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Canada's Premier Horror Magazine
Modern Horror Bimonthly Magazine from Canada

- First issue: 1998
- There are an average of three main features in any given issue: The first is the cover story, usually an interview with a celebrity, the second feature is reserved for a musician or group who have drawn heavily from the genre in making their music and in the third feature they try to emphasize the culture of horror, and how it has developed throughout history.
- Published by MARRS Press.
- Website: www.rue-morgue.com

Last updated:
21 May 2023
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Issue 18
November/December 2000
Beneath the Shadow of the Vampire, an interview with director E. Elias Merhige.
Rue Morgue talks with Alice Cooper.
A peek at the new Blair Witch game series.
Paul Naschy
John Carpenter reissued
Τhe year's finest horror from the Toronto International Film Festival.

Issue 17
September/October 2000
Rue Morgue's 3rd Anniversary Haunted House Issue!
House of Leaves,
The scariest book of the year
Poe's album Haunted
Le'Rue Delashay's music for haunted houses
The Haunted House of Lingerie
On Writing from Stephen King.

Issue 16
July/August 2000
The Exorcist: The movie you haven't seen.
An interview with William Peter Blatty.
Terror on TV: The Best & Worst
Vampire Beach Babes
The graveside art of Pamela Williams
Reissues from Fulci, Argento and Bava.

Issue 15
May/June 2000
RoboCop and the return of cyber/splatter
Horror anime
Soren Kierkegaard
And more.

Issue 14
March/April 2000
Sex & Horror
25 Years of Troma.
Linnea Quigley
Blood Sinema
Horror Erotica.

Issue 13
January/February 2000
Scary Music Special Issue! The Dead Hate the Living!; best zombie films; Joe R. Lansdale; Slipknot.

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