aka "Sight & Sound"
General, Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom

- First issue: 1991
- General cinema.
- Took its present form in May 1991 with the incorporation of Monthly Film Bulletin. Prior to that it was published quarterly.
- Half the magazine contains great articles on various topics and the other half has the film reviews for the contemporary releases. I especially like the full synopsis given for every movie: No surprises when you 're watching The Crying Game for the first time.
- Published by the British Film Institute.
- Monthly, 70 colour pages in A4 format.
- Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
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Issue 20
December 1992
The men's room: article on international art-house violence
Blade Runner: Telling the Difference: Philip Strick on the director's cut
Nights at the Opera: Tony Rayns set report from Chen Kaige's Farewell My Concubine
Out of the ashes: Brian De

Issue 19
November 1992
Wars and peace: Michael Mann interview
Gothic shadows: Freddie Francis interview on horror
Conquistadors' cinema: Peter Wollen on Ridley Scott's 1492
Comic positions: Chris Wagstaff on two sequences from De Sica's Bicycle Thieves

Issue 18
October 1992
Beauty and the beasts: Marina Warner explores the fairy tale
Shadowing the hero: article and interview with Clint Eastwood about Unforgiven
Out of the ghetto: Michael E. Dyson on what fuels black cinema
Remembering Michael Powell: celebration

Issue 17
September 1992
Once upon a time in Paris: interview and article on Leos Carax's Les Amants du Pont Neuf
Quality time: Jonathan Powell interview about the BBC
Blow up a storm: the making of Dust Devil: set report and article on Richard Stanley's follow-up to Hard

Issue 16
August 1992
Roadside attractions: Jim Jarmusch article and interview
Fire and ice: set report from Sally Potter's Orlando
Carry on camp: article on the Carry On films
Hard boiled: Tony Rayns on John Woo
Delirious Projections: Peter Wollen traces the h

Issue 15
July 1992
Invading bodies: Alien3 article by Amy Taubin and others
Falling out of love: Serge Daney's critique of Annuad's The Lover
Branded images: Graham Murdock on product placement
I am a believer: Michael Eaton on Michael Tolkin's The Rapture and i

Issue 14
June 1992
Laughing and killing: article on The Player and interview with Robert Altman
Writers talk: Screenwriters article
Burning down the house: Amy Taubin on Atom Egoyan's The Adjuster
Spectacular stories: review of Raymond Bernard's career by Lenny

Issue 13
May 1992
Halfway to paradise: article on Terence Davies' The Long Day Closes by John Caughie
Getting even: Carol Clover on rape-revenge movies
Shape of time: Errol Morris interview
Tony Richardson and the charge of the light brigade: Vanessa Redgrave c

Issue 12
April 1992
Revelations: Wim Wenders interview about Until the End of the World
Scorsese's masquerade: Pam Cook on femininity and Cape Fear
Boys and girls come out to play: Lizzie Francke on Hollywood's second childhood
Rivette and the end of cinema: Thom

Issue 11
March 1992
David Cronenberg: The wrong body by Amy Taubin; fatal knowledge by Micheal O'Pray; interview by Mark Kermode
Family plots: Ginette Vincendeau on father-daughter relationships in French cinema
On the road: two new challenging TV documentaries

Issue 10
February 1992
Sacred and profane: article on Scorsese's Cape Fear by J. Hoberman
Hall of mirrors: Jonathan Romney on set with Raul Ruiz
Homelands: interview with Palestinian directors Michel Khleifi and Omar Al-Qattan
John and Oliver's bogus adventure: arti

Issue 9
January 1992
Objects of desire: interview and article on Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho
Not the classic serial: Do novels such as The Men's Room and Clarissa make good television?
Always the outsider: Doris Dorrie interview
Double lives: Bunuel and Be

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