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Modern Horror Bimonthly Magazine from Canada

- First issue: 1998
- There are an average of three main features in any given issue: The first is the cover story, usually an interview with a celebrity, the second feature is reserved for a musician or group who have drawn heavily from the genre in making their music and in the third feature they try to emphasize the culture of horror, and how it has developed throughout history.
- Published by MARRS Press.
- Website: www.rue-morgue.com

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23 March 2024
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Issue 42
November/December 2004
30 Years of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: interviews with Tobe Hooper and Gunnar Hansen; Devil's Rejects; Manga Horror of Hideshi Hino; photographer Simon Marsden; Night Gallery; Forrest Ackerman's Worlds of Tomorrow; cartoonist Rick Trembles; Museo de las Momias, and much more!

Issue 41
September/October 2004
The Return of Clive Barker: The Definitive Interview, a History of Canadian Horror, 25 years of Friday the 13th, George Romero's Toe Tags comic, the monster art of XnO, the Church of Ed Wood, Groovie Ghoulies, Troma celebrates 30 years of perversion, Nightmare Picture Theatre. Also Chris Carter on Millenium, a frank discussion with Jack Ketchum, Skinny Puppy, and much more!

Issue 40
July/August 2004
Ju On: Interviews with Takashi Shimizu and Sam Raimi, the art of Joe Coleman, new breed slasher film Saw, Ray Harryhausen, FanTasia 2004 Preview, in the mind of director Julian Richards (The Last Horror Movie), Open Water, and a visit to the Coffee Shop of Horrors. Also the beautiful death songs of Bella Morte, a spotlight on Leisure Books and much more!

Issue 39
May/June 2004
Rabid: Interviews with David Cronenberg and Marilyn Chambers, horror manga artist Junji Ito, Swamp Thing returns, McFarlane's brand new toy line of historical real-life criminals, the splatter slapstick of Dead & Breakfast, a visit to the Lizze Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum, the haunting sounds of HorrorPunk, some words with Fear of Gravity author Brian Keene and much more!

Issue 38
March/April 2004
Hellboy: Interviews with Mike Mignola and Guillermo del Toro. On the set of Dawn of the Dead with the Rue Crew, the dark and alchemical art of Mark Ryden, and Eurohorror Soundtracks. Plus: The Blacula reissue, Onibaba on DVD, the Electric Frankenstein! poster book, a Travelogue of Terror trip to the H.R Giger Museum and Bar in Gruyere, Switzerland, and some words with Denmark's creepy craze, Horrorpops!

Issue 37
January/February 2004
Shock Nouveau: France's Bloody New Wave of Dark Cinema featuring Haute Tension, In My Skin and 100 Years of French Horror. The Weird World of Murderbilia, Lemora, Douglas Buck, The Definitive 2004 Horror Convention Schedule and The Year in Review. Plus: The Alien Quadrilogy box set, Escape From New York special edition, The Mondo Cane Collection, Chas. Balun's Beyond Horror Holocaust reviewed, a Travelogue of Terror visit to Pine Barrens, New Jersey and the long-awaited psychobilly stylings of The Gutter Demons.

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