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Bimonthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1972-1979
- Began (as Comixscene) in November 1972 as a tabloid pop-culture periodical.
- Initially focusing on comics, science fiction/fantasy/heroic adventure/thriller paperbacks, TV entertainment, celebrity interviews, and feature films.
- The mag was often in 2 parts they called Section 1 and Section 2. These sections had their own covers sometimes marked accordingly. Often, the section 2 covers were only drawings.
- Published by writer-artist-historian Jim Steranko.
- Continued as PREVUE.

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2 March 2014
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Issue 40
November/December 1979
ALL-ART POSTER SPECIAL! Captain America by Steranko; Sub-Mariner and Human Torch by Bill Everett; space opera visions by Al Williamson; Blonde Phantom by Syd Shores; barbarians by Neal Adams and Rudy Nebres; Batman by Frank Miller and Dan Adkins; Spacehawk by Basil Wolverton; heroic fantasy by Steve Fabian and Jim Fitzpatrick; Swords of Heaven by Howard Chaykin; Black Cat by Lee Elias; 24 in all!

Issue 39
September/October 1979
SCIENCE AND SORCERY ISSUE! Exclusive photo-packed pictorial coverage of The Black Hole with director Gary Nelson interview, storyboards, full-color cover and centerspread; The Many Faces of Dr. Who: extensive photo-packed overview of TV's science fiction doctor; pictorial preview: Moorcock and Chaykin's Swords of Heaven; illustrated interview with Craig RusselI; an advance look at Marvel's Epic magazine; Comixscene, more!

Issue 38
July/August 1979
FIRST COVERAGE OF CONAN--ANYWHERE! Full-color cover and interview with storyboard artist William Stout; art director Ron Cobb interview with pre-production art and full-color centerfold; bringing Childhood's End to the screen with Neal Adams production art; Jack Kirby's adaptation of The Black Hole; SF artist Syd Mead looks at the 21st Century; The Porffolio Explosion: art and speculation; more!

Issue 37
May/June 1979
THE PAPER GIRLS! The comics' classic pin-up girls from Blondie to Torchy with full-color centerspread by Bill Ward; Milton Caniff's Miss Lace; Alex Raymond's women of Mongo; Bob Lubbers' Long Sam and more! Revealing pictorial feature on screen siren Caroline Munro; the launching of Star Trek: The Movie; photo-packed look at The Rocky Horror Picture Show and cult; illustrated Virgil Finlay profile; more!

Issue 36
March/April 1979
RAY BRADBURY'S THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES! 2-part special on the history and screenplays with Mike Minor's production art and a 2-page section of the unpublished newspaper strip; The Stars My Destination: exclusive interview with author Alfred Bester and full-color centerspread; Buck Rogers production art of William Stout; photo-packed preview of Roger Moore as 007 in Moonraker; Comixscene.

Issue 35
January/February 1979
ALIEN ATTACK! Most complete coverage seen in any magazine! First photos; interviews with the filmmakers and screenwriter Dan O'Bannon; director Ridley Scott's storyboards; pre-production art by Giger, Ron Cobb and others with full-color cover and centerspread by Moebius; the syndicated Star Wars strip: interview and full-page poster by Russ Manning; Weirdworld; Shogun Warriors; Brothers Hildebrandt.

Issue 34
November/December 1978
SCIENCE FICTION PREVIEW! The making of Buck Rogers: special 2-part feature with full-color cover and centerspread; extensive photo-packed coverage of Meteor with production art and storyboards; exclusive previews of The Shape of Things to Come and Time After Time: the art of Joseph Clement Coll, lavishly illustrated; graphic review: Faeries; full-page Buck Rogers poster by Bill Stout; more!

Issue 33
September/October 1978
ALL-ART POSTER SPECIAL! Conan by Barry Windsor-Smith; Beauty and the Beast by Jeff Jones; Spider Man and Agent of Shield by Steranko; Frankenstein by Berni Wrightson; Voltar by Alfredo Alcala; full-color Marvel superheroes centerspread by Steranko; Sword of Siegfried by Craig Russell; Ghita of Alizarr by Frank Thorne; many more by Steranko, Smith, Adkins, Kaluta, Jones and others!

Issue 32
July/August 1978
FANTASY FILM FORECAST! Conan; Message From Space; more! Meteor: full-color centerspread by Bob McCalI; Flash Gordon's animated TV exploits with photos, storyboards and model sheets; The Justice League of America in Legends of the Superheroes TV specials; inside The Rathole on Park Avenue; Breaking Into the Comics Part 2; Harry Harrison's Mechanismo with art by Giger, McQuarrie, Achilleos; more!

Issue 31
May/June 1978
FILMING THE FINAL FRONTIER! First preview of Star Trek: The Motion Picture with full-color cover; Steranko on breaking into the comics: how, where, when and why; Roy Thomas on Marvel's TV heroes with Jack Kirby storyboards; 3-D In Your Future with full-page poster by Steranko; previewing McGregor and Gulacy's Sabre; Mike Gold on the DC explosion; comic creators vs. the establishment; Comixscene, more!

Issue 30
March/April 1978
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ALL SCIENCE FICTION ISSUE! Star Wars folIow-up with first news of the sequels and fuII-color cover poster; exhaustive interview with Star Wars production artist Ralph McQuarrie featuring fuII-color centerspread of the mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind; illustrated preview of Kirby and Lee's Silver Surfer; behind-the-scenes of Battlestar Galactica with full-color McQuarrie portfolio; comics and contracts.

Issue 29
January/February 1978
THE MAKING OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! Special 3-part feature with Ralph McQuarrie's production art and full-color cover and centerspread; exclusive coverage of Christopher Reeve in Superman II; pictorial preview of Delany and Chaykin's Empire with full-color poster; Caroline Munro in Starcrash; Neal Adams on comics and copyrights; Joe Johnston centerspread bonus poster; Comixscene, more!

Issue 28
November/December 1977
SF AND FANTASY SPECTACULAR! ExcIusive behind-the-scenes coverage of Close Encounters of the Third Kind with full-page poster by Mike Hinge; Jack Kirby's unpublished adaptation of The Prisoner; in-depth interview with Mike Kaluta featuring rare art and full-color cover; Wallace Wood's 3-page Christmas comic story; previewing The Illustrated Zelazny with full-color centerspread by Gray Morrow; Bob Gould and Eric Kimball, more!

Issue 27
September/October 1977

Issue 26
July/August 1977
STAR WARS BEHIND THE SCENES! The Star Wars That Never Was with the original working scripts, characters and concepts not seen in the film, with full-color Ralph McQuarrie cover; spectacular Star Wars color centerspread by Tom Jung; Christopher Reeve: profile of the screen Superman; Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk in prime time; alien encounters in the movies; Druillet's Lone Sloane on film; more!

Issue 25
May/June 1977
FUNNY ANIMALS! Lavishly illustrated Carl Barks profile; Steve Gerber on Howard the Duck with full-page poster by Gene Colan; vintage Frazetta funnies of the '40s; Fantasia Italian Style: exclusive photo-packed Allegro Non Troppo coverage; full-color Waddler cover and poster-filled Barrymore Duck feature with color centerspread by George Chastain; comixscene: Marvel's Star Wars, The Deep.

Issue 24
March/April 1977
HEROIC FANTASY SPECIAL! Screen heroes from UIysses to Conan; photo-packed coverage of Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger with fullcolor cover by Steranko; Alfredo Alcala profile with full-color Voltar centerspread; Red Sonja photo-pictorial: a host of she-devils in the flesh; Conan Speaks with full-page poster; photo-preview of Metal Messiah; previewing The Spy Who Loved Me, Alien Encounters, more!

Issue 23
January/February 1977
TV'S SUPER WOMEN! Lynda defaulter as Wonder Woman, Diana Rigg of The Avengers, Charlie's Angels and more; the space voyages of Philippe Druillet with full-color centerspread; a guided tour of the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art; The Once and Future Batman with fullpage poster by Steranko; Marvel's martial arts masters Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy interviewed; previewing Superman, The Deep, more!

Issue 22
November/December 1976
FIRST STAR WARS COVERAGE ANYWHERE! Special 3-part feature on the making of the science fiction hallmark with extensive production and storyboard art, including full-color cover and centerspread by Ralph McQuarrie; Ralph Bakshi's Wizards with art by Bill Stout; King Kong poster art; Roy Thomas on Marvel's Star Wars adaptation; cinema SF heroes from Adam Link to Zardoz; previewing Damnation Alley, more!

Issue 21
September/October 1976
ANIMATION SPECIAL! Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck grace color cover by Chuck Jones; The Great Animators: Windsor McCay to Walt Disney; Looney Tunes color centerspread; animation history from Little Nemo to Fritz the Cat, lavishly illustrated; Bob Clampett's animated John defaulter of Mars rediscovered; Rocky, Bullwinkle, Jay Ward and Friends; King Kong; previewing Rocky, Carrie and more!

Issue 20
July/August 1976
SWORD AND SORCERY SPECTACULAR! Full-color cover by Neal Adams; "I Created Conan" by Robert E. Howard; 50 Years of Swords and Sorcery Cinema: photo-packed retrospective with color centerspread by Steranko; exploring The First Kingdom with Jack Katz; Wallace Wood and The Wizard King; Tolkein: Magician of Middle Earth; fulI-page Conan poster by Barry Windsor-Smith; previews: King Kong and more!

Issue 19
May/June 1976
PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE SCREEN AVENGERS, with almost 50 rare photos from the movie serials; behind-the-scenes with Flash Gordon, Superman, Blackhawk, Captain Marvel, Batman, Spy Smasher, Captain America, The Lone Ranger and more; Dick Tracy Returns serial poster color centerspread; the story behind the Joe Kubert School of defaultoon and Graphic Art; Superman vs. Muhammed Ali by Kubert.

Issue 18
March/April 1976
ORIGINS OF THE PULP HEROES! Behind the Mask: full-color cover and "How I Paint The Shadow" by Steranko; The Shadow in comics with art by Bob Powell; feature and color centerspread painting of Steranko's private eye Chandler; The 50 Rarest Pulps complete with cover reproductions; Hitchcock's Family Plot; capsule reviews of Taxi Driver and Crime and Passion; previewing Logan's Run and more!

Issue 17
January/February 1976
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Section 2

Issue 16
November/December 1975
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Section 2
COMIC ARTISTS SPECIAL! Creating the Graphic Novel with Richard Corben; tribute to Vaughn Bode; diabolical dialogue with Bernie Wrightson; The Mad World of Jack Davis; color Corben cover; Gil Kane's Flamehorse centerspread; Swashbuckling fun with Malcolm McDowell in Royal Flash; Walter Gibson's secret fiIes on The Shadow with vintage cover reproductions and full-page painting by Steranko; coming attractions.

Issue 15
September/October 1975

Issue 14
July/August 1975
GREAT PULP HEROES! Spawn of The Shadow, with vintage cover reproductions, color Shadow cover and centerspread paintings by Steranko; Clint Eastwood in The Eiger Sanction; the filming of Tommy with Roger Daltrey, Tina Turner and Elton John; previews: Mandingo; Funny Lady; Rosebud; Steppenwolf; Prisoner of Second Avenue; coming attractions: Rollerball, Young Frankenstein, Posse, more!

Issue 13
May/June 1975
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Section 2
CINEMA PREVIEW ISSUE! Robert Redford takes off as The Great Waldo Pepper; Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradise; The Legend of Billy Jack; the multi-media career of Sherlock Holmes, with color centerspread by Steranko; previews: Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in Shampoo; Burt Reynolds and Cybill Shepherd in At Long Last Love; Katherine Ross in The Stepford Wives; Raquel Welch in The Wild Party; more!

Issue 12
September/October 1975
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Section 2
HOLLYWOOD SCREEN GANGSTERS! From Little Caesar to The Godfather: The making of The Godfather Part II; complete photo history of the James Bond Films; Roger Moore and Susannah York in Gold; Mad defaultoonist Mort Drucker; Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce, with color centerspread by Steranko; Sean Connery in Murder on the Orient Express; previews: The Klansman, The Odessa File, Juggernaut, more!

Issue 11
July/August 1975
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Section 2
RETURN OF THE HERO! The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger and others; Charles Bronson: photo-packed Portrait of a Million Dollar Manhunter; Disasters Hit Nation! Earthquake, Juggernaut, Towering Inferno and other cinematic calamities; behind-the-scenes with the staff of National Lampoon; Leigh Bracket relives fifteen years of Planet Stories; Stark color centerspread painting by Steranko.

Issue 10
May/June 1974
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Section 2
DOUBLE-SIZED SCIENCE FICTION SPECIAL! Wallace Wood cover painting; Planet of the Apes film series; Harlan Ellison on The Terminal Man; SF on TV; Six Million Dollar Man color centerspread by Mike Hinge; EC's SF comics revisited; Robbie: rare science fantasy strip by Len Brown and Al Williamson; Flash Gordon profile; Super Science Pulps; full-page Hunt Bowman poster by Steranko.

Issue 9
March/April 1974
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Section 2
ALL-HERO ISSUE! The filming of Doc Savage with Ron Ely; director John Boorman interview on Sean Connery in Zardoz; The Golden Voyage of Sinbad; Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, Frank Finlay and OIiver Reed in The Three Musketeers; fulI-page poster map of Tarzan's Africa; report on new and future science fiction publications; Talon color centerspread painting by Steranko, more!

Issue 8
January/February 1974
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Section 2
THE PIN-UP GIRLS! From 1900 to today, from magazines to comics and film; outstanding examples of pin-up art by Vargas, Petty, Moran, Elvgren and others; Paper Girls from Milton Caniff's Dragon Lady to Barbarella; BiII Ward's Torchy; Katy Keene; fiIm femmes from Betty Grable to Brigitte Bardot; photo pin-up queen Betty Page; color cover and Marilyn centerspread by Steranko.

Issue 7
November/December 1973
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Section 2

Issue 6
September/October 1973
JOHN defaultER OF MARS! Detailed survey of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars novels featuring double-page map, plot chronology and paperback cover art; Robert Weinberg covers Burroughs of the Pulps, with rare cover and interior illustrations; never-before-told stories and news on all the Burroughs heroes; latest comic news, Marvel to DC; previews and reviews of science fiction, mystery, western fields and more!

Issue 5
July/August 1973

Issue 4
May/June 1973

Issue 3
March/April 1973

Issue 2
January/February 1973
24 pages, Offset (tabloid format).
"Big Shazam Issue" includes C.C. Beck interview, Steranko centerfold, The Spider pulp series, much more.

Issue 1
November/December 1972

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