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Bimonthly Magazine from United States

- Trading Cards magazine, that started in 1990, issuing 4 times per year until 1994 when it became bi-monthly.
- Published by Roxanne Toser Non-Sport Enterprises in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
- Website: www.nonsportupdate.com

Last updated:
25 January 2022
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Vol 23 # 4
August/September 2012
Editorial: 50 Years of Mayhem
Will our editor succeed as a Martian hunter?
Mars Attacks: The Return of Martian Mania
Topps expands on a classic with Mars Attacks Heritage...plus...exclusive interviews with artists Jason Edmiston and John McCrea.
Beyond Non-Sports: They're Just Toying with Us!
You mean you don't own a Martian Batmobile?
She's Armed—He's Dangerous
Will collectors feel rooked if they miss this crime-solving collection from Cryptozoic?
Mars Attacks: Drawing in the Reins
Did Topps really try to make the Martians less menacing?
Mars Attacks: Again and Again, and Again...
A brief history of everyone's favorite card set...plus...card creator Len Brown and artist Zina Saunders talk Mars Attacks in these NSU interviews.
Mars Attacks: Attack from Space Oddities
Even Ground Control can't find these odd cards from Mars.

Vol 23 # 3
June/July 2012

Vol 23 # 2
April/May 2012
Editorial: Philly Friendly
The card show is just the beginning.
Universal Theory
Beauty meets the brains in CZE's nerdalicious new series.
Beyond Non-Sport: Getting A (Kung Fu) Grip on Action Figures
Think action figures are really different from non-sports? Think again.
Top TV?
It's not always in the cards for TV's best.
The Lady is a Vamp
Get bewitched and bedeviled by this sexy sequel set from Breygent Marketing.
Trains, Planes, and Video Games
It's "Game On" for Twin Galaxies' high-scoring homage to video games.
Nobody Does It Better
"My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38° Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!"

Vol 23 # 1
February/March 2012
Editorial: Bigger Rabbits Smaller Hats
The tricks of the trade don't get any easier.
Gods of the Trading Card Arena
I'm Spartacus! I'm Spartacus! No, I'm Spartacus!
Non-Sport University: The Big Giveaway
You've completed your collection-now what?
Space Patrol!
Join Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy as they adventure through cards and the cosmos.
Dancing With the (Non-Sport) Stars
They'll be new rules and new stars in this advance look at the coming year in non-sports.
Follow That Dream
Don't blame it on the Bossa Nova if you miss this one from Press Pass.
The Force is Strong with Topps & Star Wars Galaxy 7
Topps continues their out-of-this-world series with this latest entry.

Vol 22 # 6
December 2011
Editorial: The Best Things In Life
Why get it for free when you can pay for it?
Marvel Universe 2011: Celebrating Five Decades of Crossovers!
Rittenhouse Archives presents Marvel's many killer crossovers in exciting new cards.
Beyond Non-Sports: The Box to You Each Morning
K E double L, O double good.
The Kids are Alright
Topps can't stop talkin' trash about this new flashback release.
License to Collect
NSU examines the fine art of collecting registration (?) plates.
Gaming the System
It's "Game On!" for CZE's The Guild.

Vol 22 # 5
October/November 2011
Editorial: Loving Star Wars
Celebrating the saga of the century.
They're Hot. They're Sexy. They're Undead.
CZE vamps up its trading card line with the release of The Vampire Diaries.
Non-Sport University: A Flood of Useful Information
Man the lifeboats! Women, children, and trading cards first!
Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars
'Lo Mickey Marx! Hi Groucho Mouse!
A Place Called Eureka
Small town. Big secret. Great cards.
Spook Show
They're coming to get you, Barbara.

Vol 22 # 4
August/September 2011
  • Editorial: The La
    Read about your editor's adventures in La-La Land.
  • Dead Men Walking
    The dead will walk in this much anticipated series from Cryptozoic Entertainment.
  • Beyond Non-Sports: Collecting by Ear
    Are you ready for "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music"?
  • Taylor Made Cards
    The late, great Ms. Liz remembered on cards.
  • Seriously Wacky
    The Wack is Back!
  • Kai Yaks
    Torchwood regular Kai Owen speaks his piece on Rhys.
  • You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania
    NSU stays close to home for two big shows.

Vol 22 # 3
June/July 2011

Vol 22 # 2
April/May 2011

Vol 22 # 1
February/March 2011

Vol 21 # 6
December 2010
  • Editorial: All the News That Fits We Print
    It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
  • The Hornet's Nest
    What's all the buzz on the new Hornet? Find out in our complete movie-card coverage.
  • Digging in the Vault for the Secrets of Wacky Packages
    Topps is back with another wack attack!
  • Where the $#*! Are My Cards?
    Do you know why your most anticipated set is about to be delayed or even get the axe? We do.
  • Non-Sport University: The Real Value of Cards
    This time the professor is just keepin' it real.
  • The Green Hornet: Old School
    You'll be mad as a hornet if you miss out on these beauties from the past.

Vol 21 # 5
October/November 2010
  • Editorial: I Have Seen The Future
    And the future isn't what it used to be.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Rise of the Bounty Hunters
    The Empire Strikes back-again!
  • Non-Sport University: NSU On The Road
    Our resident non-sports professor takes his act on the road.
  • You Gotta Have Heart
    CECE puts the heart in Heartland for this very special 10th anniversary event!
  • Boo Who?
    Join writer Arnold Bailey as he seances to find these ghostly goodies.
  • Heroes & Villains
    Saying opposites attract is an understatement when it comes to this exciting new set from RA.

Vol 21 # 4
August/September 2010

Vol 21 # 3
June/July 2010
30 Years of The Empire Strikes Back! May marks the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Topps plans a full 3D set to commemorate. For our part, we've commissioned fan-favorite artist Grant Gould to create an original artwork cover, our first commissioned original artwork cover in quite some time. Other features of the Jun/Jul issue include sneak peeks at the new Heroes series from Rittenhouse Archives, Enterplay's Hot Wheels, SideKick Media's The Art Hustle, and Topps' Toy Story 3. And as always, we present details on the latest promos in our Promo Cards column, online happenings in Cards Online, our 32-page A to Z "Take Along" Price Guide and many more great features and departments.
Star Wars: Episode

Vol 21 # 2
April/May 2010

Vol 21 # 1
February/March 2010
Star Wars Galaxy 5, 2010 Trading Card Preview, The Tudors, Bench Warmer Ultimate, Ven-Shens

Vol 20 # 6
December 2009
Editorial: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
Musings on an unusual 2009.
  • Ghost Whisperer
    Till death do we start collecting this sensational supernatural series.
  • Non-Sport University: Trading and Networking
    Learn about meeting and greeting before buying and selling.
  • With a Little Help from His Friends
    NSU proves it's got the White Stuff.
  • The Search for Stargates
    The worlds of Stargate come together in one awesome collection.
  • Non-Sport Spotlight: Getting to the Pointillism with Kevin Graham
    We explore the life and painstaking techniques of one
    of the hobby's premier sketch card artists.
  • Those Are People Who Died
    "I intend to live forever. So far, so good." ~Steven Wright.

  • Vol 20 # 5
    October/November 2009
    Editorial: Settling The Score
    We will serve no article before its time.
    What a Difference a Year Makes
    This is a good thing!
    Keep Reaching for the Star (Wars)
    NSU's production manager tells of the best show premium yet-one from the heart.
    Cheap Treats
    The "S" in NSU is for Savings. Read the web exclusive portion of "Cheap Treats" here.
    Non-Sport University: When Is Collecting Not Collecting?
    OK, so it's not collecting. Is it?
    Cutting Edge Clone Wars
    The Stars are at War again in this Widevision set from Topps.
    The Price Is Right
    Here's something new: price guide nostalgia.
    Friendly and in the Neighborhood
    ...and he catches thieves just like flies.

    Vol 20 # 4
    August/September 2009
    Shock Stories! Here's something a little different. Indie trading card producer Monsterwax has been working on their Shock Stories series for many years and now its multiplied into two new series for the company. Read about them in our new issue. Plus, we help celebrate Rittenhouse Archives' 10th Anniversary with our "Ten Years of the Messenger" feature. Our vintage cards guru looks at Topps' Man on the Moon cards and some other great space cards. And as always, online happenings in our Cards Online column, details on the latest promos in our Promo Cards column, our 32-page A to Z "Take Along" Price Guide and many more great features and departments.
    Editorial: Boardwalk Talk Reminiscing about cards with the scent of saltwater.
    Shock and AAAARGH! Shocking news on legends from Monsterwax.
    Non-Sport University: So...Why Not Sport? Do you know what your hobby is not?
    History's Heroes Brothers in battle are memorialized on cards.
    Ten Years with the Messenger Celebrating Rittenhouse Archives' first dynamite decade.
    One Small Step After 40 years, collectors are still moonstruck by this historic set from Topps.
    In A League of their Own Smells like team spirit.
    The A to Z price guide includes prices for the most popular series for all years from the late 1800s to today. We are no longer including a price guide split in two alphabetical sections. Woo hoo!

    Vol 20 # 3
    June/July 2009

    Vol 20 # 2
    April/May 2009

    Vol 20 # 1
    February/March 2009

    Vol 19 # 6
    December 2008

    Vol 19 # 5
    October/November 2008

    Vol 19 # 4
    August/September 2008

    Vol 19 # 3
    June/July 2008

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