Star Wars Annual Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1981-1982
- Created by Jane L. Dusek & and Jane M. Kaufenberg.
- It should have been called Jedi Annually !

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CONTENTS: 1981 1982 GALLERIES: 1981 1982 All

Issue 2
Spring 1982
Un, George, cartoon by Marj Ihassen
Editorial: Force of Habit by Jane Dusek
Editorial: Dual Perspective by Jane Kaufenberg
Tibanna Gas, filk to a song by Cat Stevens, by Lee Reynolds
Finish this Story by Tim Blaes, art by Marj Ihssen
Lines of the Force:
Introduction by Marj Ihssen
Timeline by Ye Publishers
Debt of Honor by N.J. Burridge, art by Tom Artis
The Hunt by N.J. Burridge, art by Todd Hamilton
Chance Encounter by Marj Ihassen, art by Tom Artis and Mart Ihassen
Tatooine, poem and art by Marj Ihassen
Would You Believe by Marj Ihassen, art by Tom Artis
Graduation by N.J. Burridge, art by Tom Artis
You Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder by Marj Ihssen, art by Todd Hamilton
How to Write a 'Revenge of the Jedi' Script by Lee Reynolds

Issue 1
Spring 1981
Highslide JS
Back cover
Frankly, Your Worship by Mary Jean Holmes
Editorial by Jane Dusek
Publishertorial by Jane Kaufenberg
Just When You Thought It Was Safe by Margo Wick
In His Master's Likeness by Pat Stanley, art by Angelamarie Varesano and Pat Stanley (This is the first part of a planned series called "The New Order." The second part is "Emergence" in ReVisions #2.)
The Great Paternity Suit, essay about whether Darth Vader is really Luke Skywalker's father by J.M. Kaufenberg, art by Mary Jean Holmes ("I personally believe Vader is lying.")
Leavetaking by Nan J. Burridge, art by Todd Hamilton ("Nan Burridge's short is part of a huge collection called "Lines of Force" that she, Marj Ihssen and I are working on. You guys are warned - the rest is gonna hit print soon.")
Song for the Sith by Candace Wiggins
Legacy by Tracy Duncan
Promise by Neset of Tamera
Two Red Moons Over the North Dune Sea by Timothy Blaes, art by Carol MacPherson
A Han Solo Portfolio, art by Teanna, song and calligraphy by Gatonpaulis of the Whills
His Terrible Swift Sword by Candace Wiggins, art by Carol MacPherson
When Shadows Blood by Jim Green
A Jedi Prayer/Jedi Litany, art and poetry by Wendy Banks
A Special Friendship by Jane Freitag
The Last Monarch by Sharon O'Leary and Joanne Erhardt, art by Linda Yamashiro (118) Yellow Pages
Turn to the Side and Look Lethal by Kelly Hill (back cover)

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