Retro, Classic Monsters, Horror Biannual Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2008-2014
The successor of Scarlet Street.
- Publisher: Kevin G. Shinnick.

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22 February 2014
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Issue 7
July/August/September 2011
The Newshound - John Mathews
Fangoria Frightfest - John P. Stevenson
TV Horrors on DVD - Harry H Long
The Many Masks of the Opera Ghost, Part One - Lelia Loban
Interview with Ron Chaney - Tim Sullivan
Interview with Beverly Washburn - Lawrence Fultz, Jr.

Book Reviews
Columbia Pictures: Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Films 1928-1982, Comedy-Horror Films, Erroll and Olivia, Frances Farmer: The Life and Films of a Troubled Star, The Green Hornet, Horror Noir, The Horror Spoofs of Abbott and Costello, Life of Forry, Mystery Movie Series of 1940s Hollywood, Mystery, Suspense, Film Noir and Detective Movies on DVD: A Guide to the Best in Cinema Thrills, The Red Skelton Show, Up from the Vault, Voices in the Dark,
Dark Stars Rising

Movie Reviews
Aah! Zombies!!, Airline Disaster, Titanic II, Alien from the Deep (Alien Degli Abissi), Altitude, Behemoth, The Balck Death, The Black Sleep, Bread Crumbs, Colin Fitz Lives!, Crucible of Terror, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Deep Red, Inferno, Dementia 13, Discarded Lovers, Dying God, Eugene, The Green Hornet Strikes Again, Grim, House of the Wolf Man, Kalifornia, Kansas City Confidential, Kelly of the Secret Service, Let Me In, Manfish, Metamorphosis, The Monster and the Ape, Parasomnia, Pleasures of the Damned, Queen of Blood, Resp Chick, Resonances, Respire, River of Darkness, Secrets of Sex, The Stranger, The Terror, Vampire Circus, Vampires Suck!  

Issue 6
January/February/March 2011
MURDERED ALIVE by Arthur Llennig
A look at a play Lugosi performed back in the early 1930s, about a man who hopes to Achieve success as a sculptor by embalming victims while still alive and turning them to stone.
Paul Leggett continues his exploration of Christianity in the Horror Film with a look at key Val Lewton titles.
SNOWFLAKES FROM HEAVENPaul & Donnal Parla & Anthony DiSalvo interview Ann Carter (CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, I MARRIED A WITCH, etc.)
STALKED BY THE CAT PEOPLEPaul, Dona & Anthony interview Jane Randolph
BOOK REVIEWS: The Films of Johnny Depp (Bob Gutowski), Horror Film Aesthetics (Terence Smith), House of Dan Curtis (Bob D. Pyle), The Invaders (Bruce Dettman), The Legendary Lydecker Brothers (Bruce Dettman), Mind Warp! (Kevin Shinnick), Savage Detors (Michael Cornett), Stage Whispers (Kevin Shinnick)
DVD REVIEWS Aurora Monsters (HHL), Banshee!!! (Terence Smith), CoCoon (Bob D. Pyle), The Crazies (Kevin Shinnick), Dark Nature (Bob Gutowski), The Dead Matter (Michael Cornett), Devil Hunter (Brett Taylor), Drifter (Harvey Chartrand), Fan of the Dead (Brett Taylor), Golden Age Theater (Kevin Slick), Hot Tub Time Machine (Kevin Slick), The Landlord (Brett Taylor), Legends of Laughter: Abbott & Costello (Bruce Dettman), Long Pig (Brett Taylor), The Mindscape of Alan Moore (John Paul Checkett), Mystery Science Theater 3000, Volume XIX (Kevin Shinnick), Never Sleep Again: the Elm Street legacy (John P. Stevenson), November Son (Michael Cornett), Predator (Kevin Shinnick), Psychomania (Kevin Shinnick), Repo Men (David Smith), Run, Robot, Run (Brett Taylor), S. Darko (Bob Gutowski), The 7 Adventures of Sinbad (David Smith), The Shadow Within (John-Paul Checkett), Tales from the Script (Brett Taylor), Terror from Beneath the Earth (Kevin Shinnick).
Essay-length review of THRILLER collection from IMAGE by HHL  

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