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- First issue: 2005
- 'A magazine about movies and life.'
- Each issue is themed around one film.
- Publisher: 'The Church of London Publishing Ltd.'
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Issue 32
November/December 2010

Issue 31
September/October 2010

Issue 30
July/August 2010

Issue 29
May/June 2010

Issue 28
March/April 2010

Issue 27
January/February 2010

Tom Ford makes eyes at 'A Single Man'; George Clooney jets off 'Up in the Air'; Jacques Audiard preaches the words of 'A Prophet'; Ray Winstone bares his '44 Inch Chest'; Andy Serkis goes wild with 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll'; Lee Daniels pines for his 'Precious'; Julien Temple lifts the lid on 'Oil City Confidential'; Michael Moore gets mushy in 'Capitalism: A Love Story'; Aaron Johnson finds himself in 'Nowhere Boy'; Jeff Bridges opens his 'Crazy Heart'; and Hayao Miyazaki returns with the painterly 'Ponyo'.

Inspired by our feature film:
Man of the Moment: Hunkering in the bunker with Viggo Mortensen.
This Is How The World Ends: Filmmaking's finest predict the apocalypse.
Five Minutes To Midnight: James Martin defines the meaning of the twenty-first century before we study the ways in which it could all come crashing down.
Winter Songs: On set poetry and photography from Viggo Mortensen.
On The Road: Examining the savage landscapes of Cormac McCarthy.
Under Pressure: How John Hillcoat approached the toughest assignment of his life.
Let's Get Ready To Rapture: A personal guide through the Christian apocalypse.

Plus exclusive interviews with:
Jacques Audiard
Andy Serkis
Isabelle Huppert
Cristian Mungiu
Lee Daniels
Malcolm Venville

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