Adult Fanzine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1988-1990
- Published Whenever It's Finished by Dave Flint. (Who later published Divinity, and is one of the founders of Headpress.)
- Published by Divine Press

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Issue 9

- Filthy Thoughts, editorial
- Spirit Chasing: A Talk with Ari Roussimoff
- Printed Matter, books and fanzine reviews
- Dirge Talk: Jouissance interview
- Lower Bodily Functions at the Corner House, report by David Kerekes
- Robert Crumb: Sex, Death and Big Thighs in the Comic Strip
- Japanimation
- Letters
- Archaos: Circus Fantastic
- Reviews: Dirty Love (1988), Gator Bait (1976), Count de Sade (?), Shocking Asia 2 (1974), For Your Breast?s Only (?)
- Touched by The Hand of God, review for La Religieuse by Ian Kerkhof
- Are You Ready... For Eddie? Ed Wood fest report


Issue 8
January 1990

- Filthy Thoughts, editorial
- Mighty Monarch of the Exploitation Film World: David Friedman interview
- The Adventures Of Lucky Hershell: Herschell Gordon Lewis interview
- Printed Matter, books and fanzine reviews
- Letters
- La Cicciolina Cinema: The Films of Ilona Staller
- Shock Around The Clock 3 Festival Report
- Reviews: La Dagyde Les Sexandroide (1987), It Happend in Hollywood (1977), Shower Lust (1981), Dimensione Violenza (1984), Big Top Pee Wee (1988), Love Me Deadly (1972), The Devil in Miss Jones (1972), Phone Sex Girls (1987), L?vres de sang (1975), Sex Kittens Go to College (1960)
- 100% heater-o-sexual-rockin?-filthy discs, music reviews
- COIL: Followers of Chaos Out of Control

Issue 7

Issue 6
May 1989

Issue 5

- Bring Back Those Lusty, Busty Babes (part 2), review for Orgy of the Dead (1965) by Cathal Tohill
- Filthy Thoughts, editorial
- Go, Johnny, Go!, interview with Johnny Legend
- Reading Matter, The Sheer Filth Guide to Books, Magazines and Fanzines...
- David F. Friedman: Sultan Of Sleaze, feature by Cathal Tohill
- Reviews: Sweet Kill (1970), Carnival Rock (1957), Axel (1988), The Brain From Planet Arous (1958), Giallo a Venezia (1979), Bill?s Big Banana (1980), The Gruesome Twosome (1967), Teenage Mother (1966), Super Monster (1980), Porno
-Zilla (?)
- Letters
- On The Bongo Beat, music reviews

Issue 4

Issue 3

Issue 2

Issue 1

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