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Horror Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1985
- Editor: Stefan Jaworzyn (launch editor: Dave Reeder).
- Three Volumes: 6+5+1=12 issues (plus a four page special done for the British Fantasy Society's Fantasycon).
- A quarterly publication. 44 black and white A4 pages.

Last updated:
18 November 2017
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Garry Malvern

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CONTENTS: 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1991 1994 1996 GALLERIES: 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1991 1994 1996 All

Book #3
Necrophilia In The Cinema,
Traci Lords,
Tod Browning's Freaks,
A Tribute To American Porno Theatres,
Spanking In Movies,
The Career Of Gary Graver,
The President's Analyst,
The Making Of Blood On Satan's Claw,
The Pleasures Of Art Movies,
British Horror Films,
Italian Schlockmeister Massimo Pupillo
And More.

Book #2

Book #1

Issue 12
Vol 3 # 1
Summer 1989
Jesus speaks: Mr Franco interviewed.
Chuck Vincent: His career as veteran pornster, maker of juvenile teen comedies, and president of his own production company.
Eric Red: Interview with The Hitcher's writer and director of Cohen And Tate.
Transcendental nightmares: The other side of movie madness.
The brain of blood: Al Adamson interviewd.
Nightbreed: Clive Barker makes religious epic shock!
Taste purple! Hear green: A history of Hallucinogens in cinema.
Fear no idiots: Frank LaLoggia interviewed.
Misery is my business: S.F. Brownrigg exhumed.
Reviews: Don't Scream It's Only A Movie, Parents, Watchers, The Impure (aka Head), Talk Radio, Rampage, What Have They Done To Our Daughters, Blood Relations, Vengeance The Demon, Deepstar Six, They Live, Walker, Django Strikes Again, Patty Hearst, Dark Room, American Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare, Vampire In Venice, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master, Lunchmeat, Warlock, DOA, The Blob, Voodoo Man, Dracula Sucks (aka Lust At First Bite), Dracula Exotica, Fright Night Part 2, Headhunter, It's Alive 3: Island Of The Alive, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Mistress of the Apes, Amsterdamned, Evil Altar.

Issue 11
Vol 2 # 5
Winter 1988
Interviews: David Cronenberg, Ken Russell, Chris Wicking, Ray Dennis.
Steckler!: The history of biker movies.
A farewell to John Carradine.
All the dirt on Ruggero Deodato.
Barrie Pattison: Director of Zombie Brigade confesses all.
Demented sleaze-monger George Kuchar.
Reviews: Dead Ringers, The Wizard Of Speed And Time, Operae, Nomads, The Curse, Return Of The Living Dead Part II, Storm, Haunted, Mamiac Cop, Dream Demon, Cameron's Closet, Die Hard, The Phantom Empire, Refuge Of Fear, Phantasm II, Pets, Nightflyers, Sweet Saviour, The Brain From Planet Arous, The Love Thrill Murders, Night Of The Devils, Jesus: Der Film, The Last Temptation Of Christ.

Issue 10
Vol 2 # 4
Summer 1988

Issue 9
Vol 2 # 3
Spring 1988

Issue 8
Vol 2 # 2
Winter 1987

Issue 7
Vol 2 # 1
Summer 1987

Issue 6
Spring 1987
Anthony Perkins: Norman Bates interview.
Clive Barker's Hellraiser.
Karloff's missing Mexican movies.
Fanzine reviews.
Reviews: Gothic, Reform School Girls, The Christine Keeler Affair, Godzilla 1985, Cobra, Trouble In Mind, Good To Go, Extremities, Hollywood Vice Squad.

Issue 5
August 1986
Larry Cohen: Interview.
The girls next door: Amy Jones & Penelope Spheeris in conversation.
Day Of The Dead.
The Victor.
Spaghetti pseudonyms: A listing of Italian director pseudonyms.
Reviews: Aliens, The Doctor And The Devils, Screamplay, Class Of Nuke 'Em High, Mondo Sexualis, The Cruesome Twosome, 9 1/2 Weeks, Savage Island.

Issue 4
May/June 1986
Chuck Norris: Interview.
Ramsey Campbell's 10 favourite horrors.
Features on The Devil In Miss Jones and Escalofrio.
Reviews: The Return Of The Living Dead, Fright Night, Flesh And Blood, Crimewave, Mixed Blood, Impulses.

Issue 3
January/February 1986
Stuart Gordon: Interview.
Clive Barker's bloody best.
Wes Craven: Interview Part II.
Reviews: Splatter University, Re-Animator, Fear City, Underworld, The Boys Next Door, Cafe Flesh, The Woman In The Room, Invasion U.S.A., New Magic, The Silent Twins.

Issue 2
Wes Craven: Interview.
The 50 most boring films of all time.
The making of The Bride.
Reviews: A Nightmare On Elm Street, Lifeforce, Friday the 13th Part V, Tonight I Will Eat Your Corpse, The Toxic Avenger, Silent Madness, Sword Of The Valiant.

Issue 1

Issue 0
Special Issue
'Shock Around The Clock 3' Film Festival

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