lucerno.

Issue 2
Han Solo/Chewbacca Section: Sixteen pages on Star Wars most popular characters. Filled with rare photos, quotes from Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew, movie/film/comic highlights, lost scenes from the films.
Star Wars Unsung Heroes: John Barry: A nine page feature on the legendary Production Designer John Barry. Packed with information on the making of the classic film, his contributions to the saga, and lots of rare photos.
Star Wars Archive: Han Solo At Stars' End: A feature on the classic 1979 Brian Daley book and comic series.

Issue 1
Episode III Section: This nine page section has exclusive news on the eagerly awaited movie, it's story, returning characters, what to expect on the final film of the saga.
A Special Section On Return Of The Jedi, including profile of Director Richard Marquand, twenty things you didn't know about the film, and a special Ten Reasons Why We Love Jedi article.
Star Wars Archive: the UK Marvel Comic series: World Of Fire.
Clone Thoughts From Abroad: A humorous article on the Editors US trip to see Attack Of The Clones in May 2002.

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