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- First and last issue: 1965-1985
- Created by Dave Griffiths and Stan Nicholls.
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Issue 10
March 1970
Fantasy Utilised by David Sutton; An Interview with Peter Cushing by David Soren; The Vampire Theme in Weird Fiction Part Two and Vampire Bibliography by Brian J. Frost; Poison Pen Department; Paris, Its Cinemas and Films by Kevin J. Whelan; An Interview with Russ Jones by David Griffiths & Stan Nicholls; New Dimensions of Human Violence by Fredric Wertham, MD; Ramsey's Ramblings by Ramsey Campbell; 'Psycho', poetry by Bruton Connors; Book Reviews by Stan Nicholls.
Cover: Moy. Interior art: John Arundel, Dave Baldock-Ling, Brian J. Frost, David Griffiths, John Hudson, Alan Hunter and Jess.

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