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- First issue: 1993
- Editor: Nick Roddick.
- Published 4 times a year.
- Published by Preview Publications
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Issue 59
/60 December 2002
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The stars come out to welcome the wizard of Hogwarts at the film's London premiere.
Star Trek: Nemesis: It's the 10th outing for the Enterprise and it's billed as the final journey. But can this really be the end?
28 Days Later: Britain evacuated and London ruled by zombies - that's the starting point of the new film from the makers of The Beach
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: We're over half-way there... Nick Roddick maps the second stage of the epic journey through Middle Earth.
The Wild Thornberrys Movie: The Rugrats went to Paris, but Klasky Csupo's latest creation go a lot further than that. Hal Hayes goes along for the ride.
Stander: A biopic about a South African folk hero: a cop who robbed banks in his spare time... Max Levant examines the evidence.
Blackball: Why is Mel Smith making a movie about bowls, asks Nick Roddick? Because it's passionate, brutal and competitive, says the director.
The Water Giant: It looks like a cross between Walter Matthau and a Chinese dog... Dick Niro glimpses the star of a new family action movie.
The Banger Sisters: Sparks fly when rock 'n' roll groupies Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon get back together 30 years later. Hal Hayes reports.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: Thirty years after Get Carter, Mike Hodges returns to gangster movies.
Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever: Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu go head-to-head in an explosive action thriller. Nick Roddick talks to aptly named director Kaos.
Like Mike: Teen rapper Lil Bow Wow becomes a basketball star thanks to a pair of old sneakers labelled 'MJ'. ML (Max Levant) goes courtside.

Issue 58
July/August 2002
Road to perdition
K-19: the widowmaker
The house on turk street
One hour photo

Issue 57
May/June 2002
Blue crush
Changing lanes
Men with brooms
City by the sea
High crimes
The blue butterfly
The sum of all fears
Kissing jessica stein
Dirty deeds
Island stories: isle of man
Island stories: fiji
Island stories: bermuda

Issue 56
March/April 2002
Jimmy neutron: boy genius
Laurel canyon
Hart's war
The mothman prophecies
Owning mahoney

Issue 55
January/February 2002
Behind enemy lines
Zhou yu's train
European film awards 2001
Shallow hal
Minor mishaps

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