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Bimonthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 2005
- 'A magazine about movies and life.'
- Each issue is themed around one film.
- Publisher: 'The Church of London Publishing Ltd.'
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Issue 9
The Babel Issue

Clint Eastwood hoists the Flags Of Our Fathers; Will Ferrell learns that life is Stranger Than Fiction; Kevin Costner finds The Upside Of Anger; Paul Verhoeven opens his Black Book; Kevin Macdonald crowns The Last King of Scotland; Tom Tykwer wears a new Perfume.

Issue 8
The Marie Antoinette Issue

Russell and Ridley enjoy A Good Year; Jude Law gets caught Breaking and Entering; Guillermo del Toro picks a path through Pan's Labyrinth; Neil Young reveals a Heart of Gold; German exorcists hold a chilling Requiem.

Issue 7
The Volver Issue

Antonioni and co. get down with love in Eros; the US indie scene finds a ray of hope in Little Miss Sunshine; Gore goes Green with An Inconvenient Truth; knock and run from the Monster House; take a bite out of Nacho Libre; shed some light on A Scanner Darkly.

Issue 6
The Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! Issue

Brace for turbulence in United 93; take a leap of faith with District 13; no girls allowed for Offside; set an alarm for The Science of Sleep; start your engines for Pixar's Cars; answer the craving with Thank You For Smoking.

Issue 5
March 2006
The Romance & Cigarettes Issue

Phillip Seymour Hoffman's cold-blooded Capote; Hark at that - Donnie Yen unsheathes Seven Swords; shock and awe - Lars Von Trier's controversial Manderlay; thug life South African-style in Tsotsi; Sundance cred for the indie kids in The Squid and the Whale; Clooney calls the shots in Syriana; kill or be killed is The Proposition.

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