Star Wars One-off Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1981-1981
- Created by Christine Jeffords and Eluki Bes Shahar.

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21 August 2020
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Issue 1
Spring 1981
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Back cover
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Simple Tricks, fiction by Sherry Magee
Bounty Hunters Have Feelings, Too, poem by Jacqueline Taero
Memorandum by Sylvia Stevens
A Personal Statement from Susan R. Matthews, dated January 31, 1981
Truth, a "What If" Tale, fiction by Carol Mularski
Owen, filk, music by Elton John words by Bernie Taupin and Jani Hicks (from Tales of the Contraverse)
The Other Woman by Marcia Brin
Happy Birthday, Han, art by Angelamarie Varesano
Ready I Will Be by Sylvia Stevens
a tongue-in-cheek vignette about predictable Star Wars fanfic stories
Drop Everything?, fiction by Sylvia Stevens (discussed in Han and Leia in Fanfiction)
Behind Closed Doors, fiction by Karen Miller
Some Days Are Worse Than Others, and But He Was Such a Cute Baby, two poems by Barbara T
In Defense of Darth, article by eluki bes shahar
Promise, poem by Angelamarie Varesano
Day of Reckoning by Bernie del Khobar
Cartoon by Anne Davenport (57) The Great Exposition of 'Nix Khimra by M.J. Savage
Casablanca by Eluki bes Shahar ("The capstone of 'SPANNER-Z is Eluki's story "Casablanca." When you read it, keep your eyes open for Exotic Out-Galaxy References. We guarantee positively that there are no less than 57 of them. Which can you find? Send us your guesses. The correct answers will be published OC#l...")
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