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Westerns, Serials Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1974-1984
- For fans of serial chapter plays.
- Merged with Favorite Westerns to form Westerns & Serials, in 1984 (Info: D.Z. & Dave S.).
- The first 10 issues of Serial World were later reprinted with new typeset and more material in a standard magazine size with slick color covers.
- Origimal printings were an odd size and a more oblong shape (Issue #4 was 9" x 13-1/2", 4 pages, on slick paper. Issue #5 was 9" x 13-1/2", 6 pages, on slick paper) and in black and white (Info: Dave S.).

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Issue 37
Spring 1984
featured Carol Forman Reminisces and filmography (by Buck Rainey), Tom Steele Tribute, Captain American color lobby card, and more.

Issue 36
Winter 1984
featured G-Men vs. The Black Dragon (including color lobby card on front cover), Dead End Kids, Pearl White Film List (by Buck Rainey), The Rustlers of Red Dog foreword, Ruth Roland part two, Dangers of the Canadian Mounted (chapters one through six) including color lobby card), and more.

Issue 35
Summer 1983
features Daredevils of the Red Circle (chapters one to seven), Dave Sharpe, Blazing The Overland Trail, interview with John Duncan, Parl White (part two), Ruth Roland, Fingerprints, color lobby cards from Vigilantes Are Coming and Daredevils of the Red Circle, and more.

Issue 34
Spring 1983
features Buster Crabbe, Riders of Death Valley, King of the Rocketman (including two color lobby cards), Pearl White (by Buck Rainey), The Fast Express, and more.

Issue 33
Winter 1983
features Blake of Scotland Yard (chapters three through fifteen), more on Tails of the Gold Monkey, Brenda Starr, Richard Alexander (with color cover photo), Chic Carter, The Range Fighter and The Black Box (two silent serial synopses by Buck Rainey), Riders of Death Valley foreword, The Range Fighter color lobby card.

Issue 32
Fall 1982
features The Purple Monster (chapters eleven through fifteen), The Fire Fighters (silent serial synopsis by Buck Rainey), Victor Jory, Dick Lane, Tales of the Gold Monkey television program (including two full color stills from it), The Sea Hound , Blake of Scotland Yard (chapters one and two and color lobby card), more.

Issue 31
Summer 1982
features Ralph Byrd, Dick Tracy flip-o-vision, The Spider's Web (chapters eleven through fifteen), Under Rated Serials, Serial Heroes on Record - part two, The Purple Monster Strikes (chapters one through ten), Captain Marvel Artwork, and color posters from The Purple Monster and Blake of Scotland Yard .

Issue 30
Spring 1982
features The Spider's Web (chapters one to ten), New Copperhead serial being made, The Phantom of the Air (chapters two to twelve), Serial Heroes on Records, and color posters from Rex and Rinty, Exploits of Elaine, Plunder, Houdini, The Purple Monster, and more.

Issue 29
Winter 1982
features Drums of Fu Manchu (chapters nine to fifteen), The Lost City (chapters eleven and twelve and color poster on front cover), Buster Crabbe, Batman and Robin, Captain Marvel, The Phantom of the Air, and more.

Issue 28
Fall 1981
features Drums of Fu Manchu (chapters one to eight), Smilin' Jack Gum Cards, The Miracle Rider (chapters ten to fifteen), The Lone Ranger Rides Again, The Lost City (chapters ten & eleven), and includes three different Fu Manchu posters in full color.

Issue 27
Summer 1981
features The Lost City (chapters seven to ten), Russ Hayden, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lone Ranger Rides Again (chapters six to fifteen), The Miracle Rider (chapters eight to ten), Wilfredo Rivera, and more.

Issue 26
Spring 1981
features The Miracle Rider (Tom Mix - chapters one to six), The Lone Ranger Rides Again - chapters one to five), and more.

Issue 25
Winter 1981
features The Lost City (chapters one to five), The Crimson Ghost (chapters eleven to twelve), Comic/Serial Crossovers (part three), Detective Lloyd, Clayton Moore, color lobby cards from The Lost City, and King of the Rocket Men (two), Serials That Never Were.

Issue 24
Fall 1980
features Comic/Serial Crossovers (Part two), Jungle Queen, Flash Gordon movie, Captain Marvel costume, The Crimson Ghost (chapters seven through ten), Jack Armstrong (chapters four through fifteen), Captain Video Robot found, color of Ming the Merciless (from the movie) and two Jesse James lobby cards.

Issue 23
Summer 1980
features Jungle Girl synopsis, Don "Red" Barry, Comic/Serial Crossovers, Rocketmen and Zombies, Walter Miller, King of the Forest Rangers, interview with Kirk Alyn, Duncan Renaldo, Jack Armstrong synopsis (chapters one through three), Crimson Ghost (chapter six only), color lobby cards from Trader Tom, Commando Cody, and Jungle Girl, and more.

Issue 22
Spring 1980
features Dracula serial synopsis from Cliffhanger television program, The Crimson Ghost synopsis (chapters one through five), Ace of Scotland Yard, George DeNormand, Dave Sharpe, The Lost City, The Lone Ranger television pilot, and more. Color of Dracula and another Marvel lobby card.

Issue 21
Winter 1980
features Cliffhangers television series,Ken Maynard, Flash Gordon motion picture, The Return of Chandu synopsis Great Alaskan Mystery, interview with Tom Steele, The Lone Defender, Roar of the Iron Horse (Chapters eight through fifteen), full color photos of Susan Anton and two lobby cards, and more.

Issue 20
Fall 1979
features The Indians Are Coming (Tim McCoy), part two of Walter Reed interview, Dick Tracy synopsis, Clayton Moore, Eddy Polo, Roar of the Iron Horse synopsis (chapters one through seven), Secret of Treasure Island reviews, John Carrol, George Brent, Rosemary LaPlance, Dick Foran

Issue 19
Summer 1979
features Jack Mulhall, The Phantom Empire synopsis, Dave Sparpe, interview with Walter Reed, The Secret of Treasure Island (chapters seven through fifteen), model maker Steve DeMauro, Pearl White, and more.

Issue 18
Spring 1979
features Secret of Treasure Island synopsis (chapters one through six), Joe Bonomo, Undersea Kingdom synopsis (chapters seven through twelve), Zorro's Black Whip synopsis, and more.

Issue 17
Winter 1978
features I. Stanford Jolley, The Rocketsuit Saga, part two of interview with Larry Stewart, chapters one through six of Undersea Kingdom synopsis, and more.

Issue 16
Fall 1978
features interview with Video Ranger Larry Stewart, Buster Crabbe, synopsis of Brenda Starr - Reporter, and more.

Issue 15
Summer 1978
features The Phantom synopsis, King of the Mounties (chapters five through twelve), Buck Rogers on TV, Did You Know That?, and more.

Issue 14
Spring 1978
features Tim Kehr, Spy Smasher synopsis, King of the Mounties synopsis (chapters one through four) Did You Know That?, and more.

Issue 13
Winter 1978
features The Shadow synopsis, Spy Smasher introduction, Did You Know That?, and more.

Issue 12
Fall 1977
features Radio Patrol synopsis, Clayton Moore, The Mysterious Pilot synopsis (chapters six through fifteen), interview with Tommy Cook, and more.

Issue 11
Summer 1977
features Blackhawk serial synopsis, Kirk Alyn, another interview with Duncan Renaldo, The Mysterious Pilot synopsis (chapters one through five, and more. (xerox copies only available )

2nd cover

Issue 10
Spring 1977
features interview with Tris Coffin, Ralph Byrd, Deadwood Dick synopsis, Jungle Menace synopsis (chapters eight through fifteen), Onslow Stevens, Lucile Browne, James Flavin, Billy Halop, Frankie Darro, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1984.

2nd cover

Issue 9
Winter 1977
featured Wild Bill Hickok serial synopsis, interview with Marshall Reed, Jungle Menace synopsis (chapters one through seven) more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 8
Fall 1976
features Ace Drummond synopsis, interview with Terry Frost, Ray "Crash" Corrigan, chapters twelve through fifteen of Superman synopsis, report on first west coast Western Film Convention, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 7
Summer 1976
features chapters four through eleven of Superman synopsis, Captain Video, interview with Louise Currie, How the Serials Rate (part three), Scenes From The Serials, Serial Kings & Queens, two full color reproductions of Captain Marvel posters, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 6
features chapter three of Superman synopsis, How Serials Rate rebuttal, Comic Heroes on the Screen, interview with Duncan Renaldo, Scenes From The Serials, full color reproductions of King of the Mounties and Captain Video posters, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 5
features Tim Tyler's Luck, interview with Frankie Thomas, part two of Serial Ratings, chapter two of Superman synopsis, two full color posters from Mars Attacks the World, color centerfold of Jungle Girl poster, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 4
features interview with Jack Mulhall, Don "Red" Barry, Great Serial Villains, Chapter One of Superman serial synopsis, three color poster reproductions (The Clutching Hand, Mandrake the Magician, and Nyoka and the Tigermen), and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 3
features Trader Tom of the China Seas including color lobby card from it on the front cover. interview with Harry Lauter, How the Serials Rate, interview with John Hart, Superman in the Serials, color poster from Holt of the Secret Service reproduced on the back cover, 2-page color center-fold reproduction of Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc., and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 2
features Anthony Warde interview, John Hart, Serial Profiles, Serials and the B-Western Stars, They're Going To Conquer The World, color posters from Brick Bradford on the front cover, and from King of the Congo on the back cover, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

2nd cover

Issue 1
Features Spy Hunters of World War II, Batman, Roy Barcroft interview and color front cover photo, King of the Rocketman title lobby card reproduced in color on back cover, and more.

2nd cover (left) is the reprint published in 1982.

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