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- First issue: 1998

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April 1998
Lifestyle magazine April 1998 issue featuring Hollywood's Hottest Scandals. This is the issue that digs up all the dirt on celebrities, and is loaded with pictures and scandalous gossip articles about the celebrities. The issue has a few surprises in it. If you like the down and dirty on some of our Hollywood elite folks, here is a great collector's magazine to do just that chore. Articles include:
Kelsey Grammer....Drugs, whiskey, and wild, wild women;
Lisa Marie Presley aching to expose Michael Jackson and his boys;
Woody Allen wed his Daughter;
Sad Liz Taylor haunted by Ghost of wounded wives;
Debbie Reynolds...I got stomped on by 3 bubbies...the store is now closed;
Anthony Quinn is a silly old fool;
Pavarotti is out of control;
Kirstie Alley's darkest secrets; Jack Nicholson, Charlie Sheen, and more top stars named in Hollywood Call-girl scandal;
Ex-Angel, Farrah Fawcett's sex life goes to the Devil;
Mrs. Roger Moore...My pal ran off with my hubby;
Bond girl was a man;
Sean Connery used me for sex;
Fran Grescher...Hubby crushed by cheatin' Fran's she-Nanny-gans;
Boob-baring Tanya Tucker bounced from Nightclub;
Marlene Dietrich's Butch duds...a cover up;
Bridget Bardot's bikini made waves around the world;
Madonna's Steamy book made Bardot look like Pollyanna;
Soap Star's underwear billboard shocked his mom;
Even Wholesome Mary Tyler Moore shocked her sponsors;
Brooke Shield's jeans ad gave prudes a fit;
Rock Hudson's gay secret stunned world;
How AIDS has ravaged Hollywood since Hudson died; includes photos of other people in the industry who have had this deadly disease;
Hollywood insiders reveal who's gay...who's NOT! Some surprises in this article, and of course there's plenty of photos;
devilish Dolly Parton is married but sleeps with a gal;
Pee-Wee Herman's still paying for his prom night adventure;
Hugh Grant...the unhappy hooker;
Lionel Richie...Dancing on the Ceiling;
JFK - Marilyn Monroe shocker;
Angie Dickinson...JKF and me - The Truth At Last;
Rita Hayworth and her dad;
Charlie Chaplin and underage girls;
Fatty Arbuckle and the hooker;
Errol Flynn and two teens;
Lana Turner and the gangster;
Bigamy with 13 - year old cousin bulldozes Jerry Lee Lewis' career;
Roman Polanski raped 13 year old Samantha Gailey...today, she tells him, I forgive you;
cheatin' Michael Douglas slept here.

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