The Journal Of Japanese Monster Culture
Irregular Fanzine from New York ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1993-1996
- Created for people who love and collect anything related to Monster Movies, SF/Adventure TV , and related Pop Culture from Japan.
- Each issue featured the latest �buzz� on upcoming films and product releases, with reviews of Garage Kits, Toys, Video, Books, CDs, Video Games, etc.
- Feature Articles covered subjects like TV Show histories and Episode Guides, Visiting Japan as a fan, Interviews with Industry and Fan Professionals, Women in Genre Roles, Collector�s Guides, and More.
- Writers who contributed Feature material to KAIJU REVIEW included; Norman England, August Ragone, Bob Johnson, Mark Shultz, Robt. Dwyer, Kevin Grays, Max Della Mora, Rob Dagg, Marshall Crist, Ron Burton and Greg Chang.
- In the fanzine format Kaiju Review regularly featured Original Artwork by Comic Industry Professionals Ron Wilber and Keith Aiken. Joe Riley (Hypnotic Eye) and Greg Medero also contributed Cover and Feature material. Numerous examples of Fan Contributed Art was also included along with an art contest (with prizes).
- Issues 1-3 were in newsletter style, switched to Fanzine format for numbers #4-6 (8.5� x11�), final four issues 7-10 published in Digest Fanzine format (8.5� x�5.5)
- All issues cut and pasted together by Dan Reed with the editorial assistance of his wife Diane Reed.

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Issue 10

Fifty-Six pages. Saddle Stapled Digest Fanzine format, (8.5"x5.5"). Cover Art by Joe Riley. Articles include:

‘The Making of Magma Taishi, From Tezuka to Space Giants’, the evolution of a series from Manga to live action TV show, by Bob Johnson and August Ragone; ‘Magma Taishi / Space Giants Episode Guide’, introduction by Ron Burton, Guide by Bob Johnson; ‘A Yen for Kaiju’, a Tokyo shopping guide for fans by Max Della Mora; ‘Tsuburaya Legend IV’, by Kevin Grays, ‘Ron Wilber’s Kaiju Art: Godzilla vs Destroyah’, four pages of original art based on the film. Plus News; Reviews; Kaiju Komments, Fan Art, Zine Plugs and Commentary, featuring the contributions of Ryan Mitchell, Dan Reed, Chris Elam, Mattel Jones and John Marshall.

Issue 9

Fifty-Two pages, Saddle Stapled Digest Fanzine format, (8.5"x5.5"). Front and Back Cover art by Ron Wilber. Articles include:

‘Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot Episode Guide’, by Robert Dwyer and Mark Shultz, with original art by Ron Wilber; ‘Spectreman Episode Guide’ by Ron Burton, with original art by Joe Riley; ‘Tsuburaya Legend III’  by Kevin Grays; ‘Minoru Yamada Remembered’, a memorial by August Ragone; ‘Our Man in Osaka’ by Norman England; ‘Japanese TV Superhero Themes’, an appreciation by Greg Chang; ‘Save the Earth for 100 Yen’ a look at Japanese arcade games based on kaiju films, by Norman England; ‘Ron Wilber’s Kaiju Art: Gamera’ three pages of original art based on the film. Plus News; Reviews; Kaiju Komments; Fanzine plugs, Fan Art and Commentary, including contributions by Lennell Bridges, Chris Elam, Luke Jaconetti, Jay Johnson, Ryan Mitchell, Mattel Jones and Mark Okui.

Issue 8

Sixty pages, Saddle Stapled, Digest Fanzine format, (8.5"x5.5").  Special "WOMEN OF JAPANESE FANTASY" issue. Front Cover art by Keith Aiken. Articles include:

"Toho’s Fantasy Femme Fatales" a celebration of the Female Stars of Toho’s fantasy films by August Ragone, with original art by Ron Wilber; "Space Women of the Kaiju Eiga" an appreciation by Marshal Crist; ‘Power Women’, stars of tokusatsu TV, by Kevin Grays; ‘Tetsuko Kobayashi Remembered’ a memorial by August Ragone, with art by Ron Wilber, ‘Ron Wilber’s Kaiju Legends: Eiji Tsuburaya’ original art tribute; ‘Kaiju Kut Outs: Kumi Mizuno’ Paper Doll designs featuring Kumi Mizuno’s three major kaiju roles, art by Ron Wilber "Amerigoji x2’" by Mattel Jones, detailing the plots of  both Fred Dekker’s Godzilla script, and an early draft of the Terry Rossio & Ted Elliot version; ‘Half Japanese’ about the Toho yeti film Half Human, by Chris Bradley; ‘Ultraman, Ultimate Hero’, series guide by Robb Dagg, "Go Nagai’" profile by Max Della Mora; ‘Ken Hare’s Kaiju Skeleton Art’, two pages of original art by Ken Hare. Plus News, Reviews, Kaiju Komments, Zine plugs, and commentary including work by the following writers and artists: Mattel Jones, Dan Reed, Andre Dubois, John Marshall, Lennell Bridges, Sean Bradford, Dom Tucci, Mike Ortiz, Chris Bradley.

Issue 7
Fall 1994

Sixty-Eight pages, Saddle Stapled, Digest Fanzine format, (8.5"x5.5").  Front Cover Art by Ron Wilber. Articles include:

‘Kikaida Series review and Episode Guide’ by Greg Chang; ‘Go Go Dancing in the Kaiju Eiga’ an essay about Jazz and Pop music used in kaiju films by Marshall Crist; ‘Tsuburaya Legend Part II: Ultra Seven’ by Kevin Grays; ‘Kaiju in Orbit’, about Mystery Science Theater’s kaiju parodies, by Paula O’Keefe; ‘Kaiju Highlights of Kyoto’ travel writing by Norman England;  ‘Kaiju Komedy Art contest’ featuring reader submissions. Plus Kaiju Komments; Zine Plugs; News, Reviews and commentary, including material by the following writers: Max Della Mora, Paul Banks, Mattel Jones, Rob Dagg, Christopher Elam, Dan Reed, August Ragone, Roger Shy and Lennell ‘Ultra’ Bridges.

Issue 6
Summer 1994

Forty Pages, Saddle Stapled, Fanzine Format (8.5" x11").  'Ultra' Special Issue, Cover art by Luis Medero, back cover by Paul Roche. Articles include:

‘An Introduction to the Fantastic Worlds of Tsuburaya Television (part 1)’ first in a multi-issue history of the famous studio by Kevin Grays; ‘An Interview with John Douglas, King Wilder and Julie Avola of Ultraman, Ultimate Hero’ by Rob Dagg; ‘Ultra Seven, and the Hawaiian Superhero boom of the 1970s’ , by Greg Chang; ‘Gridman’ a tele-series overview by Max Della Mora; ‘Our Visit to Toho Studios’, by Diane and Dan Reed; ‘Songs of Godzilla’, film lyric translations by Norman England;  ‘Nick Adams’, an illustrated tribute by Ron Wilber; ‘King Kong Vs Godzilla’ the titanic clash reimagined in poster form by Keith Aiken. Plus the latest Kaiju related News and release info, ‘Kaiju Komments’, and Fanzine Plugs. Additional Media and Toy Reviews by Max Della Mora, Norman England, Dan Reed, Marshall Crist, Mattel Jones and Greg Chang. Additional original art by Chris Bradley and Dan Lenehan.

Issue 5
Spring 1994

Forty-four page, Saddle Stapled, Fanzine Format (8.5" x11"). Cover art (front and back) by Keith Aiken. Articles include:

‘In the Fabulous Empire of the Monsters’ by Max Della Mora, a look at the history of Kaiju film distribution from a European perspective; ‘An Interview with Guy Tucker’ transcription of a conversation (12.31.93) with one of kaiju fandom’s most knowledgeable personalities regarding his travels in Japan and personal encounters with industry legends like Akira Ifukube and Ishiro Honda; ‘On the Inside with Mr. Satsuma’ by Luis Medero, an illustrated poster guide of the inside of a typical Toho Godzilla suit; ‘The Kaiju Art of Ron Wilber: Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla’, four pages of original comic book art inspired by the film;  ‘A Visit to Japan’ by David Milner, a behind the scenes look at the Cult Movies reporter’s recent travels in Japan; ‘Attack of the Mushroom People’ by Stewart Galbraith IV, an authorized excerpt of the author’s latest book; ‘Collecting Toho Meka’ by Frank Young, survey of the kits and toys based on vehicles and weapons seen in kaiju eiga; ‘An Overview of Gojira Eiga Soundtracks on Compact Disc’ by Norman England, including detailed checklist; ‘An Appreciation of Akihiko Hirata’ tribute and filmography by Dan Reed; ‘Raymond Burr’ , an Original Art Pictorial tribute by Ron Wilber; ‘Our Man in Osaka’ by Norman England. Tom Miller, John Rocco Roberto, David Milner, Dan Reed, Bill Littman, Bill Stanton, Robert Biondi, Peter Turdin and Michael Keller wrote additional Reviews. Kaiju Komments. Danny Coffin provided Additional art.

Issue 4
Winter 1993

Twenty Pages, Saddle Stapled, Fanzine Format (8.5" x11").  Cover art (front and back) by Keith Aiken. Articles include:

‘The Big Picture on Japanese Genre Films’, by Stewart Galbraith IV, an original essay about the use of widescreen processes in kaiju eiga; ‘Selling Godzilla’ by David Milner, about the ways American distributors promoted the dubbed kaiju films of the 1960s; ‘The Kaiju Art of Ron Wilber’ four pages of original art by Ron inspired by Godzilla vs Mothra ’92; ‘Our Man in Osaka’ by Norman England; ’So You Want to Start A Kaiju Collection?’ by John Rocco Roberto; ‘So Just How Big is Godzilla?’, an essay about scale by Robert Biondi; Plus the latest news and commentary on upcoming films, books, video, CD, toy and model kit releases, including reviews by Dave Barker and David Milner; Reader Survey Results, Kaiju Komments.

Issue 3
Fall 1993

Twelve Pages, Newsletter format. Articles include:

‘Tohotronics’, a survey of Godzilla related consumer Video Games, by John Rocco Roberto; ‘Goji Kitbuilding’, a model building guide by Charles Howarth; ‘Stewart Galbraith IV and the Kaiju Tome’ an interview with the film scholar regarding his passion for Japanese films, and his forthcoming book on its SF & Fantasy genres; ‘Our man in Osaka’, by Norman England, first in in a series of columns written by an American Godzilla fan living fulltime in Japan; ‘Godzilla vs Biollante’ LD and VHS reviews, by Robert Biondi, Reviews of the Tokyo Marui RC Godzilla and Toho’s LD of Godzilla Raids Again, both by Dan Reed; plus zine plugs; ‘Kaiju Komments’; and a Reader Survey are included.

Issue 2
Summer 1993

Four Pages, Newsletter format. Articles include:

‘A Visit to the Kaiyodo Factory’ (& Showroom in the Osaka suburb of Kadoma), written by Norman England; ‘The Explosive Dave Barker’, is a profile of the Nevada based Godzilla collector and kit builder, whose day job is blowing things up for the movies. Plus more speculation on future Godzilla films, Model Kit and Laserdisc reviews, Plugs for NYC area stores that sell Kaiju related goods, all written by Dan Reed. Also the first letter column ‘Kaiju Komments’ is included.

Issue 1
Spring 1993
Four pages, Newsletter format. Articles include:

‘Farewell to the Master’ a tribute to Ishiro Honda (who had passed in February of 1993); Coverage of Godzilla vs Mothra, the 19th Godzilla film from Toho, (1992); Plus a Bandai Toys Checklist of figures released in connection with the film; ‘Collecting Monster Toys & Kits’, a concise overview of collecting Movie related Japanese models and toys; ‘Here Comes the Yankee Godzilla’ speculation about Hollywood’s plans to make its own Godzilla film; a Godzilla Checklist of the first 20 films (#20 was then in production); ‘All Wound Up For Monster Toys’  a survey of Godzilla related wind-up toys produced by Takara; all written by Dan Reed.

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