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- Small format, 16 pages, illustrated magazines.
- "Tells you all about your favorite screen player."
- Biographical data with photographs, usually end with a reproduction of a personal letter written directly to the fans, in the star's own handwriting.
- Published by New York Ross Publishing Co.

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Ben Turpin was a frequent player in the Mack Sennett comedies, and appeared in such films as Uncle Tom Without a Cabin, The Battle Royal, and Saps at Sea.

Bert Lytell was the star of such films as Alias the Lone Wolf, To Have and to Hold, and The Price of Redemption.

Colleen Moore was the star of such films as The Scarlet Letter, The Power and the Glory, and Success at Any Price.

Corinne Griffith appeared in such films as The Divine Lady, DeClasse, and Lillies of the Field.

Doraldina (real name Dora Saunders) appeared in such films as The Naulahka, The Woman Untamed, and Passion Fruit.

Harriet Hammond appeared in such films as Live and Let Live, Queen of the Chorus, and Down on the Farm.

Lillian Gish was one of the great legends of the cinema, and appeared in such films as The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance, La Boheme, The Scarlet Letter, His Double Life, and Night of the Hunter.

May Murray appeared in such films as To Have and to Hold, The Merry Widow, and Broadway Rose.

Viola Dana appeared in such films as The Strange Case of Poison Ivy, Please Get Married, and Naughty Nanette.

Wallace Reid appeared in such films as Early Days in the West, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and The Birth of a Nation. He died in 1923 at age 31, having become addicted to morphine after an injury on the film The Valley of the Giants. His death was a major scandal for Paramount, which had supplied him with the drug initially so he could keep working after the accident.

William S. Hart appeared in such films as Ben-Hur, Two-Gun Hicks, and The Lion of the Hills.

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