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- First issue: 2005
- 'A magazine about movies and life.'
- Each issue is themed around one film.
- Publisher: 'The Church of London Publishing Ltd.'
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Issue 4
December 2005
Jarhead: The movie review.
Soldiers' Stories: The truth about Iraq, Afghanistan and life in the armed forces from those who are still there.
Intel Debrief: The first Gulf War by numbers.
Boys' Toys: War: never been so much fun.
Mills & Boom!: If Saddam Hussein's literary career proves one thing, it's that the pen really isn't mightier than the sword.
Well Weapon: Is Hollywood's fixation with weaponry a fantasy fetish, or are movies arming the soldier of tomorrow?
Fight Music: Off to war? Grab your iPod and take the defining music from over a century of conflict.
Serbia Calling: During the bloody Bosnian conflict of the mid-'90s, Independent Serbian radio station, B92, took the chart war to a whole new level.
Art Attack: Propaganda posters have played a crucial role in the world's most important conflicts... Didn't stop us taking the piss out of them, though.
War Of The Words: Somebody once said that George Bush uses words like handgrenades - ones that might go off in his mouth at any minute.
Talk The Talk: Want to make like a Marine with none of the effort? Dump the dhoby and dig out blind with our blagger's dictionary to being a bootneck.
Sharp Shooter: Brent Stirton has seen some action in his time: Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Angola, and three tours of Iraq. But the South African born Stirton is no UN peace keeper or gun-for-hire mercenary. He's a photographer.
Surgical Strike: Meet the transplant doctors who want to take your brain to another dimension.
Acting Tough: When the bullets started flying, who were the real Hollywood war heroes?
Sub-Marine?: What does Hollywood's fascination with the Marines tell us about the Corps?

Issue 3
September 2005
Land Of The Dead: The movie review.
The Exorcist: Forget the headlines and ignore the hysteria, LWLies brings you the truth about London Voodoo - straight from the source.
The Outsider: He's fought a 30-year battle against studio suits, but if George A. Romero is the winner, who are the real losers?
Dead Reckoning: George Romero's Dead Trilogy is an icon of the horror genre. Why?
Urban Zombie: Oh dear God save me from this melting carnage. I'm surrounded by the living dead. Was I not warned? I am turning into one. I am one. Please God help me...
The Frighteners: George A. Romero isn't the only master of the genre whose movies you should be checking out.
Rocky Horror: Buckle up for a whistle stop tour of horror's defining flicks; an ever changing story of vampires, aliens, and zombies that stretches from Germany to Japan via the good ol' US of A. Welcome to Horror History 101.
Haiti: A History Of Violence: Hollywood has long been obsessed with Voodoo, zombies and the dark secrets of Haiti. But what is the truth of this shattered island's cultural heritage?
The Zombie Survival Guide: It's finally happened: outbreak; war; defeat. Zombies control the earth, so what's next? Author Max Brooks has the answer...
The Living Dead: Drugs, debauchery, ham sandwiches: all have their place in the raucous pantheon of rock casualties. But what about the guys who didn't make it - the luckless few who survived their decades of self-destruction? Shuffling, dead-eyed, unearthly... we salute rock's living dead. Musicians, man, they creep us out.
Duck And Cover: Behind every zombie outbreak is a lab experiment gone wrong. But that hasn't stopped scientists creating some of the most dangerous substances ever devised. We take a sniff of some of the worst.

Issue 2
The Sin City Issue
Sin City: The movie review.
The Real Sin Cities: Wish you were here? LWLies braves some of the world's most dangerous cities.
Hot Rod: Bright sun barely penetrates the room, unwelcome shafts of light that disturb the drinkers sipping tequilas...
But Is It Art?: Chris King, illustrator and member of the multi disciplinary art collective Anti explains what he loves about comic book art.
The Reality Man: Frank Miller's characters are fighting to reclaim lost turf. From the grim wastelands of Gotham, to the bars and broads of Sin City ' something's been taken away, and by God is it going to be gotten back...
Comic Book Love: As comic-book movies grow and evolve, the bandwagon-jumping masses are already waiting with prefab opinions and tired prejudices. We're as tired of this as you are, so we went to the source.
The Ultimates: You thought comic-books were for anoraks. Sin City proved you wrong. LWLies gives you the essential guide to the best of the rest...
Holywood Hardcore: You've seen the whores of Old Town, check out the pimps of Hollywood.

Issue 1
The Life Aquatic Issue
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou: The movie review.
New Age Dawning: LWLies selects some of the most influential directors of our generation, whose work is redefining and pushing the boundaries of movie culture.
Sapphire And Cracked Emerald: Bowie through the looking glass.
Aliens Of The Deep: Until as recently as 1860 it was thought that life could not exist below 1800 feet. The first telegraph cable across the Atlantic ocean changed this. Dropped to a depth of 6000 ft, they were, when retrieved found to be covered with numerous types of marine life...
Jacques-Yves Cousteau: Will the Real Steve Zissou Please Stand Up?

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