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Truth & Movies
Bimonthly Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 2005
- 'A magazine about movies and life.'
- Each issue is themed around one film.
- Publisher: 'The Church of London Publishing Ltd.'
- Website: lwlies.com/

Last updated:
23 March 2020

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Issue 44
November/December 2012

Issue 43
September/October 2012

Issue 42
July/August 2012

Issue 41
May/June 2012

William Friedkin gets close to the bone with Killer Joe; Alejandro Brugues survives Juan of the Dead; Jason Statham is Safe; Mia Hansen-L?ve whispers Goodbye First Love; Tahar Rahim abets Free Men; Julie Delpy spends 2 Days in New York; Ken Loach divvies up The Angels' Share; Will Ferrell goes gringo in Casa di me Padre; Bela Tarr tames The Turin Horse; Aleksandr Sokurov interprets Faust; and Michel Ocelot brings Tales of the Night to life.

Inspired by our feature films:
Director's commentary:
Gareth Evans takes us through the movies and memories that inspired The Raid.

Greatest Hits:
Three of the world's top fight choreographer's discuss their favourite onscreen moments.

Second opinion:
A medical professional gives a prognosis on the real-life consequences of movie violence.

The First Action Hero:
We reveal the identity of the early pioneers of onscreen violence.

Tainted Love:
In an exclusive essay, Ti West recalls how he joined the ranks of horror auteurdom.

The (Un)Making of Horror:
Meet the directors who faced hell and high water to make their dream nightmare movies.

Bonded by Blood:
Inside the strange sodality of the horror fan.

Here by Monsters:
Writer and mythographer Marina Warner traces the cultural origins of our fears.

Plus exclusive interviews with:
Bela Tarr, Michel Ocelot, Ben Rivers and Mia Hansen-L?ve.

Issue 40
March/April 2012
Whit Stillman rescues Damsels in Distress; Werner Herzog ventures Into the Abyss; the Dardenne brothers train The Kid with a Bike; Nuri Bilge Ceylan dials murder Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Markus Schleinzer exposes Michael, Cameron Crowe and Matt Damon declare We Bought a Zoo, Sean Penn assumes This Must Be the Place; and Mark Wahlberg talks to criminals in Contraband.
Inspired by our feature film: The English Way:
LWLies sits down for a relaxing cuppa with Pirates! director - and Aardman hero - Peter Lord.
Non-Stop Motion: LWLies gets the VIP tour of Aardman Animations' Bristol studio.
Scopes and Tropes: We pay tribute to the pioneers of Victorian animation.
A Series of Fortunate Events: Author Gideon Defoe tells LWLies how a pub bet accidentally became a series of novels and an animated big-screen adventure.
The Good Pirate: Vessel extraction operative Max Hardberger (aka 'The Good Pirate') guides us through the murky waters of modern-day pirating.
Slippery SOPA: LWLies takes to the high seas to find out if anything can be done to combat digital piracy.
Plus exclusive interviews with:
Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Paolo Sorrentino, the Dardenne brothers.

Issue 39
January/February 2012
Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio get to grips with J. Edgar; Meryl Streep sizes up The Iron Lady, David Fincher unleashes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Alexander Payne and George Clooney visit paradise in search of The Descendants; Woody Harrelson is Rampart; Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender ponder A Dangerous Method; Tom Cruise accepts Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol; and Steven Spielberg salutes War Horse.
Heavyweight: Shame director Steve McQueen runs LWLies through the making of his sex-addiction drama.
See No Evil: LWLies considers how cinema has historically dealt with taboo subjects.
Celluloid Liberation: Three filmmakers reveal how they overcame personal anxieties through the healing power of cinema.
Cruising: Michael Fassbender is the man giving Hollywood a hard-on.
Eroticart: Five artists. Five poets. Five sets of impressions inspired by the smutty, the shameful and the sensual.
Shadowland: Is Carey Mulligan ready to step out of the shadows and into the light of Hollywood's big league?
Shooting sex: Capturing the act of sex on screen.
Plus exclusive interviews with: Alexander Payne, Woody Harrelson, Sean Durkin.

Issue 38
November/December 2011
Michael Shannon decides to Take Shelter; Rod Lurie erects Straw Dogs; Terence Davies swims in The Deep Blue Sea; Miranda July predicts The Future; Errol Morris starts a Tabloid frenzy; Andrea Arnold shows no fear of Wuthering Heights; Andrea Riseborough leads a heroic Resistance; Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt go 50/50 on tragi-comedy; Gerard Butler seeks penance from a Machine Gun Preacher; and Brad Pitt knocks a Moneyball out of the park.

Inspired by our feature film:
I'm Still Here:
Another Earth director Mike Cahill keeps his feet on the ground.

Open Your Mind:
From Arnie to Descartes - the most thought-provoking sci-fi ever.

Space Camp:
NASA boffins plus fiction writers equals good times for sci-fi.

Double Trouble:
Why there's no such thing as another Earth.

Bright Star:
Brit Marling brings sass back to Hollywood.

Apollo Prophets:
A visual folio of the moon.

Fly Me to the Moon:
Hitching a ride on the private space initiatives taking man back to the stars.

Plus exclusive interviews with:
Michael Shannon, Joachim Trier, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Issue 37
September/October 2011

LWLies 37 offers a nuts and bolts breakdown of Nicolas Winding Refn's uber-cool auto thriller Drive.

Overleaf there's candid interviews with Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling, as well as composer Cliff Martinez and 'Drive' author James Sallis.

There's also an eye-opening look at the death-defying world of the Hollywood stunt driver, and an exclusive pair of poems from Sallis' unpublished volume 'Leaning into the Electric Day'. And, as an added treat, we speak exclusively to Sandra Hebron ahead of her last year as Artistic Director of the BFI London Film Festival.

Issue 36
July/August 2011

Issue 35
May/June 2011

Issue 34
March/April 2011

Issue 33
January/February 2011

Issue 32
November/December 2010

Issue 31
September/October 2010

Issue 30
July/August 2010

Issue 29
May/June 2010

Issue 28
March/April 2010

Issue 27
January/February 2010

Tom Ford makes eyes at 'A Single Man'; George Clooney jets off 'Up in the Air'; Jacques Audiard preaches the words of 'A Prophet'; Ray Winstone bares his '44 Inch Chest'; Andy Serkis goes wild with 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll'; Lee Daniels pines for his 'Precious'; Julien Temple lifts the lid on 'Oil City Confidential'; Michael Moore gets mushy in 'Capitalism: A Love Story'; Aaron Johnson finds himself in 'Nowhere Boy'; Jeff Bridges opens his 'Crazy Heart'; and Hayao Miyazaki returns with the painterly 'Ponyo'.

Inspired by our feature film:
Man of the Moment: Hunkering in the bunker with Viggo Mortensen.
This Is How The World Ends: Filmmaking's finest predict the apocalypse.
Five Minutes To Midnight: James Martin defines the meaning of the twenty-first century before we study the ways in which it could all come crashing down.
Winter Songs: On set poetry and photography from Viggo Mortensen.
On The Road: Examining the savage landscapes of Cormac McCarthy.
Under Pressure: How John Hillcoat approached the toughest assignment of his life.
Let's Get Ready To Rapture: A personal guide through the Christian apocalypse.

Plus exclusive interviews with:
Jacques Audiard
Andy Serkis
Isabelle Huppert
Cristian Mungiu
Lee Daniels
Malcolm Venville

Issue 26
November/December 2009
The Coen brothers find the lighter side of A Serious Man; Megan Fox devours Jennifer's Body; Jane Campion illuminates Bright Star; Richard Kelly thinks outside The Box; Steven Soderbergh rats on The Informant!; Paul Giamatti warms the cockles in Cold Souls; Michael Haneke unties The White Ribbon; Jordan Scott peers through the Cracks; Jim Jarmusch discovers The Limits of Control; and Michael Caine offers up vigilante vengeance in Harry Brown.

Inspired by our feature film:
Into the Wild: Spike Jonze speaks. We listen.
My Name is Adam: Uncovering the many faces of Spike.
That's Entertainment: How Mother re-invented the ad agency.
Big Heir: Skate vid maestro Ty Evans is about to blow up.
Taking Over The Asylum: Tracking the rise of the fabled filmmaking class of '99.
Monsters, Ink: Nine artists plus one Surrealist parlour games equals 11 exquisite corpses.
The Wild Rumpus: Maurice Sendak's children's books are a window into a wild soul.
Trouble in Paradise: When a director's dream job turns into a nightmare.

Plus exclusive interviews with:
Richard Kelly
Jason Schwartzman
Ondi Timoner
Paddy Considine
Gael Garcia Bernal
Sasha Gray
Lynn Shelton
Kelly Macdonald

Issue 25
September/October 2009

Issue 24
July/August 2009

Issue 23
May/June 2009

Issue 22
March/April 2009

Issue 21
January/February 2009

Issue 20
November/December 2008

Issue 19

Issue 18
July/August 2008

Issue 17

Issue 16

Issue 15

Issue 14

Issue 13

Issue 12

Issue 11
The This Is England Issue

Christina Ricci lets out a Black Snake Moan; Danny Boyle crews up for Sunshine; Rachid Bouchareb revisits Days of Glory; the stars align in David Fincher's Zodiac; Zhang Yimou suffers The Curse of the Golden Flower; Louis Garrel is down and out Dans Paris.

Issue 10
The Chinese Cinema Special Issue

Clint Eastwood posts Letters From Iwo Jima; Darren Aronofsky takes a draft from The Fountain; Clooney and Soderbergh hunt The Good German; David Lynch conquers an Inland Empire; Bill and Beyonce find their inner Dreamgirls; Richard Linklater gorges on Fast Food Nation; Sienna Miller gets her 15 minutes in Factory Girl.

Issue 9
The Babel Issue

Clint Eastwood hoists the Flags Of Our Fathers; Will Ferrell learns that life is Stranger Than Fiction; Kevin Costner finds The Upside Of Anger; Paul Verhoeven opens his Black Book; Kevin Macdonald crowns The Last King of Scotland; Tom Tykwer wears a new Perfume.

Issue 8
The Marie Antoinette Issue

Russell and Ridley enjoy A Good Year; Jude Law gets caught Breaking and Entering; Guillermo del Toro picks a path through Pan's Labyrinth; Neil Young reveals a Heart of Gold; German exorcists hold a chilling Requiem.

Issue 7
The Volver Issue

Antonioni and co. get down with love in Eros; the US indie scene finds a ray of hope in Little Miss Sunshine; Gore goes Green with An Inconvenient Truth; knock and run from the Monster House; take a bite out of Nacho Libre; shed some light on A Scanner Darkly.

Issue 6
The Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! Issue

Brace for turbulence in United 93; take a leap of faith with District 13; no girls allowed for Offside; set an alarm for The Science of Sleep; start your engines for Pixar's Cars; answer the craving with Thank You For Smoking.

Issue 5
March 2006
The Romance & Cigarettes Issue

Phillip Seymour Hoffman's cold-blooded Capote; Hark at that - Donnie Yen unsheathes Seven Swords; shock and awe - Lars Von Trier's controversial Manderlay; thug life South African-style in Tsotsi; Sundance cred for the indie kids in The Squid and the Whale; Clooney calls the shots in Syriana; kill or be killed is The Proposition.

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