Horror Irregular Fanzine from Baltimore ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2009-2011
- Covers especially 'zombie movies'.
- Website: leekinginc.com

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2 December 2010
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Issue 4
March/April/May/June 2011
Introduction.....page 3
More Zombi Than Zombie: Race, Revisionism, and Voodoo Zombies.....page 4 by Dread Sockett
Mother, Jugs, and Peens: Great Moments in Gratuitous (and Confusing) Nudity in Horror.....page 22 by Dread Sockett and DeadVida
Tear it Up!: Willard.....page 28 by Grim Pickens
Queer Horror: Decoding Universal Monsters.....page 34 by Gary Morris and Bojan
Almost Zombies.....page 42 by Colin Cthulhu
Dub of the Dead: That Other Italian Director, Mario Bava.....page 53 by Dread Sockett
Reviews.....page 60
About the Contributors.....page 69
About the Art.....page 69

Issue 3
September/October/November 2010
Introduction.....page 4
Remembrance of Z. A. Recht.....page 5
Keeping up with the Gargantuas.....page 9
Sexiest Monsters of Filmland.....page 22
Eating Disorder: Feast Trilogy.....page 28
The Hands, The Voice: Tony Todd.....page 32
Zombietime For Hitler.....page 35
Reviews.....page 52
About the Art.....page 62
About the Contributors.....page 63

Issue 2
October/November/december 2009
Introduction: This is Zombies. There Are Rules.....page 2
Kinski's Nosferatu.....page 4
A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Graveyard.....page 10
Day 129: MRE Review.....page 21
Meet Christian Horror.....page 25
Romero vs. Romero.....page 28
The Stanley Hotel.....page 33
BOO! < cut > Now Say "Boo" Again, but Really Scary.....page 38
Book Review: Season of Rot.....page 41
Book Review: The Estuary.....page 46
Deadrise: Revisting The Fog.....page 50
Living Dead Reviews.....page 54
About the Contributors: Our Ghost Stories.....page 56
Acknowledgements.....page 57

Issue 1
January 2009
Yes, Virginia, There Were Zombies Before Romero


Zombie Nosh
Pus in Boots: Shock Waves and Outpost


The Living Dead
Monster Island
The Rising
City of the Dead
Down the Road
Day by Day Armageddon
Plague of the Dead
Thunder and Ashes


City of Others
Dawn of the Dead
Dread Sockett's Top Ten Zombie Graphic Novels


Savini Centerfold
DeadVida's Favorite Zombie Moments of 2008
WWW Z: Zombies Online
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